ACP’s Chuck Falay Confirmed to be Chainpro

The following is a satire post. Please do not take it seriously!
Please also note that Chuck Falay gave me permission to call him fake throughout the post and promoted the post idea.

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Army of Club Penguin Empire – After months of allegations, it’s finally been confirmed that the devious Chuck Falay is actually Chainpro in hiding! However, the story goes much deeper then just Chainpro hiding.

Earlier this morning, I got a facebook request from no other then some guy not named Chainpro or Chuck Falay. Therefore I just wasted your time with this paragraph and you are now triggered and going to have a go at me in the comments section. Anyway, let’s get right into the news!

Earlier today, on ACP’s chat, people were talking about Chainpro and his existence. At that moment, Chuck Falay came out with a shocking yet predictable comment saying he was in fact Chainpro’s second, not ninth but instead second personality. Everyone sat at their computer screens, shocked.

At that exact moment, when everyone sat, still shocked, I sent “Chuck Falay” a private message asking if he was Chainpro, or was he just joking, here’s the response I got from him.

Dammit, wrong photo.

Well, there seems to be some technical difficulties. Please stand by while we try figure out what this crazy and unexpected mistake is. Oh, I just got word that we have the right photo now that’s totally one hundred percent real and we’re about to paste it onto this post for the whole world to see.

Proof that Chuck is actually Chainpro.

Shockingly, he was so open about his shocking news, even giving us an interview, which can be seen below.

The reason this news was predictable was because, since Chuck Falay had first joined ACP, he was being accused of being Chainpro. The reason for the blame game against Chuck was because Chuck Falay was a new found troop and recently before he joined, Chainpro was banished for treason in ACP.

However, the shocking news continues. Not only did Chuck (AKA Chainpro) admit to being Chuck Falay, he admitted to being other people in Club Penguin Armies such as Antonio, Legofan and much more (the interview is probably the only thing real about this post, even then it’s based off a fake story).

Interview with Chuck Falay or Chainpro, I don’t actually know

CPAC: Why did you decide to hide in ACP under the name Chuck Falay?

Chuck/Chainpro: Well you see Zoomey, I had dreams of ruling CPA father and son, then I realized I don’t have a son so I invented Chuck to fill the void. Chuck would take the ACP and I would do… everything else.

CPAC: Does this mean Chuck is a real person?

Chuck/Chainpro: He was, but that was quickly remedied with my preferred method of killing is to show them picture of Lord Pain, his unsightly face usually does the trick.

CPAC: I need to ask, how many wood can a woodchuck chuck?

Chuck/Chainpro: If a woodchuck could chuck wood, it would chuck it at your face! *flexes*

CPAC: Now that you’ve been EXPOSED LOLOL, what name are you going to go under?

Chuck/Chainpro: YOU THINK CHUCK IS MY ONLY OTHER PERSONA! I got 10 more in CPA alone! Check your owners leaders, I am one of them.

CPAC: Can you name each of them?

Chuck/Chainpro: Legofan CP, Antonio, Jodie, Chip, those are the ones I am willing to reveal.

CPAC: Any final words?

Chuck/Chainpro: ACP for the win, RPF for the shut down!

 Well, this might be the most shocking news post you will ever witness in 2017. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens next. However, just how I used to say in my early and cringe worthy original posts, only time will tell what happens next! Until then, we are left in the darkness hoping for the best for Chainpro!

What do YOU think? Should CPAC make more posts like this? Is Chuck Falay cool for allowing this? Has anyone seen Chainpro around?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Reporter


21 Responses


    • I like sheep.

  2. “The following is a satire post. Please do not take it seriously!”

    u already know it’s not gonna be funny at that point

    but you keep reading hoping you’re wrong

    but you’re not

    • u already know before reading this comment it’s going to be brutally honest

      but you read it anyway hoping you’re wrong

      but you’re not

  3. is that chainpro? :O

    • D’uh! Did you not read the obviously real post?

      • l did but omg!!!

  4. Who?

    • Same

  5. LOL omg im dying over how funny this is!!! 10/10. pls more

    • I know you’re not sarcastic. Atticus is never sarcastic. Therefore, I will make another one just for you!

  6. I am surprised Chip hasn’t complained yet that is says, BREEZE, ACP EMPIRE.

    • 2 comments on one post? It’s like the post involves you… Wait…

      ^^^^^^ Another none funny joke. aha

  7. Omfg I got click baited😂😂😂

  8. this is really funny this is

  9. Chain, remember me? Long time no seeee!!! 😀

    • I have 10 personality so I remember you a lot of different ways.

  10. LOL. FAKE NEWS. JUST READ THIS. Chuck, my name is not even Legofan CP, its Legofan Cy, noob.

    • Having a laugh

      • hey Chuck

      • good ol’times 😦

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