Picture Perfect: Bluesockwa’s Acknowledgement of Purple Republic


KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters, Zing’s Office – Welcome to the second edition of ‘Picture Perfect’, where I look back at some of the biggest and most important pictures in the history of Club Penguin Armies.

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People often say that a picture is worth a thousand words and this statement couldn’t be any more true. Each week, right here on CPA Central, I will take a look at a picture from the community and see how I do in getting a one thousand word post from it. This picture can be a screenshot of a chat, or a treaty, or a still image from a Club Penguin Army battle – it can be many things and each week we will look and provide analyse for a different picture.

With CPA Central’s continued interest in communicating with the readers and getting their feedback, I will be open to suggestions on what photographs I should cover. I will make an attempt to use as many of them as I can if they are good enough and I can indeed find the photograph that you are referring to. You can comment below on any of these posts an idea and they will be received in my WordPress mentions box.

I hope that you enjoy reading this column and it will be published every Monday! I will always inform the community if the article will be published on a different day for a reason but please try to check back here on a Monday to see a brand new edition of Picture Perfect.


The picture we are going to look at today is a screenshot from a Purple Republic event which significance for two reasons. Firstly, this screenshot was the first time the new CPA Central had acknowledged the Purple Republic on a Top Ten list meaning that the above screenshot is taken from one of the first officially licensed Purple Republic events. The picture is also even more intriguing by the use of the infamous ‘Swastika’ tactic that the Purple Republic implied demonstrating a reluctance to change and a defiance to conform to CPAC’s views.

The spring and summer months of 2014 saw absolute mayhem at the hands of the Purple Republic. Events were being raided by a combination of real users and bots, and it didn’t care what side you were on – the Purple Republic had no allies at this point. While this changed later with the formation of R^3 to take down Waffles and his dictatorship in the Rebel Penguin Federation, Purple Republic always had one goal – a goal that they revealed to me one night on chat.

CPAC hates us because we’re not like the ACP. We don’t take orders from the Bluesockwas and we don’t want to be ACP and we will never will be. We want CPAC to stop ignoring us. We want to be recognised as an army just like all the others are.

– Demo, Purple Republic Raid Leader talking to Zing King To and Blaze on Redemption Force Chat

CPAWM conducted several meetings in May and June with a decision finally being made when Bluesockwa1 spoke to the Purple Republic leader, Violantealleta at the CPAC Central chat. The conversation struck a deal of huge importance and led to then CPA Central Chief Executive Officer, Bluesockwa1 publishing a statement on the site in regards to officially recognising the Purple Republic for what they are.

While the army always wanted to be seen as an army, they never wanted to be seen as the same and they hated much of the way in which our army community does things. A notable example of this is the Purple Republic’s rejection of the known and widely accepted communication site, XAT in favour of Steam. PR would only use XAT when it was absolutely imperative for them such as spying on armies in order to know where and how to raid them. PR took this to such a serious point, that when they were in the R^3 alliance, allies Zing King To and Tobercold were brought into their steam chat in order to communicate.

It is true that in recent days CPA Central and the Purple Republic have been fronting off, with the Republic feeling ignored by the army community, and, specifically, army media. Violantealleta and I have reached an agreement regarding Purple Republic’s recognition in the community and how the media will deal with it. One of the real beauties about the Purple Republic is that they embody rogue warfare from years like 2007. Unlike the highly politicized armies of today, they will fight anyone, anywhere, for any reason. And they are growing, fast.

For this reason, CPA Central has agreed to acknowledge the Purple Republic as a member of Club Penguin Warfare and they will be ranked on the Top Ten being released on July the 6th and any subsequent Top Tens, should they meet the requirements to be ranked as one of the ten best in Club Penguin Warfare. I look forward to ending the dispute between the army community and the Purple Republic, and look forward to seeing what they have in store for the community as an army.

– Extract from Bluesockwa1’s post entitled ‘Statement Regarding the Purple Republic’

The statement received 105 responses as of this writing with a mixture of people being supportive of CPAC’s decision to allow them onto the Top Ten and several others questioning whether the decision was fair due to the Purple Republic’s self-professed use of bot programmes in order to raid events. Bluesockwa2, also serving as Chief Executive Officer at the time maintained his view that this generation of Purple Republic was not one built on the use of bots as there was no evidence to even begin to suggest this.

