General Trader Joins Nacho Army

FJORD, Nacho Army Empire – The previous coup and the subsequent fall of Nazi ideology ‘Nachonnia’ in the Nacho Army are apparently not the only major changes in the army. This comes after a new figure has joined the Nacho Army ownership notoriously leading several other armies in the past and being considered for the Person of the Year list in 2016. The Nacho Army have this week welcomed Trader into their ranks.

The start of this calendar week saw Trader produce a petition that saw many of the community sign. The petition was Trader’s attempt of getting a rank in the Army of Club Penguin following an agreement between him and ACP leaders that if he got a certain amount of signatures, he would receive a rank. Many of the chat users followed in putting the hashtag ‘RankTrader2k17’ in their names as they showed support for the former ACP leader.

Trader’s petition however seemingly became useless as the leaders went back on their decision. Super Edwin attempted to change the number on more than one occasion as was viewed by CPAC Staff. This sent Trader looking for an alternative army to join and it now appears that Trader has found a new home.

Trader has changed his name as well as custom XAT photograph to reflect those of the Nacho Army. Examples of this includes the orange penguin in his avatar wearing a sombrero as well as the ‘Viva Los Nachos’ slogan in his name – something that is prominently associated with the Nacho Army.

I decided to venture over to the Nacho Army blog. Trader is known for his status of being from the United States of America making it apparent that he will be involved in the US Division but nothing is there to stop him from having influence on the UK Division or the fairly non-existent AUSIA division that the Nacho Army have always attempted to build up.

Trader is on the ranks page as a fourth-in-command which in turn makes him a moderator on the chat, a rank that some might consider to be quite low for someone of Trader’s standing in the community.


All these changes to the army have seemed to steam from the removal of Ryan who served as the Nacho Army leader for a period of some months. Upon his removal by Kevin as leader and then subsequent banishment from the leaders and Verum taking over – more people have been seen to return to the army. CPA Central recently ran stories about how former owners, Oggy and Emily had returned to the army and it appears that Nacho’s are looking to continue building their ranks.

When looking at the Nacho Army’s recent events, it seems that they have started the year off well getting sizes that they can be proud of as they look ahead to March Madness, the next major CPA Central tournament which the Nacho Army has a history of winning. While the Nacho Army have seen defeat in some years of the tournament, with Trader on board and likely to be promoted to an ownership rank in the foreseeable future, look for the Nacho Army to be contenders in the army community this year.


I managed to get an interview with the Nacho Army leader, Verum. I decided I would ask Verum a range of questions in relation to Traders appointment such as about the Nacho’s intentions for Trader – but also Trader’s intentions for the Nacho Army. When discussing a controversial figure such as Trader, I also find that there is not space to hide away from controversy leading to me enquiring about the past and current allegations of crimes such as multilogging into General Trader’s name in an attempt to find out what Verum’s opinion on that would be and whether it had any influence in deciding Trader’s rank.

Interview with Verum (Nacho Chancellor)

Why did the Nacho Army put Trader on their ranks page? 

Trader was hired as 4th in command because of his previous experience in the Army of Club Penguin. He may have made mistakes, but he has expressed his will to have an army that is legitimate and be proud of what they achieved. He has potential and will help revive the US Division along with his owners and leaders; Conno and Dan.

Are you at all worried about the allegations of multilogging Trader has received in the past?

No, I’m not. He’s just 4th in command if he does multilog, he’ll be fired, it isn’t that big of a deal.

As you can see from the statements given to me by Verum above, it’s important to acknowledge that he hasn’t ignored Trader’s history in the Army of Club Penguin and he has instead been able to move on from the allegations in order to look to the future and focus on the rebuilding of the Nacho Army as a strong force within the community.

What do YOU think? Will Trader find himself success in the Nacho Army? Are the Nacho Army becoming the favourites to win March Madness?

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer


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  1. Literally who?

    • You don’t know who Trader is?

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