Top Ten Armies: 01/08/17

UPDATE: The Nacho SS has been added to the Top Ten.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As holiday break is ending and school starting once more, two army juggernauts fight for the top spot, just being separated by a mere point.


Week of the 1st-7th January 2017 


1.Rebel Penguin Federation [75.21] [+0]

2.Night Warriors [74.20] [+5]

3.Night Rebels [63.69] [+7]

4.Doritos Army [63.11] [-2]

5.Nacho Army [61.50] [-2]

6.Wild Ninjas [55.54] [-1]

7.Army Republic [49.75] [-3]

8.Nacho Special Service [47.83] [NEW]

9.Army of Club Penguin [41.00] [-2]

10.Thugs of Club Penguin [37.00] [+2]

<>Close to Top Ten<>

11.Golds Army [35.50] [-1]

12.The Penguin Army Force [32.25] [-3]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had a really busy week. They started their week by maxing 19 at Christmas Celebration. In their next event which was a training where they managed to get 24 troops. RPF then invaded Mittens where they got a total of 24 troops. Next day, the Rebel Penguin Federation invaded the server Brumby, where they hit 25 troops. At another event, which was Invasion of Patagonia, they maximum 21 troops. They finally ended their week by Invading cabin, where they managed to get 35-40 troops.

2. Night Warriors: After making their return last week, the Night Warriors were fairly busy holding a number of battles and recruiting sessions over the course of this week. They began by battling ACP on Monday hitting sizes of 30. This was followed by a battle against the Night Rebels the next day where they also maxed 30. On Thursday they held a recruiting event where they got around 40 before finishing their week with two events on Saturday, one of them a battle against DCP where they got 40, and one another recruiting session where they were able to yet again achieve sizes of 40.


3. Night Rebels: This week, the Night Rebels had a handful of events, starting with a UK event on the 1st where they hit a max size of 21 followed by a US event where they hit sizes of 13. On the 2nd, NR held a training session on the server North Pole at UK times maxing sizes of 25 before hitting 21 at a parade on Breeze later that day. This was followed by a practice battle against NW on Tuesday where they maxed 14 before hitting sizes of 18 at their UK invasion of Abominable the next day. NR then held a UK training on North Pole with sizes of 18 before finishing their week by hosting their official “reopening” event which saw them achieve outstanding sizes of 30.

4. Doritos Army: The Doritos had a fairly busy week, seeing many of their leaders/owners step down but still remaining active and consistent in size. From Sunday to Tuesday, DCP held five training events, hitting sizes of 20 at each followed by two events on the 5th where they got sizes of 17 & 19. DCP finished their week by holding a training event on the server Ice Box on Saturday where they achieved a max size of 17.

5. Nacho Army: The Nachos began their week starting their war with AR, invading Snowbound with sizes of 14 on Monday. This was followed by a raid/defense of Iceland later that day where Nachos got around 23. Later in the week, the Nachos invaded the server Hibernate with sizes of 28 and then invaded Iceland the next day with a force of 30. They then invaded Southern Lights with sizes of 16 before invading Snow Plow with sizes of 25 to finish their week.

6. Wild Ninjas: The Wild Ninjas had a rather busy week. They started their week by holding a training session where they managed to get 14 troops. The same day, they held another training session maxing 16 troops. Next day, they planned to hold another training session where they maxed a total of 17 troops. They held another training session the next day and managed to get 11 troops. The Same day, they held another training session maxing 18 troops. Next, they again did a training session maxing 13 troops. Next, they hit 21 troops in another training session. Although having nearly nine training sessions, the Wild Ninjas again held a training session maxing 13. Finally, the next day, Wild Ninjas hosted a “Greet with Friends” in which they maxed 11 troops, and the same day maxing 15 at another training session. The Wild Ninjas finally ended their week with a bang maxing 11 at another training session.

7. Army Republic: The Army Republic began their week by invading the servers Downhill & Iceland, with sizes of 12 and 13, from RPF both on Monday. On Wednesday, AR held an unscheduled training event maxing 12 before defending Snow Plow from the Nachos with the same size on Friday. AR’s week concluded with their defense of Toboggan, where AR saw a max size of 20.

8. Nacho Special ServiceThe Nacho SS began their week with several invasions against the Army Republic. They have successfully taken over 10 servers from the Army Republic within a one week period. The Nacho Special Service had a max of 14 at their invasion of Ice Age. The Nacho Special Service finished off their week invading even more servers from the Army Republic and declared war against the Night Rebels.


9. Army of Club Penguin: ACP started their week with a UK training with sizes of 11 which was followed by a UK event the next day which saw the same size. ACP then held an unscheduled UK event hitting sizes of 10 before finishing their week holding a training session with a max size of 9.


