West Joins Doritos Leadership || 13YearsOldN00b also returns

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – The Doritos Army, who are currently ranked 2nd in our most recent Top Ten and are experiencing a rise, have yet again received more great news. Former leader, Lord West and retired leader, 13YearsOldN00b have decided to make another return to the army. Can they together change the destiny of the Doritos?

CPA Central apologizes for posting Lord West’s Inauguration late. Our staff was busy booking tickets to Disney Land, Hong Kong.

Inauguration of Lord West

As 2016 was just around the corner and 2015 was slowly closing its door, Doritos seemed to be losing another leader. This time it, Lord West. On October 4th, 2015, Lord West officially retired from the Doritos Army. He also made a post on Doritos Website which can be found below:

Note, this post contains a minimum amount, but still some strong language. Viewer’s discretion is advised to any younger troops reading this.

There comes a time in every man’s life that he finishes a chapter in a book. When that time comes, he has to eventually turn that page and enter the next chapter. Well, ladies and germs, that time has called upon me. I’ve finished my adventures in the DCP chapters. It’s now time for me to turn that page, and dive into my next big adventure.

Recently, I had my 18th birthday. Saturday was to be my last time to ever attend a battle as a Dorito. Unfortunately, the final battle did not happen how I was highly hoping it would happen. However, after being surrounded by all of my fantastic troops, the family I have really come to know and love over the years, none of that really mattered to me. I soon realized the only important thing was being there with all of you.

Going back on track to what I was originally saying, the time has come for me to move on from the Holy Dorito Empire. The time I’ve spent here with all of you was some of the best times that I have ever had in this community. However, I have something bigger calling my name in this community. As loyal as I am to the Doritos, I feel mostly jaded while leading. This goes from logging in almost daily, to even some of those crazy accusations WV keep throwing down my throat. The typical events of being an army leader in this community have worn me down. So, in hopes of refreshing myself, I am no longer going to participate in the ranks of any army. I’ve always said that DCP would be the army I retire in. Well, this much is now true. I am making my final retirement in armies here in this great army that I came across back in 2012.

You can find the full post here.

A few weeks ago, rumors came floating around that former Doritos Army leader, Lord West, might be taking the helm in his hands one again, although nothing was confirmed. Later that week, CPA Central found out that Lord West actually joined the leadership once again.

On the 6th of January, 2017, Lord West took the helm of Doritos. He didn’t make any post on the website, but we found out from other leaders that Lord West was rehired. Below is a picture of Doritos Army most recent event after the Inauguration of Lord West:


During this event, the Doritos Army managed to reach a total of 19 troops with great tactics. The Doritos Army seems to be rising under Lord West, for sure. However, the true spirit of the Doritos will be seen in future. Can they reach the potential of their size, or will they fail?

13YearsOldN00b Re-joins the Doritos Army

Following 32’s retirement from the Doritos last December, 13yearoldn00b also retired from the army, re-posting his own retirement that was originally released on the 14th of December but delayed. Some words from that post can be seen below.

I’ve done a lot of ruminating over the past few weeks in regards to this army’s performance and overall recovery since the removal of Mustapha. With that being said, I am still surprised at how far this army has propelled throughout the time we’ve transitioned. We proved to many that we didn’t need to cheat in order to essentially prosper. Now, in relation to the title and subject of this post, I will be leaving DCP indefinitely. As sporadic of a choice it is, but I have been thinking about this decision for the past few weeks. The main question that may initially come to mind is; Why are you leaving? To put it simply, I’ve lost a majority of my previous interest in this game, and the community as a whole; I have also become unable to be as necessarily active for the leadership position due to personal business. I did what I originally planned to do, I helped liberate this previously fabricated mess from a longtime tyrant. This army has been properly restored and can continue to grow, despite consistent change. Hell, we even reached 1st on the Top Ten after just a week. I will also be starting school once more, so I won’t be as active as I normally am.  That was remarkable, this entire generation, so far, still remains remarkable. There is no need for any personal history, or any specific mentions of gratitude towards any particular individual. Yet, I do individually thank EVERYONE who has stuck by this army, even in its most destructive periods. I also thank those who kept me here, as a proud leader of this great army.

Later, CPA Central another heard a flying rumor that 13YearOldN00b would also be rejoining the army alongside West. However, yet again, it was not confirmed. Finally, at 2AM IST, It transpired that he has actually joined the army.

On 9th of January, 2017, 13YearOldN00b obtained Main Owner on the Doritos Army chat. He also didn’t make any official announcement, however, his retirement post from Doritos Website seemed to be deleted. Below is a picture of Doritos Army under the leadership of 13YearsOldNoob:

13YearsOldN00b is an experienced leader and all leaders in the Doritos Army seem to believe in him the most. Now, the question arises of whether 13YearOldN00b can take the army to the heights that former leaders failed to do?


To know more about Lord West and 13YearOldN00b rejoining the army, CPA Central managed to interview Doritos Leader, Jester. Here is what Jester had to say:

Interview with Doritos Leader, Jester

CPAC: How do you feel about Lord West and 13YearsOldN00b rejoining the army?

Jester: I’ve lead with West before, I know what he is capable of when he puts his mind to it. 13 said to me he had a busy schedule with school, personally, I don’t think he should stress himself over this difficult hurdle DCP is trying to pass due to the ungrates that left.

CPAC: Do you think West and 13YearsOldN00b can raise the Doritos Army during the so-called ‘School Drop’?

Jester: West does his own thing, he works. As for 13, I don’t know. I’ve only recently lead with him for a week before all the ungrates left.

CPAC: How do you, along with West and 13YearsOldN00b, plan to raise the army?

Jester: It’s a different day in age. It’s not 2013 or 2014 anymore. I guess we’ll have to explore our options and adapt to this new era of armies. Quite frankly, I’m limited to the very few assets of the options because that very few go to the hype. However, DCP isn’t a hype army yet.

CPAC: Any last comments?

Jester: Loyalty till death.


As we read in the interview above, Jester is more confident about Lord West being a leader than he is for 13YearOldN00b. He states that he has started leading alongside 13YearsOldN00b recently, so he is not a hundred percent sure about 13YearOldN00b’s leadership abilities.

So, What do YOU think? Can Lord West and 13YearOldN00b raise the Doritos Army? Will 13YearOldN00b come out to be a great leader? What do you think about this so-called New Era? We here at CPA Central value your opinion. Comment below about what YOU think.


CPA Central Reporter


10 Responses

  1. I swear he retires then comes back weekly

  2. did 13 just returned to doritos…? l thought he stay retired

    • That felling, when some1 gone to retriment (forever) X times in his CPAWM life… and he back some day.
      #Confirmed_Info @A_lot_of_leaders

      • true

        • Hes retired twice in the past two weeks and both of his retirement posts before deletion stated it was his last time in armies

          • lmao that happens a lot

  3. I love seeing friends rejoin armies again.

  4. Joins?

  5. 13’s worse than me when it comes to retiring. Me I’ll retire then still be super active until someone pesters me into rejoining. 13’s worse than me though.

    • Man… shut your PUSSY ass up, Disliking your comment by the way, bitch ass.

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