Talking With the Troops #2

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – This week, I have continued to visit several army chats and ask for their opinions on a wide range of different topics.

Talking with the Troops, is, well you guessed it in the title. We talk to several different people around the Club Penguin Army Community about a different topic, each week. There will be a new question every week and around 10 people from different xat chats will answer the question. A new edition of this column will be published every Tuesday.

The question for this week is..

How can we combat multilogging?

Ryan, Former Nachos Leader: “Man, it is like botting, it’s going to be very hard to stop. Maybe, make it a rule that a leader has to take pictures of their entire screen during events. Idk, as they can just say they forgot. At the moment, they can take pictures of a stamp book of any suspected penguins, use that addon on CUP to check the ID. There isn’t more you can do.”

Bad, Night Warriors Leader: “There is no specific way to combat multilogging, but there is a way to punish those who decide to do it. Deducting armies from the Top Ten and not including them in CPAC – related events won’t stop multilogging completely, but will definitely influence how many people take into account that they will not be granted the same privileges that armies who play fairly have.”

Elsa, Army of CP 3ic: “People should just realise if you multilog and get big sizes and somebody doesn’t and gets small sizes then it doesn’t make you make you more worthy than that person.”

Poseidon, Thugs Leader: “You can combat multilogging by having secretive multilogging investigations. Send someone to a suspected army and ask him/her to check them out for a while. Otherwise, someone from CPAC can be asked to help armies and during the events, they can check out the suspected penguins or any other suspicious things. And, once an army is confirmed multilogging, the army should be banned from CPAC.”

Nugget, Army Republic 2ic: “I think if the rules from CPAC are made more strict and harsh, it may possibly prevent others from multilogging because there would be consequences if you do it.”

Chef Shep, Night Warriors Chef: “I think a good way to combat multilogging is to put more punishments on the person. That being said, it would be best to dock more points on the Top Ten.”

Hikusaak, Golds 2ic: “The biggest issue with the fact that multilogging exists in the community is the very flaw that exists with the internet: the fact that banning of CP accounts, or any website in that matter, don’t go straight to the user’s IP, which allows that same user to make as many accounts as s/he pleases. The only thing I can really say to combat multilogging is to search for suspected multilogs whilst in their events and expose when they are too obvious, regardless of the multilogger’s denial of use.”


As you can see from the many statements above, it is clear that multilogging is a big issue. Many are calling for CPA Central to punish multilogging, which we are, by deducting points of the top ten and making stricter rules. It is clear that multilogging is not helping this community and we must put an end to it. If armies can start playing fairly, we can, maybe, set a good example for future generations. Multilogging won’t help you achieve anything, it will just ruin your reputation and make you look like a bad person. So, STOP multilogging before you regret it. This community is already in a bad position and cheating will just make it worse.

What do YOU think? How can we stop multilogging? Comment YOUR opinions below! Here at CPAC, we value YOUR opinion!


CPA Central Vice President






18 Responses

  1. All of the answers to the question were terrible.

    Then again so was the question itself, as well as the post, and as well as the person who wrote it (Sammie)

    • I suppose you have a better answer? I mean, right? You shouldn’t be criticizing solutions unless you have one yourself. Otherwise, you’re just proving your stupidity..

      • There’s no solution to multilogging because the style of warfare armies has encourages this, I have stated this multiple times. I find it hilarious that people still hypocritically criticize multilogging because if the beans were ever spilled on everyone in the community and if there was a way to find out who multilogs (or has multilogged) and who doesn’t, it’d be fair to say that 90% of leaders and legends, including most of the people who answered the question in this post, would be exposed to be frauds.

        • Battles and more of a focus on tactics is the only way to really stop it. If you’re constantly doing quickfire tactics, bombs and basically what Beeky did in Nachos multilogging is near impossible and even with battles you can’t change rooms a lot. It’s why tournaments really show what armies are legitimate and which ones are not

    • You need to stop criticizing people. You’re no one to tell people what to do when you can’t lead an army yourself. Stop messing with my friends. You’re no one. You’re not even the read silverburg from 2007.

      • Did you just say Silverburg can’t lead an army? LOL.

        • mhm

          • Led RPF’s AUS to max 50 during 2014 and has led DW and RPF since, just don’t go there man

            • sucking up for him huh? nice comment verum

              • Not sucking up to him, I’m just merely stating facts.

                • oh boo hoo you are still sucking up

                  • ur a pedo

                    • stfu bounce you want to end rpf brother ally huh? yeah thats right you acted nice but now you’re just like chip. grow up, and think before you call anybody a pedo. define pedo for me please.

                    • also, you are a pedo too. pedobounce who flirts with girls like chip and trader. look how creepy is that?

  2. I think you made a great choice interviewing badboy, considering he’s knows the best ways to multilog.

  3. Horrible post by an extremely bias person. Sammie didn’t bother asking any RPF soldier – he instead asked people like Elsa, Nugget, and Ryan. RPF members are smarter and superior in every single aspect than 80% of the leaders of any army in the community. I honestly believe Sammie should be kicked out of jewpac, it’s becoming ridiculous.

    • To respect of our people in the community, RPF isn’t really any better than all of the people here… Chip. Nobody’s perfect. A lot of poeple have different opinions on their own about mutlilogging and you can’t just claim this post as bias. l think this is true, for all of it. 100%

    • Again, why does RPF criticize every person? Your army losing even wasn’t CPAC’s call? We didn’t tell you to hush our judge or even leave the room. Did we?

      Also, you’re way to obsessed with CP Armies.

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