10. Thugs of Club Penguin: The Thugs Army had a rather slow week. They kicked off their week by maxing 14 against NR. Later, ending their week with the size of 11 in a PB Again Wild Ninjas.


This week we asked you what were you looking forward to the most in the new year of 2017. Here’s the results we got back.


So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Who will rise to the top next week? Let us know YOUR opinions in the comments below!


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CPA Central Chief Executive Officer

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CPA Central Vice President


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59 Responses

  1. NW should not be second! They got around 25 as their biggest size this week! I also hope you took the fact that all of their events were on 5 bars into consideration! CPAC = Fake news! End it!

    • Yeah maybe we’d be first if you didn’t bot raid the NR battle like a pussy and we would’ve gotten 40 instead of 30, go away you’re irrelevant lol

      • I have not bot raided anyone! I have proved this several times, yet you still use it as a scapegoat for how shitty your army is! Also, I am not the one who needed to go on 5 bar servers to get more than 20 and I am not the one who blamed bot raids for a failed army!

        • I’m leading the best and most skilled army in CPA while you settled to be a pet in LT your whole career. NW holds recruiting sessions on 5 bars to recruit new soldiers in the army. Unfortunately not everyone is built off DrMatt’s money and can buy their recruits. You better hope no one exposes & confirms that you are raiding because that’ll be the last thing you do.

          PS: your sarcastic explanation points only make you look more butthurt than you already are 🙂 might of the night

          • explanation points

            • gotti

          • You really think you are the one leading! I will be standing with my superior LT battle brothers at Ice Box, ready to lead and command our loyal troops into battle while you sit as an owner on your chat doing fuck all while xxedgysoldier begs your lazy soldiers to quickly log on some 5 bar server because you need to look big! Very, very sad.

            • bro what are you even saying lol

          • “Skilled” armies recruit through new methods, like LT did, not on 5 bars to inflate your tiny size!

            • LT didn’t recruit, you spammed 100 bots on every server which made CP block a lot of key lines and used money to buy recruits, stop trying to talk shit when you’re irrelevant l0l

          • I would rather be a “pet” in LT, discovering new recruiting methods and changing the face of armies along with the most loyal band of owners ever seen in CPA, ready to lead our superior loyal troops into battle than someone who sits as an owner on some chat of some black army that will die in a few weeks, with a bunch of people that don’t like you yet you always go back to, doing fuck all except talking shit while xxedgysoldier begs the few awful troops you do have to log on to a 5 bar server to make your size look bigger! Very sad indeed.

            • Wait did you just say discover new recruiting methods and changing the face of armies? So spending $100 a month out of DrMatt’s pocket to buy CPPS ad space and memberships is somehow a revolutionary way of recruiting to you? And what do you mean most loyal band of owners ever seen? You? Konrad? Epic? All 3 of which joined different armies when waterkid rejected to give any of you leader LOL???? I also don’t know what you mean by owner, you can come see for yourself I’m a main owner on chat idk who you think you’re talking to but for someone who’s as irrelevant as you are it’s quite insulting that you’d even consider questioning me in the slightest. “Bunch of people that don’t like you yet you always go back to” If you’re referring to 2014 DW then lol because that was mad long ago and I don’t hold grudges and its quite odd for you to say that considering every time waterkid got just enough money to reopen LT you’d all crawl back to him like the pets you are and then once he got bored LT died without any of you getting leader or any credibility. And again, incase you can’t read, which is clear already, going on 5 bars is to recruit new soldiers into the army, not solely for size (because we get 40 anyway on one bars) and because unfortunately not all of us have someone we can scam money from to get recruits (drmatt). And recruiting on 5 bars and autotyping in general is a lot more effective than tabbing to 100+ at ur return event lol comment back so I can embarrass you some more

              • Tober, your superior loyal troops have left CPAs. I’m one of the few remaining and yknow where i am? NW. yknow why? ive seen through waters lies. ive seen DrMatt being used by LT. So please continue talking about your “superior, loyal troops”

                • I wasn’t even sure who you were, until I remembered that you cried to me for mod then left when I wouldn’t give some random noob who came on LT chat moderator. You are not a good troop!

              • “You? Konrad? Epic? All 3 of which joined different armies when waterkid rejected to give any of you leader LOL???? ” – I don’t remember this! You are now talking out of your ass. You are extremely delusional, judging by the points you have made, and I appear to have made badboy very angry indeed! I have yet to see you get 40 on a 1 bar. LT usually ended after a month or so because we actually have real lives! Maybe I should give your school another phone call and get your teachers to check on your online presence! Also, Lt has never tabbed! Unlike all of NW’s “leadership”, who have multilogged at some point.

