Battle Review: Golds Army vs. Army of CP

BREEZE, Battle Territory – Now that the CP Army Community enters school days once again, we observe many armies falling, as well all rising. During this period of time, two armies clashed in a practice battle. This time, the Army of CP and the Golds Army.

The Army of CP and the Golds Army, who are currently placed 9th and 11th on CPA Central’s most recent Top Ten, clashed in a practice battle on the 10th January, 2017. Below is a picture of CPA Central’s most recent Top Ten:


Army of CP and Golds Army, both logged on to the server Breeze. In the starting, Golds Army had a total of 8 troops, while the Army of CP had a total of 5 troops. The main room during this practice battle came to be the Ice Berg. Below is a picture of the armies clashing at Ice Berg:


After 15 minutes, the Army of CP logged off as little of the troops were doing tactics nor they were paying attention. However, the Golds Army decided to stay on for full 30 minutes until the event got over. Below is a picture of Army of CP and Golds Army fighting 5 minutes before the battle ended:


Although the Army of CP logged off, this does not mean that they didn’t want to fight. It simply implies that the Army of CP needs to work hard toward that particular division.

I went to both armies website in order to find their respective results post. I was able to find result post on Golds Army website, however, I didn’t see one on Army of CP website. The resulting post by Golds Owner, Baby Flor can be found below:

Ave Golds,

Today, we logged on for our practice battle against the Army of Club Penguin and managed to max sizes of 8 on Club Penguin! But, 8 isn’t enough for this legendary army, for our next event, we have to max double what we maxed this event, so lets all give it our best and try the hardest we can to make the Golds great again!

As we read above, Flor states that 8 isn’t a good amount for a rising army. He also states that Golds Army needs to work hard and that they all shall come together and work for the best. Our wishes are surely with the Golds Army as well as the Army of CP for future.

Now that I didn’t find any result post on Army of CP website, I decided to do an interview with ACP rather. CPAC managed to interview ACP 3ic, Jet Nuggets. Here is what Jet told us:

Interview with JetNuggets, ACP 3ic

CPAC: How do you feel about the situation ACP faced yesterday (none of the troops were doing tactics and weren’t bothered about the event)?

Jet: CP members were actively engaging in tactics, but not at the level we set our expectations to, which is always above and beyond. We spoke about the even afterward, and while not everyone was vocal, we know those who were there are aware of the lack of numbers. Though participation was high for those that were there.

CPAC: How do you plan to fix this kind of chaos?

Jet: Our solution to these issues are simple. We will Reevaluate our recruiting system to check for any “blind spots” and add enhancements to the way we do things now. This will grow numbers at a significant rate if one correctly, which it will be.

CPAC: Why do you think things went so bad yesterday?

Jet: I would say that partial lack of activity shown in the PB with the Golds was a singular event due to ACP members working, schooling, or busy with extraordinary events in their lives. ACP is strong in US hours and will continue to be in the future.

CPAC: Can we expect better results from ACP next time?

Jet: I not only expect better but the best we can offer. Not just next time, but every time. One event doesn’t make me doubt the success that ACP is, and the potential we have. But like all plans, sometimes thins go work. It’s inevitable. How we respond in the focus. And we respond by discussing it within leadership by shooting problems with solutions.


As we read from the interview above, Jet Nuggets states that the main problem was ACP members busy working with school or other events going on in their lives. We can surely see the impact that school days are putting on CP Army Community and even on the lives of troops. Well, let’s just wait and see what the destiny has written for us in the future.

This practice battle was interesting for sure, however, we can not always expect good from both sides. It is possible that the Army of CP is lacking a bit at UK division, but it’s also possible that they might excel at the US division or vice versa. Same with the Golds Army, they might excel at the UK division but may be lacking in the US division, or vice versa. It is interesting to note that neither side had yet declared victory, but as ACP logged off early, logic suggests that the Golds Army won the battle.

So, what do YOU think? Who won the practice battle? How did both the armies do? Can ACP rise to its former glory? Can the Golds actually improve? We here at CPA Central value YOUR opinion. So comment down below and let us know what YOU think.


CPA Central Reporter


6 Responses

  1. i think acp won

  2. That must be an intense battle. ACP maxed a whooping FIVE troops!

    • Yep! Look chip real people! I know that must be scary considering how many multilogs you are use to.

      • just because acp cant recruit doesnt mean any army who has recruits multilogs lol. id check is now public, id check our pengs chainpro

  3. Report some real battles! Report RPF battles! oh wait cpac is anti rpf! FAKE NEWS!

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