Doritos Army Isolate from CPA Central Top Ten

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – Doritos, who have been facing issues within the leadership lately have not had an easy time of late. Due to this, they have decided to “isolate” from the CPA Central Top Ten Armies. 

The Doritos Army, who are currently coming down from a major high winning their first ever tournament, now seem to be tearing apart. The Doritos Army is currently placed 4th on CPA Central’s most recent Top Ten.


In the latest of the Doritos Army, which was held on 10th of January 2017, and was a training session on the server Summit. The Doritos Army managed to get a total of 20 – 23 troops and great tactics. This event surely proved that the Doritos are doing a great job with their size. However, hours later, it seemed that they are facing some issues. A picture of this event is given below:

Moving forward, I decided to view the Doritos Army website, and during my search, I found a post entitled as “Temporary Isolation from the Top Ten“. It came about that Doritos Army Leader, Jester, made that post. This is what Jester said:

Nobody wants to do anything and i’m not holding events if nobody wants to try but me and greeny pretty much. With that said DCP isn’t holding any events until Bam comes back which will be shortly. i will update this post with a date. The only way we are going to hold events until then is if we are provoked which is not a good idea on which ever leader is reading this.

This community is dying at a faster rate than before now, all of NR went awol and RF can’t even kickstart. This community is losing people who care at all for the sake of armies being alive pretty quickly. I came back to armies thinking i could actually change this slump maybe just a little bit but i soon found out it just isn’t possible anymore with tons of people just having the lack of interest for this anymore and it’s quite sad because a lot of us have been here for years.

btw If anyone thinks we are relinquishing our empire you must be Phin tier retarded lol.

In this post, Jester states that nobody wants to do anything in Doritos and that he will not be holding any events until someone else wants to share the same commitment that he has presented. This statement surely indicates that something had gone wrong within the ownership.

Jester also stated that Doritos will not hold any events until Bam117 makes a comeback to power. He also says that the only way that Doritos will be doing events will be if the leadership is provoked to do so. Moving forward, he says that the community is dying fast, stating that many armies are falling. He gave an example of the Night Rebels army going inactive and the Redemption Force not being able to kick-start. Jester surely seems to be disappointed with the army and the community as a whole.

To know more about the Doritos Army declaring isolation, CPAC decided to interview, Brad, Doritos Legend. We asked him about what he thinks about the situation, and how they plan to get out of it. The interview can be seen below:

Interview with Brad, Doritos Legend

CPAC: What do you think about the Doritos Army isolating from CPAC Top Ten?

Brad: I don’t care honestly. They just need a better and more stable leadership.

CPAC: Do you think such a situation can break apart the leadership?

Brad: No, because some of the DCP legends returned and they know who to pick as a successful leader. Recently, Ryan from the Nachos Army wanted leader but DCP denied him quickly.

CPAC: How do Doritos Army plan to fix this situation?

Brad: I fell like all armies should just shut down already. But they just need to recruit a lot more and they will do just fine.

CPAC: How do you plan to help in this situation?

Brad: I’ve been extremely busy with school, so I am not able to do much.


From the interview above, we see that Brad is very much confident that this kind of situation can not break apart the Doritos Army leadership. However, he also states that Doritos Army much recruit hard in order to grow out of this situation. Brad didn’t tell CPA Central much about his thoughts, however, we can surely see how confident he is. At the end of the day, I always say this, we don’t know what destiny has written for us all. Only time will tell. Let’s wait and find out how the Doritos Army will grow out of this situation.

So, what do YOU think? How will the Doritos Army face this challenge? Can they grow out of it, or will they fail and drop to inactivity like the Night Rebels did? Can the Doritos Army leadership get along? Will Bam117 rejoin the Doritos Army? We here at CPA Central value YOUR opinion. So comment down below and let us know what do YOU think!


CPA Central Reporter


4 Responses

  1. The top ten armies isn’t really something you choose to be in, so I don’t think you can just opt out of it because you are doing bad – I doubt CPAC will exclude them and I hope and expect that they won’t.

  2. Hardly breaking news

  3. we aren’t ”opting out” We just wont be having events or conversing in any relation with any army until further notice. unless war.

    • Jester, l agree with your post on dcp site. But you know, NR will be back from the break by this weekend or the following Monday, after Sunday.

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