Night Warriors Army – A Look Into the New Generation

FOG, Night Warriors Headquarters – The Night Warriors made their return just a few days go. Today, we will have a look into their new generation and discuss with their leaders and how they plan to bring the army to success.


History was taken from Night Warriors Army website (2011)

The Night Warriors have had a very interesting history. The Night Warriors were formed when the original Night Warriors, and Rogue Rangers merged. The Night Warriors were founded back in July 2009 by a person known as Cowboysfan13 aka Vince, but they were rarely known during that time. During 2010 and early 2011, they had an amazing rise in troops and became a world power army under the reign of Tomb147 and Vendetta. At this time, the NW were the first army in years to dethrone ACP from the Number 1 position.

The Night Warriors also played a key role in the bloody World War V, where they later were defeated by the ACP. Read more about WWV HERE. After the retirements of Tomb and Vendetta, the NW went on a slow decline from their top position. Leaders like Shadowe2, Dj Slides, and Greenoiscool kept the Night Warriors in the Top Ten, although they never soared to the heights of the Vendetta/Tomb147 leadership. Shortly after the retirement of Dj Slides, the Night Warriors were officially declared dead. Recent recreations have seen large amounts of success and high rankings on Top Tens.

The New Generation: 2017

The Night Warriors army, who didn’t actually shutdown, but just decided to change their name to Dark Warriors. On the 22nd of December, 2016, former Night Warriors army leader, SH80523, made a post on the army’s website officially announcing the return. SH gave the community a sneak peek of the upcoming leadership, strategies and a lot more. This is what he his post said:

You read the title right the Night Warriors are returning.

We are back once again to take over once again.

I’m SH, former NW leader. I led in the latest gen of NW which was brought back by Xxtoysoldier and Drake. After Toy and Drake retired I was promoted to lead alongside BMX. I’ve lead in other armies like NR and DW for a little while, but NW is my home. This is the army where I started my career and where I want to end it. The Night Warriors are one of the greatest armies to live and they are officially back. Four other people are leading alongside me. You have probably already heard of them as they are well-known around the community.





You might be asking if this era will be motivated. Earlier this year, Toy merged NW into DW, and after that Tomb told me if I ever wanted to bring back NW I could. Site will be updated from DW themed to NW. A hiring post will be out soon for anyone that wants to join. Chat will be reset soon after this post is released.

We will be returning on December 30th

Might of the Night!

Following the return post, the Night Warriors army came back with a bang. They held their return event on the given date, which was 30th of December, 2016. During this event, the Night Warriors army managed to get 30+ troops and great tactics. Below is a picture of their return event:

This new generation is led by NW Legends, XxToysoldier and Drake, SWAT Legends, Tacodaily and Badboy and Former NW Leaders, SH and BMX. This generation surely looks stronger than any in past. The Night Warriors army has been consistently getting 30 to 40 troops in their events. The last event, which was a training session, Night Warriors army managed to get a total of 30 troops and great tactics. A picture of the event can be seen below:



CPA Central also managed to interview Night Warriors Leader, BMX. We asked BMX a few basic question to know how they feel about the Night Warriors and the new generation. Interview with BMX can be found below:

Interview with BMX, Night Warriors Leader

CPAC: Why did you decide to bring back the Night Warriors?

BMX: We brought Night Warriors back because the old squad was still hanging around xat, and I think SH wanted to start it up again. He left Night Rebels and we all re-opened Night Warriors.

CPAC: What are your plans for this generation?

BMX: In this generation, it is all about fun. We aren’t going to take things too seriously this time around, but we still have the plan to stay the #1 army.

CPAC: Can we expect any wars in future?

BMX: Yes, maybe in the future. However, for now, we are rebuilding the army and that is our number one priority.

CPAC: AHow do you plan to rise Night Warriors?

BMX: We plan to rise by recruiting daily, and continuing to have battle and events daily to stay active.


As we read the interview above, Night Warriors army leader, BMX, states that he along with others, brought the army back as there ‘old squad’ was still hanging around XAT. He also says that SH had a plan of bringing the army back, so he left Night Rebels and decided to bring back Night Warriors. BMX says that this generation will be about fun while being focused on staying the #1 army as well.

The Night Warriors army seem to be rising lately. However, for now, we can only wait and see what the future has written for the Night Warriors.

So, what do you think? How good is the new generation of Night Warriors? Can they become the #1 army, or will they eventually fail? Who will be Night Warriors army aiming for upcoming war? We here at CPA Central value YOUR opinion, so comment down below, and let us know what do YOU think!


CPA Central Reporter


4 Responses

  1. This somewhat bugs me during the vacation back in December when NR werestruggling to rise while l am gone. This would!’t have happen if the leaders didn’t slack off, NW wouldn’t come back!!

    • Are you saying that l don’t know any of that SH? Do you know that l am former DW 2ic and vet who was in DW since 6 years ago? I do lost respect for Toy and what he did to DW was a joke because he killed that army when Freezie hired him. If Freezie wasn’t that idiot to hire him, then DW would still continue and Haroon would still led to greatness without actually saying multilogging or leaving an army for IW, but Toy already have done it and he did some terrible move which is a big threat to us and the NR before.

      • Idk, l thought the same.

        • DW does not even show on cp… it’s never coming back

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