DrMatt Rejoins Night Rebels Leadership

NORTH POLE, Night Rebels Empire – As the Night Rebels recently returned, we see many experienced leaders joining the army. One of these leaders is former Light Troops Leader, DrMatt. Can DrMatt take the army to its heights potential, or will he eventually fail? Let us find out!

In late December, the Night Rebels disappeared from the community. After being alive for almost a year following their creation, it seemed that it was time for the Night Rebels to shut down. However, on December 29th, Night Rebels Creator, Haroonniaz12, posted a statement on the website stating that the army was not dead. This is what he said:

Hello Believers,

I want to tell you that I am not gone forever and I will continue once I got hold of my stuff because when I do NR will be back and there will be NR everywhere like last time.I apologize I left because I had exams and its sad that no one was capable enough to get hold of things like I did not being proudy shit but its true.Anyways I have to inform you that NR will be back soon and we will be huge. This ain’t over our haters keep saying random stuff but once we get strong everyone wants to join so lets start working on return I will be back someday around this week and when I do Revolution continues I also want to thank people who vote for me in Cpac,its great to know i have so many lovers anyway let the Revolution Continues.

Soon after, rumors began to float around that DrMatt might join the Night Rebels leadership. However, the rumors weren’t confirmed by the Night Rebels Leadership. The next day, which was 6th of January, 2017, DrMatt finally ended the rumors by making a post about his inauguration the leadership. The post can be found below:

I have decided to rejoin NR as leader once more. I will be very strict on all owners this generation with recruiting. We need to prove that we are the best and I will make sure to prove that. I will also be bringing memberships into the army as well for the troops to enjoy. Be on the look out for further posts!

-DrMatt NR Leader/Hall Of Famer

The Night Rebels army held their first event after DrMatt’s inauguration on the same day. The army managed to reach a total of 18 troops, and great tactics. A picture of the event can be found below:

To find out more about DrMatt taking the helm, CPAC managed to interview him. We asked DrMatt some questions about his plans for the Night Rebels. The interview can be found below:

Interview with Night Rebels Leader, DrMatt

CPAC: Why did you decide to join the Night Rebels Army?

DrMatt: I joined Because NR is my second home. I have made great friends and I love the army.

CPAC: How do you plan to raise the army?

DrMatt: I plan on recruiting constantly and encouraging troops to join the army. That’s all you can really do nowadays.

CPAC: What can we expect under your leadership?

DrMatt: You can expect strict recruiting. Recruiting will be mandatory.

CPAC: Any last comments?

DrMatt: Join Night Rebels!

As we see from the interview above, DrMatt is confident about his leadership skills, and he says that he joined the army because he made some great friends. He also states that recruiting, which is nowadays the most important part of a rising army, will be mandatory for every rank in the army. However, a question still remains. Can DrMatt raise the army to its potential?

I personally think DrMatt is a great person with a high range of leadership skills. We all have seen his potential in the Light Troops and the Blue Miners Army. I think he can raise the army, but only if the leadership and the troops give him support. You see, only one person can not ‘fix’ it alone. I am not saying that DrMatt doesn’t have negatives, he surely does. However, for now, everything seems streamline.

So, what do YOU think? How good a leader is DrMatt? Can the Night Rebels rise, or will they eventually disappear like last time? We here at CPA Central want your opinion!


CPA Central Reporter


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