Army of Club Penguin – The Great Depression

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Army of CP Empire – Many armies are falling as well as rising lately, however, some seem to be tearing apart completely. Following the defeat at the hands of the Rebel Penguin Federation in the recent war, the Army of CP now seem to be falling down. Could this lead to a shut down of the ‘always living’ army?


The ACP was created on September 29, 2006 on the Miniclip Forums by Oagalthorp. Here, they became the first army established with a centralized leader and organization. The ACP grew fast and became one of the biggest armies on the forums. They battled their way through WWII fighting off Romans, Vikings, and many other clans. Eventually, the ACP moved to WordPress. It wasn’t too long until the ACP found themselves involved in another world war; this time they fought the massive Underground Mafias Army. Despite being greatly outnumbered at each battle by the UMA, the Army of Club Penguin were able to pull off a huge upset under Oagalthorp’s command.

After Oagalthorp’s reign, they went through a series of leaders until reaching a legendary leader in Boomer 20. Boomer took over the ACP in one of their lowest points in history after recently losing to “The Great Alliance” in World War IV and just avoiding a civil war. However, he soon led the ACP out of their drought to reach another Golden Age for the ACP. The ACP reached extraordinary sizes during this era and continued their dominance with many victories and achievements.

Since then, the ACP have been able to continue their success with only a few bumps in the road here and there. They have been able to remain one of the most powerful armies until Summer 2012 when they took a plunge. Though in the summer of 2013, ACP began to rise again under new leaderships and throughout the fall and winter of 2013/2014 ACP held a steady Top 3 spot. ACP gradually fell from their typically held Number 1 spot, only regaining their sizes towards the beginning of 2016, but are still almost always a Top 5 army.


The War with Rebel Penguin Federation


The Army of Club Penguin officially entered war with the Rebel Penguin Federation last year. As the ACP vs. RPF war raged on, both armies either ignored each other’s invasion or claimed them invalid. Following this mess, the war was titled as ‘The Pain War’. Well, if we get into more deep information, this war was originally declared by Lord Pain who is currently leading the Rebel Penguin Federation.

During the Pain War, many invasions occurred. However, there were only a small few which both armies attended. Finally, at the end, the Rebel Penguin Federation came to be the winners. Pictures of some invasions between RPF and ACP are shown below:




Army of CP and the Great Depression

As the war came to end, the CP Army Community could clearly see the results and the impact. Following the end, Army of Club Penguin seemed to just continue falling. From getting 30 to 40 troops, Army of CP fell down to 5 to 10 troops. Below is a picture of ACP’s most recent event, which was a training session held on new RPF territory, their former capital, Breeze.


During the training session, Army of Club Penguin managed to get a total of 10 troops with great tactics. We can surely see the wounds of this war, however, Army of CP is still motivated and fired up. The army is trying to be as active as possible and get as many troops as possible in the case of events.

Now that Army of CP has a lot to do, they are facing yet another difficulty. The leader of the Army of CP, Super Edwin, is currently on leave following personal events going on in his life. Can the Army of CP rise without Super Edwin?

To get more details, CPA Central decided to interview Rockstar, ACP AUSIA leader. We asked him a few questions about how they plan to get out of this situation. The interview can be seen below:

Interview with Rockstar, ACP Ausia leader

CPAC: What are your thoughts about this great depression that ACP is going through right now?

Rockstar: Saddened, this is most insignificant depression this army has been through unless if someone worthy makes a change.

CPAC: How do you plan to get out of this situation?

Rockstar: By recruiting we can regain our possibilities to rise back up again, you know that this army has been the face of the armies for 10 years or so.

CPAC: How do you plan to be stronger in upcoming wars?

Rockstar: In the upcoming wars, we will just eventually back it up at the moment despite losses and time is of the essence.

CPAC: What can we expect in the future from ACP?

Rockstar:  Hoping ACP tp be an example of an army that can define the feeling of both love and hate, equality and endless ways to make our dear community great again.

CPAC: How do you plan to raise without Super Edwin?

Rockstar: Oh, the leadership needs to step it up!


As we read the interview above, Rockstar says that ACP will be doing better in future wars and that they will focus more on recruiting in order to grow out of this situation. He also states that the leadership needs to step up in order to raise with or without Super Edwin.

Whatever has happened to Army of CP in the past one month, surely indicates that the army has been impacted badly, however, it does not raise a foregone conclusion that the ‘always living’ army might shut down.

So, what do YOU think? Can the Army of CP grow out of this fall? Can the Army of CP rise without Super Edwin? Will they succeed in getting their capital back? Will the Army of CP shutdown, or will they continue to be the always living army? We here at CPA Central value your opinion. So comment down below and let us know what do YOU think!


CPA Central Reporter


11 Responses


  2. “As the ACP vs. RPF war raged on, both armies either ignored each other’s invasion or claimed them invalid.”


    RPF did not ignore a single invasion, only ACP did after they saw how hard RPF was destroying them.

    • You’ve commented the same backwater RPF propaganda three times already.

  3. Extremely bias post. No good pictures of RPF were shown, only those after battling 4 times in 1 day and losing size. Very sad! CPAC.. You are FAKE NEWS!


    • The Trump shit was funny like a month ago, now it’s just fucking stupid.

  4. ACP will never shut down, we were the first army and we will be the last. Before the war we were never maxing 30, not since the summer at least. IN fact the war has had shockingly little effect on us if none at all. Also Edwin isn’t on leave, the only owner on leave is me.

  5. Stay strong ACP!

    • Thanks Kyle.

  6. Yeah just what we need, more depressing news about how the community is dying. I’d rather read a post about suggesting how ACP can improve rather than read about how dead they are. This is honestly why this community has fallen to shit, RPF bullied the fuck out of ACP, which was posted on already, so your brilliant idea was to point it out even more. Can everyone just leave ACP alone, if it weren’t for them armies wouldn’t exist or have been what they are today.


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