Five Things – CPAC’s Best Tournament Finales

Note: CPAC would like to apologize for getting this week’s “Top Ten Armies” of the week out late.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Welcome to this week’s edition of “Five Things”. Last week I wrote about how to make an army website. This week I’ll be writing about CPAC’s top five largest tournaments.

CPAC Tournament Finales

Despite its status as a news site, CPAC often plays host to several tournaments designed for the enjoyment of the armies reading.  Some of the more known tournaments are ‘March Madness’, ‘Champions Cup’, ‘Legends Cup’, and ‘Christmas Chaos’. This is the first year at CPAC where we will be holding an event every month. You can read more about what we have coming up here. The final round of each tournament also know as the finals. Today we will be looking into five of the best CPAC tournament finals.

5) Champions Cup II

On November 9th, 2013 the finals of the Champions Cup II were held. The two armies battling to take the trophy home were the Doritos of CP and the Army of CP, both large armies. Before the battle, both armies had about 40 troops each on their chats. In the first room of the battle, the stadium, DCP was clearly winning with a 5-10 troop advantage over ACP. Many ACP troops couldn’t make it into the room because the room was full. As DCP dominated the stadium beating ACP in all aspects news broke out that ACP leader Cass was going to be couped for missing the battle. The battle continued as CPAC judges announced the room change. Both armies entered the Forts. ACP gained a slight advantage with around 5 more troops than DCP in the room. DCP soon caught back up in size, both armies tactics were almost perfect.  It was time for the last room change the room that mattered the most. The CPAC judges announced the room which was the berg and both armies rushed in. This was the closed part of the battle yet as both armies had almost the same size and amazing tactics. The battle soon ended and it was time for the CPAC judges to vote on who was the winner. in a 2-1 vote the Army of CP had won the battle and the 2nd Champion’s Cup. Drama followed this as Mustapha, DCP leader, declared war on ACP for “cheating” during the tournament and said he was going to boycott CPAC.

4) Spring Smackdown II

On June 7th, 2015 the finals of the Spring Smackdown II were held. The two armies who made it all the way to the end were the Light Troops and the Nachos. Both armies entered the announced room, the stadium and began the battle. Both armies entered doing bombs and continued doing a few more bombs before the got fully set. The Nachos soon doubled up on LT’s formation following the bombs. LT had a clear lead in size with about 32 and the Nachos only had about 24. The CPAC judge’s soon announced the first room change. The next room was the berg. After the changing of rooms, both armies lost size as LT dropped to 30 and the Nachos dropped to 20. Both armies continued doing many bombs. LT started doing some unique formations like having half of the army on one side half on the other like we have seen current day RPF do.  It was now :30. The last 15 minutes of the battle and the room change. Both armies entered the final room the Snow Forts doing bombs. LT continued bombing multiple times as Nachos sat in their formation. The Nachos slowly gained size getting to 23 as the Light Troops stayed at 30. The battle was almost over. Both armies fought well and showed how they made it to the finals. The judges submitted their votes and in 4-1 vote the Light Troops had won.


3) Christmas Chaos III

On December 21, 2013 the Christmas Chaos II finals were held. The two armies participating were the Dark Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation. Since this battle has happened it has arguably one of the greatest CPAC tournament finals. In the first room, the stadium RPF had sizes of about 50 while the DW only had 15. The reason to this was the leaders had directed their troops to leave the battle room which had not been said by a CPAC judge. With the first room being a bust the DW were ready for the room change achieving sizes of about 50 at the berg while waiting. The CPAC judges announced the new room would be the pool and RPF swarmed in being the bigger army once again. This caused DW to retreat from the room once again. Accusations went around about RPF multilogging. CPAC CEOs said there was not enough proof. The parts of the battle where both armies were in the same room made it an amazing battle although RPF won many people still think DW would have won if they got in the rooms faster.

2) March Madness II

On March 23, 2013 the finals for March Madness II were held. The two armies participating were the Nachos and the Army of CP. The Nachos were looking to be the champions of the March Madness tournament for the 2nd time in a row.Both armies ready to rush into the battle were waiting for the announcement of the room. After some communication errors between the judges, the battle was delayed to :10. The judges soon announced the room which was the forest and both armies rushed in. Both armies had even size and amazing tactics. It was time for the first room change. The judges announced the new room was going to be the berg and the ACP entered quickly as they gained a big lead in size. ACP had clearly won the room. Once again it was time for a room change. This time the announced room was mine. The ACP also managed to slap around the Nachos in this room. The Nachos seemed like they were coming back but very slowly as so many of their troops were locked out. With the last room change coming up the Nachos knew they had to make this their largest step. Now in the room “town” the Nachos stepped up their game. The battle continued on and it had been 45 minutes. It was time for the CPAC judges to vote. Three voted yes for overtime and 2 voted no. So the battle continued and the Nachos destroyed the ACP. In a 3-2 vote the Nachos were declared champions of March Madness II.


1) Christmas Chaos IV

On December 29, 2014 the Christmas Chaos IV finals were held. This is known as arguably the greatest tournament finale as it took more than a day to finish. The two armies participating were the Dark Warriors and the Light Troops. The Dark Warriors had about 80-90 people on chat and the Light Troops only had about 70-75. The CPAC judges announced the first room, the stadium/rink.The Dark Warriors got the better room entry getting about 40 people in and the Light Troops only got about 30. The Light Troops had great tactics and got set into formations quickly but the Dark Warriors still had a large advantage in size and they also had good tactics. The judges decided DW had won the room. The battle was originally set to go to the mine next but with LT entering early the room was changed to the pool. The pool kept glitching so it was moved to the berg where it was also glitching. The battle was soon moved to the Forts where it wasn’t any better so the battle was suspended to Sunday. It was now the next day as both armies logged on and rushed into the battle room, the berg. The Dark Warriors once again had a size advantage with about 35-40 troops while LT only had 30-35 however the Light Troops tactics were amazing and so were their formations. This still wasn’t enough for LT to win the room as the judges voted and agreed that DW had won the berg. It was time for the final room the Dock. Both armies were unorganized and had similar sizes of 30-35. The judges decided this room would be a draw. In a 4-1 vote the Dark Warriors won the Christmas Chaos after a 2-day battle.

Do you agree with this list? We hope you enjoyed this week 5 things. Comment your suggestion or ideas for another weeks 5 things.


CPAC Editor in Chief


11 Responses

  1. LT won pool and docks
    stupid judges.

  2. LT won CCIV!

  3. So the Dark Warriors retreated in 2013 CC and they didn’t get disqualified, but 2016 RPF got disqualified. LOL K.

    • #Sammie_is_bias

    • I thought you were over it?

    • The implementation of the rules is largely down to the Gamesmasters’ interpretation at the time of the event. Also, the rules have been altered and changed over the past four years so the punishment for different rules and use of some rules will have changed.

      All in all, comparing the judges use of two different sets of rules over a big time span just cant happen.

    • Honestly get over yourself chip

    • Chip, theres a difference from the past and now. Get over it.

      • different between* god damn mobile

    • wayyy differenttttttttttttttt

  4. nice blog i like it thank you so much…this will helpfull to my students education

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