The monumental decision to include the Purple Republic on CPA Central’s Top Ten stopped being words and became actions following the July 6th edition of the Top Ten in which the Purple Republic managed to tie the Chaos Army for 6th place – a surprise to some who believed they would be giving even the Dark Warriors a run for their money at this time. As Kingfunks4 correctly stated however, the army was not able to get high tactic points due to their constant rehashing of the same few tactics.

CPA Central had finally done it. They had finally acknowledged the Purple Republic were an army and they became part of the community. In essence, it helped to bring some stability to the community. It was no longer raids from an outside force, it was raids from community members and more wars and practice battles could be fought. This is what PR wanted too which is why they decided to team up with the Royale Penguins and the Redemption Force to form R^3 and take down the Rebel Penguin Federation and more specifically, Waffles and Elitesof.

The R^3 alliance was successful winning an SM Army Press award for Biggest Summer War. It also contributed to the removal of both Elitesof and Waffles from the Rebel Penguin Federation and allowed the army to be good once more. All this had been made possible from Bluesockwa1’s acceptance that the PR are an army, are part of our community and are here to stay. Had that not have happened, the fear mongering raids would have continued and crippled the community and Waffles might have continued his tyranny over the RPF.

About time, It’s an organised group that does the exact same thing was we do, as long as they don’t use bots and use actual troops there shouldn’t be any reason for us to Ignore them as an army.

– Totidile, SM Army Legend commenting on CPAC’s acceptance of the Purple Republic.


The history between Bluesockwa1 and Purple Republic is known to many with Purple Republic being known not to like B1 and B1 has been rather outspoken in his opinions on the Purple Republic right back. For this reason, and the fact that the very idea to accept them into the community came from him, I decided to ask Bluesockwa1 some questions in regards to the Purple Republic and his thoughts on their tactics and ideals.

Why do you think the Purple Republic cared so much about being recognised by CPA Central?

I think that, in discussing this question, it’s important to recognise some of the backstory regarding the many iterations of the Purple Republic. During the first coming of the raid group in Woton’s second term, Violantealleta cultivated an air of mystery, so that when he acted/spoke/did anything, it was immediately interesting and newsworthy. I would hypothesise that the “Purple Republic” that returned during the latter end of my term as CEO was not the same Purple Republic as had existed before; let’s keep in mind, this group has returned a number of times, and anyone can essentially make a message board or WordPress attributed to the group.

I would guess that the Purple Republic probably returned, this time, hoping to strike the same fear into armies that Vio did. However, 1.) they were far worse at his unpredictability tactics, and 2.) we as a community had been through four, five, maybe six iterations of this group. We knew how to spam their comments, knew how to lock them out of rooms at our tournaments, knew how to keep our chats safe, etc. So I think they quickly realised that the old way wasn’t going to work, and I suppose their new set of tactics hinged on becoming an accepted part of the army community. In that way, it was probably extremely important from their perspective, since they felt it was the only way for them to effectively get our attention. Let’s not forget, these people are very similar to the people that play CP Armies, except they’re older and their platform of choice is Steam. I always believed (and proved many times) that the same rules of baiting people who were desperate for attention applied.

How important to the community was the decision to acknowledge them as an army?

I would like to be able to find some nuanced importance in the way their being recognised affected the community at large (and maybe you’ll be able to in your research), but in the end, I do not think it was all that important for the majority of the community. Here’s a few things to note in that regard.

I think our decision to recognise them would have been far different if they had been getting like, numbers over 200 on Club Penguin, and recognising them meant establishing a new top army for the foreseeable future. The reality is that, due to their less than stellar sizes and their extreme deviation from usual army tactics, the Purple Republic wallowed in the seventh to fifteen range for the entirety of the time I ranked them (I believe). I do recall them having come particularly far during the Legends Cup of 2014, and taking their eventual defeat at the hands of ACP particularly badly.

Again, if you find a more nuanced meaning I’m open to the idea, but none jump out at me. Armies pretty much just went along with their days; we had been through this many times before and we all knew that with the end of the summer (or perhaps sooner) would come the demise of the Purple Republic. Whether they wanted to be ranked around 10th for a few weeks was largely irrelevant.

Would you consider Purple Republic as one of the most influential armies of all time?

I would again reject the moniker of them as an army; let’s remember, the 2014 return of the Purple Republic was one of the last and also one of the least influential if we’re talking entirety of army history. I would, however, argue that the series of iterations of the Purple Republic, and the ways it caused us to reconsider this corner of the Internet that we have chiselled out for ourselves, is one of the most important things to happen to the army community.

