Inactivity Plagues Night Rebels

NORTH POLE, Night Rebels Empire – Just two weeks after NR made their return, inactivity has already hit the army, with no events being held in the last couple of days & chat barely being active during most parts of the day.

On December 28th, NR leaders announced the army would be returning under a new leadership, and since then, the Night Rebels have thrived, recruiting many new people into the army and held their return event on the 31st where they saw sizes of 15.


NR performing “E+7” at their return event.

NR leader, Zoomey, was very optimistic about this new generation and has very high hopes for NR moving forward. Here is some of what he had to say in his inauguration post:

Hello! My name is Zoomey. I am that guy who has been known to hop in the past. However, that’s the old me. I’ve been in the Night Rebels for over a month, after Kyle asked me to join and I gladly said yes. Since then I’ve grown attached to the army.

Over the last 2 or 3 weeks, NR has hit a slump thanks to certain leaders deciding not to do anything once Kyle retired. This is going to change. I promise, alongside my fellow leader, the army will rise back to greatness and prove to people that we were never dead, we just had the wrong people guiding us.

I’m really looking forward to leading the Night rebels because, as I’ve said, I’ve grown attached to them, but I also believe they can do a great job, just as they have in recent history. 2016 has been a crazy but great year for the Night Rebels. 2017 will be better!

-Zoomey, Night Rebels Leader

As you can see, Zoomey was very excited to lead this upcoming generation of NR, and felt with the right people, NR could become dominant again. Since returning, NR had been very consistent, holding events everyday, even breaking sizes of 30+ at their last event, and landing themselves 3rd on the latest top ten.


NR doing “E+6” at their most recent event.

Despite their success in the last few weeks, NR has once again hit a dry spell, seeing no events since the 7th, with barely anyone on their chat the last few days. This has been a common theme with NR; they’ve come back & done well on many occasions, yet have failed to keep up the pace for more than two weeks.


NR’s current chat activity.

Right now it is unclear why NR has gone inactive so suddenly, and we’ll have to see within the upcoming weeks if they will pick up the slack, or continue to decline.

What do you think about NR’s generation so far? Do you think they will regain their former strength or continue to hit points of inactivity? Will NR leaders put forth new ways to keep the army active and help keep them consistent, or will NR just be an army who is hype for two weeks and can’t continue on without any legends at the helm? Let me hear YOUR thoughts, and thanks for reading.


CPA Central Reporter


20 Responses


    • as if u lead nr to 30+ -_-

    • Quit being cocky.

      • Stupid pedo

        • Stupid butthurt. lthink you are pedo, Carson.

          • Carson is not even 18 man

            • I just turned 18, dumbass lol.

    • Yup

      • Dawix is a failure and l know you are too. Nobody wants you in an army who talks crap on an army you haven’t joined and talks crap to NR leader you don’t even know! Look how idiot you are.

    • dis bitch is like “screw CP armies” next day he is a fucking owner in NR how did he suddenly get this rank if he quit sorry if im stupid dawix said i was

      • NW*

  2. Don’t worry. Big things are coming in the near future, after we wrap up this war with the SS. Night Rebels will rise again!

    • Rejoin RPF, Kaboomerang. It is your home army. It ruins through your blood. Hop aboard, and come make history.

      • You don’t recruit someone who’s in an army. Im reporting you to the RPF leader.

        • I approve of that guy’s comment. He is completely right. It is Kaboomerangs choice to return or not, and even if he thinks about leaving whatever army he is in, it means it’s not the right army for him, or something is not right. After all, Kaboomerang wouldn’t be in armies if it wasn’t for RPF. Hop off, Kyle.

          • Hop off? You don’t tell him what to do, and yes it is his choice but stop trying to recruit him. That shows how butthurt you are, and that you aren’t a true RPF leader. Fix up your anger issues, you take armies so seriously. It’s my NR troops, not yours. So how about you back off, and stop trying to recruit. ✋

  3. The reasons why its been like this, was because we have break day since Monday, and that’s too muh. Most of the troops have been slacking off and l am not happy for this. That’s why the chat was empty.

  4. Sad to see this. If I have to, I won’t hesitate to help NR once in awhile (and if I have time). NR doesn’t deserve to fall like this.

  5. This isn’t an NR thing this a community thing. Nobody is interested in this anymore, nobody comes on anymore, nobody cares to try anymore.

    • Who said that? Night Rebels aren’t dead, it’s just a break day because they have school.

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