Trader Departs From Nachos and Jumps Over to Doritos

FJORD, Nacho Army Empire – Just over a week ago, we saw Trader join the Nachos after struggling to get ranked in Army of Club Penguin. Shortly after his addition to the Nacho Army, he’s decided to depart from the army and make a move over to the Doritos.

Both Trader and the Nacho Army have been through a substantially overwhelming time and just as it seemed both Trader and the Nachos had reached a well needed settling, Trader has, almost instantly, decided to depart from the Nachos and quickly shift over to the Doritos.

The reasoning for the instant change was a dispute over the ranks Trader was assigned to. The rank Trader had joined Nachos for was originally Third in Command. The reason he accepted with this rank was because he was apparently promised he’d be promoted to a higher rank in a short amount of time because of his experience in armies. However, not long after he joined, he was demoted from Third in Command to Fourth in Command, which he didn’t support. According to Verum, Nachos leader, the reasoning behind the demotion was a test of loyalty for owners that Trader apparently failed.

Trader didn’t like this drama he was thrown into so decided to leave because he said that if any drama occurred, he was not going to be taking part in it. Shortly after Trader departed from Nachos, he moved back to DCP, once again, for the rank of leader making DCP a leadership of four people, 13YearOldNoob, Greeny, Jester and the now returned, Trader.

Nachos have been maxing over 20 at most events they’ve been having since the new leadership was put into place. Once Trader joined, the success for the army continued. Although they had a problem due to Ryan’s botting confession not to long ago, Nachos came back under a new leadership. With Trader gone, they still seem to be doing quite well. At their most recent events, they’ve been maxing between 23 and 25 people at a UK and at AUSIA they maxed up to 15 people.


Nachos last UK event.

Meanwhile, DCP have been making numbers slightly below. They’ve been getting up to about 25 but never manage to consistently hit the over 20 mark maxing under 20 at some events. However, at their last event, they managed to hit a total of 23 people proving they are rising.

DCP’s latest event.

However, DCP look to be planning bigger. Earlier today, Bam, former DCP leader and DCP legend, made a simple post. It had the date the January 19th as well as a simple message saying “get ready” below it.


Get Ready.

-Bam, former DCP Leader.

Now with Trader’s return, this could mean big things for DCP as he’s led DCP to great heights in the past. However, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens now that Trader’s moved to DCP.

Interview with Trader, DCP Leader

CPAC: Why did you decide to depart from Nachos and move back over to DCP?

Trader: I decided to join Nachos for a low rank because I wad told I’d rank up fairly quickly. After about 1 and a half weeks I was demoted from 3ic to 6ic. I told them when I was joining I wasn’t dealing with bullshit, so after that I left, DCP offered me a better rank.

CPAC: Did you enjoy your time in Nachos?

Trader: I like the Nachos, there’s a lot of cool people there. But call me a egomaniac if you must, I’m not going to sit below people who haven’t done more than me or equal. I know what I can do, and I’m not putting in effort at such hilarious ranks.

CPAC: Would you ever reconsider joining Nachos if they were to offer you a better rank?

Trader: No.

CPAC: Now you’re in DCP, what do you plan on doing for the army?

Trader: I plan on doing exactly what I was doing in Nachos but harder to make them look like fools for even thinking about demoting me, even if it was a “test”.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Trader: There’s always a snake lurking in the grass.

Interestingly enough, although he left because of a rank issue, Trader said he wouldn’t return to Nachos even with a higher rank. Nonetheless, Trader doesn’t seem to be bothered about leaving Nachos and is more focused on helping DCP rise as he has done in the past. The next few weeks are going to be an interesting few for Trader to see if he can rise DCP once again.

What do YOU think? Should Trader of stayed in Nachos? Will Trader rise DCP? Do you think Trader deserved to be made Fourth in Command? 
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


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17 Responses

  1. Getting tired of this. The botting confession was for something that happened many months ago, not recent. That should be made clear.

    • I didn’t mean it in a bad way, I just mentioned it because it was the problem Nachos mainly faced

      • No. The big situation was my removal and Dan taking over.

        • Yeah, but the events leading up to your removal it key.

          • Not really. Had nothing to do with that.

            • sounds like a personal problem

        • Didn’t make a negative impact, really

  2. Wwe: “Never give that Trader kid leader EVER”
    >leading DCP again not even 2 months after

    • maybe it was all because of 13

    • at least he didn’t get an army closed because he made fun of a dead baby

      or whip his dick out for mach

      or back stab his friends for more control over DCP, only to get couped again

      at least he doesn’t post an obscene amount of CPAC comments, only comporable to Rocky or Phin

      Sit down, Chris.

      • bro hop off trey’s dick I was only pointing something out stop being so butthurt every time I make a comment, you’re legit some 12 year old kid who comes here and trolls every week just stop lml, if my comments are so obscene and annoying to you, then why respond to them. and omg he knows my first name fuckin shook yo. can’t wait for him to “roast” me in response to this comment, he’ll probably just be thinking about my dick still what a faggot

        • well, there’s not much to think about

          “12 year old” well, I mean, I was old enough to run the site you spam angry comments on.

          do you ever wonder how, with all the time you invest in this game, you still managed to be universally hated & fired from nearly every army?

          you can’t have much of a social life with how much you live in xat, and your xat life is filled with people who can’t stand you.

          maybe if you weren’t such an asshat all the time, you could have friends irl.

          maybe if you weren’t such a cuntlord, you could have a girl irl, instead of getting excited at the first girl who gives you attention. Unless you’re actually into Mach.

          maybe if you weren’t such a sack, people wouldn’t hate you enough to try and expose your name online.

          get it together, Chris. You’re slipping.

          • Oh NO! Xat people dislike me!!!! FUCK xat people can’t stand me! rip my life is over…
            Glad gob also my entire life figured out, saying I can’t get girls when this guy has probably never seen a woman naked in his life lol honestly Gob, come to where I live and meet the friends you claim I don’t have you’d be quite surprised. Being “universally hated” is actually a compliment, since that means I made kids like you angry along with countless 20 year olds still playing this game, I see it as a compliment. My success incites anger and brings out the rage in people such as yourself, and that tells me I’m doing something right. “get it together chris” Oh! he knows my name, wow what an outstanding and courageous rebuttal from Goblin, the failed 3-day CEO contributed less to CPAC than his pal mach.
            I live a great life, I can’t say the same for Goblin. If I was such a loser compared to him, then why isn’t he out having a life instead of talking big on CPAC comments and feeling so godly that hes part of the “UMA squad”. If we were to compare our lives, I’d make you look foolish, I come on at 6 every day and usually miss events on the weekends, ask anyone in NW. Some stupid bullshit I did when I was high from like 4 months ago is all you have on me, don’t make me embarrass you lol

            • fuck are you talking about you’re online xat all the time badboy, cmon, all this lying about yourself? Don’t be another phin.

              • im not, lol I’ve gotten on at 6 the past two weeks, and missed weekend events stop tryna act like you know shit about me when you don’t I have no idea what your problem is with me but hop off my dick forreal

                • why do you keep talking about your dick bro, you don’t have much to brag about

                  your dick is too small to be on in the first place

                  I know enough about you to know you can’t be any more well liked Irl than you are on xat

      • jesus

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