YouWrite: Our Plight to Reclaim Legitimacy

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FOG, Night Warriors Nation – I’ve never really thought I would be the one to take the stand. Out of many people in our community, I didn’t think I would be the one to finally do this. However, this is a matter I can’t simply let go by for any longer… I can’t stand looking around me and seeing the same exact issue in every corner. Here’s my call to the community.

Club Penguin Armies.

Get it in your head. We are ARMIES. We are groups of infantry, and our goal as leaders is to prove our dominance on the battlefield. However, it seems we have been somehow swayed to delusion. Over time, our brains have become so clogged that we habitually are programmed to do whatever we possibly can to get the highest Top Ten score. Leaders are ordering their troops to retreat because they see their enemy is most likely going to defeat them. Some leaders even ignore defenses of their own nation, because they have less on their chat than their foe. Have us leaders begun to seriously prioritize a score that is definitely not precise, to decide what we do in our daily regiment?

When have we dropped the “We will NOT capitulate,” and picked up the “I’m gonna guess we will lose… run away ^.^!” When have us, leaders, commanders, decided it would be better to tell our own very soldiers it’s a better idea to run and hide than charge, even if it may be imminent defeat. Even if you are ordering yourselves to certain doom, when is it ever an idea of grandeur to capitulate? A very recent example of a tactically bad decision to retreat was during the Christmas Chaos finals, where RPF had managed to get around 15 in the room, but left anyway because they believed that their loss would be certain. It’s a topic that can be debated for a very long time. However, I don’t really care how it started. But, I do believe we can form a consensus on something else. It needs to end.

I profusely suggest change, in fact, I demand it. But there’s no way I can do this myself. This is a call to all army leaders, a call to the troops who have been impacted. If you’re a leader, do your entire army a favor and stand by your own words. Be aware you’ve been given a job that can only be held by the most intellectual, strategically aware, and assertive. To the soldiers who hardly get time on the battlefield and demand change. Demand that you never give up, that you never give the enemy the win because it seems imminent. We would not exist if we didn’t keep fighting. If we had given up, then we all would have been in the cemetery by now.

There are innumerable problems with the current state of armies… but, in order to successfully restore ourselves to our former glory, we must unify, eliminate our problems one by one. We must understand we are indeed not flawless, and we must understand none of our problems will suddenly glue itself back together unless we provide the glue. I expect all leaders, all people who want change, and want to see ourselves in our former season of gold; to get a move on.

ACP never gave up here in this battle, they were able to leave the battlefield KNOWING that they would not win. They left knowing what to do differently next time.

And like I’ve said in the past, I request an Army Summit to the CPAC CEO due to the current state of emergency in armies. We’re falling deeper into this pit, and eventually, there will be no way out. We keep saying that we have problems, but nobody is providing solutions. This needs to change, and with haste. Now, lets really get to work.


Night Warriors Leader and Legend


7 Responses

  1. CPAC are NOT the government of armies. Also, why are you, XXToySoldier, the one who constantly ddoses and doxes people, making this post and trying to take a holier-than-thou stance? People like you create this problem in the first place. Sad!

    • Also, I am NOT the one raiding armies!

      • I don’t think he ever said CPAC was the government LOL. If you’re referring to how he called for a Summit; well yeah. Every army leader reads CPAC, so I don’t get how you fail to understand how this is the perfect place to do that. You obviously didn’t read the post either, you just wanted the “le first xd”, and wanted to show everyone how cool some Brit can look trying to talk like Trump.

        • I read the entire post, it was very short and badly written!

    • I agree.

  2. Amazing post 0-100 real quick

  3. i remember that event from that video, l attended. good times ;( when armies uses to ve big, it gets easier

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