Likely the most important thing that came as a result of the Purple Republic was that it caused us to recognise that we are not alone, in a number of ways. It caused me to recognise how open and public this community is — I, at least, always sort of write with an understanding that it will be seen by the army community and only the army community, and the reality is that’s not always true. It was sort of like aliens coming to Planet Earth in that way (and the community’s response to it, the first time around, surely fits with that metaphor).

It also caused me to realise that what we do here is both very unique, and very un-unique. The series of interactions I had with the Purple Republic, along with the Damen Project and the discussions about moving armies to Roblox and Minecraft, forced me to realise that the basics of what we do — that is, a group of people getting together and sucking new life out of a game — is not inherently uncommon. However, the flip-side of this realisation was that what we do is particularly advanced, in both the primitiveness of the game with which we started and the expansiveness of the community that we have developed from it. In some ways, it confirmed for me the benefit and the awesomeness of what we do.

What factors do you think led to the eccentric tactics employed by the Purple Republic?

The answer to this question, in my opinion, is extremely simple: attention. The Purple Republic has always thrived (and theoretically will always thrive) on creating an atmosphere where they are taking advantage of us, and we are the victims of their wild pursuits. They are at their best when the conversation is not one of equals.

They are so insistent on creating this atmosphere because, for all of their faults, the Purple Republic understands (UNDERSTAND UNDERSTAND UNDERSTAND) that it is the only way their raids and campaigns of terror can be at all effective. If it is stripped away, the identity that remains is one of a dejected group of adults who get off on raiding a small community of kids and teenagers. That’s why the Purple Republic wants everything to be a meme, and wants nothing to be taken seriously: they want to seem as uninvolved and without care as possible so that no one will challenge the amount of time they are wasting raiding Club Penguin Armies.

I think they always have been and always will be demanding of our attention. It makes their day when we get angry about something they did, or lower ourselves to their antics. In that way, they’re not all that different from some of the worst armies (or the worst people) that have come and gone during the 10+ years of this community. In dealing with multiple iterations of the Purple Republic during my time in Club Penguin Armies, I always found it helpful to remember that this, for me, is a teenage hobby while I continue to pursue my real-life goals … for them, I’m not entirely sure what it is. I presume, however, that it’s a weird, perverted festival of “let’s mess with this kiddies!”

In my mind, Bluesockwa1 did an excellent job on establishing the key thing to all Purple Republic game plans – the pathological need for attention that we gave them by getting upset with their antics. When we gave them a different kind of attention however, when we actually acknowledged them for what they were – a Club Penguin Army, they eventually got bored and the Purple Republic sizzled out and hasn’t been seen in those numbers since despite failed attempt at a comeback led by Earthing, which was deemed to be an illegal regeneration.

With botting still an every day occurrence in the community, it’s possible that we could one day see a return from the Purple Republic who claim to have only 18+ troops on their ranks. They have also been known to fire troops who are not 18 years of age, for example, Demo was fired following the announcement he was younger than that age. If Purple Republic do come back, the chances are we’ll continue to recognise them for being an army. As B1 said in the interview, in a lot of ways, the Purple Republic are like many of the worst individuals that have stepped into our community in the past, present and possibly the future.

What do YOU think? What picture shall I look at next? Have we seen the last of the Purple Republic in the army community?

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer


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  2. I found it hilarious when Earthing tried bringing back PR and claiming he had permission.

    • I remember still being in the PR steam group when they found that out – oh my god they were ready to dox him and everything.

      • Nobody can DOX the God of Death.
        #Fearthedeath :p

  3. Why nobody in this community ever wants to admit that we all have been trolled by /b 4chan thread, they just raided us, we thought they wanna take over or whatever and made a big deal about it

    • purple republic is a meme

  4. LmO

  5. This post is too long for me. I refuse to read it

    • That’s a little mean tbh 😦

      • i dont care. I dont have 5 hours of my life to waste reading cpac 😦

        • Read it in sections 😦 Bit a day 😦

  6. Demo was wrong. We don’t care about whether or not you see us as an army.
    What MY Purple Republic cares about is the cure to the disease known as CPAC. And I can assure you, the sea is turning purple this month.

    The Purple Republic isn’t an army. It is a brotherhood.

    -Swampbro, Knight of Purple

  7. Demo was wrong. We don’t care about whether or not you see us as an army.
    What MY Purple Republic cares about is the cure to the disease known as CPAC. And I can assure you, the sea is turning purple this month.

    The Purple Republic isn’t an army. It is a brotherhood.

    -Swampbro, Knight of Purple

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