                • I remember. Konrad joining SWAT a number of times times, you joining marines with epic, epic joining RF. If LT had the “most loyal owners” as you claim then why did most of its owners leave every time LT’s week hype died out lul. And to be quite honest the kid who runs around with his bot script to combat opponents because hes too incapable of reopening LT without a legend holding his hand seems to prove more angry than I am. Again, 40 on a 1 bar is far more effective for recruiting than buying recruits & eventually running out of memberships. “we actually have real lifes” < mhm that's why LT decided to spend winter & spring breaks scamming drmatt's money and sweating hard to get LT to 40 instead of taking advantage of being out of school to go out with friends ok bro

                  If you wan'to call my school who so obviously picked up on your little "prank call" or whatever you want to call it, then go ahead, and you'll get arrested for falsifying information, its a felony, and it would be your problem not mine. "LT never tabbed" you're right, because no one would ever suspect anything if I reopened an army in the middle of the winter when armies are dying out and somehow got 100 based off "hype and recruits" ok tober. NW leaders may have a bad track record but remember every one in NW always edged out LT in every way (2014 wars, 2014 christmas chaos) so I can understand why you're triggered & jealous of our success, however running around pouting about it with a bot script won't help your cause. Again, comment back so I can continue embarrassing you.

              • You think too much of yourself badboy! Be very careful!

              • It is also obvious you are trying to imitate by style of talking, as I did in the many LT posts I made you used to comment on and rage about! Very sad.

                • I never read any of your LT posts because you’re irrelevant and I didn’t comment on LT site either because it’d probably get me ratted, very sad that LT site was a danger to many

    • LOL the british kid trying to be Donald Trump!
      Considering NW lost 1st by EVENT quality when we had battles & rpf didn’t shows a lot..

      • british kid? what the fuck are you saying LOL

      • Use your real name, coward!

    • he predicted Trump

  2. NW Should of been 1st


  4. Idk who made this formula, but event quality & tactics for RPF left way too much of a gap in the score, they should not count as much as total size and size average do. The formula needs work, but great job to NW, we’ll be 1st next week 🙂

    • It stops armies having one event of 40+ and doing nothing else for the week and getting first

      • But we didn’t have one event of 40. We had 3. And 2 of 30. So, what?

        • It’s a similar principal, it rewards a more consistent and active army – even if they have a slightly lower size.


  6. Tax fucked up the formula, can we just get Jodie doing it again, she wasn’t as retarded as Tax,

    • Haha you mad bro? NR is 3rd and you guys are 5th. Show’s how bad you are.

    • Its the same formula, there isn’t a difference besides what the armies self evitably got.

  7. this post will piss people off make some people happy cause some people to commit suicide and cause people to do crack cocaine and not care at all about this post.

  8. good work rpf

  9. Nice job to every army, it’s difficult to lead in these times. But as a fellow NW I have to say that we will for sure be at the top next week.

  10. I’ve heard a few different claims inferring that RPF should not be where they are on the Top Ten this week. If this is true, congratulations to the Night Warriors. If not, congratulations to all armies; everyone appears to have done well this week.

    Fight the good fight.

  11. Not to mention the fact that RPF purposely deleted two results post where they maxed 15 & 17, which were invasions btw, just so they could edge out NW. But Chip always sits around claiming that RPF “doesn’t care about the top ten” lol pls

    • Can you please stop crying?

      • Who’s crying lol? Let me remind you how much RPF complained over the tournament. I just don’t like bullshitters

        • yeah, if I was you I wouldn’t like myself either

          • hop off nignog

            • hop off eggnog* hehe :$

  12. Nicely done Night Rebels! ;D

  13. I’m a dislike whore 😥 Give me as many dislikes as possible 😥

  14. You didn’t include ACP’s training session last night,

    • We did. It’s just not in the bio.

      • Oh alright, thanks.

  15. What a shitty top 10, Buzzfeed would’ve done a better job at making it

  16. People used to complain about how an army could get top three by having one event and maxing 40, but now when it doesn’t favor them they start crying. Good job to every army.

  17. On the bright side, even though it was break for nearly everyone, look at how stable and stronger armies got. Albeit temporary, it’s still good to see.

    • Even tho 3 black armies are back in business! If you know what l mean.

      • nigger armies*

      • XD


    • How r you relevant ?????

      • L

  19. Well done to all armies. Very proud of the top 7 especially. I’m also very proud of my home army, the RPF.

  20. Armies are still alive and they look somewhat decent? I can respect that

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