The Night Rebels Army – A Look Into the New Generation

NORTH POLE, Night Rebels Empire – As we enter 2017, we see the return of several armies. A more recent one, the Night Rebels debut their return just days go. Today, we will have a look into their new generation and discuss with their leaders and how they plan to bring the army to success.


On December 30th, 2015, in a shocking turn of events, xxToysolider decided to shut down the Dark Warriors Army. While everyone was busy emailing Dark Warriors Legend, xiUnknown and Dark Warriors Creator, Ambrosha; Wozza, Haroonniaz12 and Tirodragon came together to create a rebellion against this shutdown. This rebellion resulted in the creation of a brand new army, the Night Rebels.

On January 3rd, 2016, the Night Rebels held their first event, which was known as “Back to School Army Clash.” They were fighting against notable armies,  such as the Army of Club Penguin, the Army of Republic, the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Ice Warriors, and the Nachos. A picture of their event, can be seen below:


The New Generation: 2017

In late December, the Night Rebels had disappeared from the community. After being alive for almost a year after their creation, it seemed that was time for the Night Rebels to shut down. However, on December 29th, Night Rebels Creator, Haroonniaz12, posted a statement on the website stating that the army was not dead. This is what he said:

Hello Believers,

I want to tell you that I am not gone forever and I will continue once I got hold of my stuff because when I do NR will be back and there will be NR everywhere like last time.I apologize I left because I had exams and its sad that no one was capable enough to get hold of things like I did not being proudy shit but its true.Anyways I have to inform you that NR will be back soon and we will be huge. This ain’t over our haters keep saying random stuff but once we get strong everyone wants to join so lets start working on return I will be back someday around this week and when I do Revolution continues I also want to thank people who vote for me in Cpac,its great to know i have so many lovers anyway let the Revolution Continues.

The next day, Kyle103, Night Rebels Legend, also made a post on the website stating the return date and time. You can read the post below:

Hey Night Rebels!

Today, Haroon and l has explained on what we should do with the army and the anniversary after a few week of struggle rise.

The Night Rebels are making the return date on Saturday – Monday(somewhere that)!

The date of the anniversary is Dec 31st right before New Year Eve! Also, we have plenty of changes throughout the armies at this day. I want everyone to be happy with this new changes. For those who complained about not listening, well, this time its going to be fixed. All of it.

– New leadership changes

– New rules

– Rank changes

Revolution of the Night! Ignore the haters and the outside of the armies!

~Kyle103 and Haroon Night Rebels leaders

On December 31st, the Night Rebels officially held their return event. During the event, the Night Rebels managed to get 15+ troops. Yet, a question remained. Can they continue to be active, or will they slowly go away with time? A picture of their return event can be seen below:


CPA Central also managed to interview Night Rebels Leader, Kyle103. We asked Kyle a few basic question to know how they feel about the Night Rebels and the new generation. Interview with Kyle can be found below:

Interview with Kyle103, Night Rebels Leader

CPAC: Why did you decide to bring back the Night Rebels?

Kyle103: I want the Night Rebels to have a better history written, way better than the last time. Even tho, we made the anniversary successful for NR, as well as the Re-Opening event, this time, there will be changed throughout the year of 2017, which means, it will be different, most likely.

CPAC: What are your plans for this generation?

Kyle103: Well, my plan is to keep NR going from falling, or even someone ever tried to shut down. Just no, that won’t be happening at all. Right now, at this leadership, I know for the fact that NR will do better under them.

CPAC: Can we expect any wars in future?

Kyle103: Yeah, there will be wars in future. However, right now NR is trying to rebuild. Once NR is ready to go and very strong then the war will be expecting to happen, like very soon.

CPAC: Any last comments?

Kyle103: Nobody can beat me at roasting and I am saying that to as a whole of CPA, not even you Badboy or Chip. You guys suck! Anyways, Join the Night Rebels! Never forget that Night Rebels is a great army out there.

From the interview above, you can see that Kyle is confident in raising the army to heights that previous generations struggled to. He also states that he tends to keep the army alive and that there will be many changes throughout 2017. Kyle says that he will try his best to keep the Night Rebels from falling or even someone ever trying to shut down the army.

In my opinion, I believe that the Night Rebels will become a huge success. They have experienced leaders and owners, with high intelligence. With many legendary armies such as the Underground Mafias Army and the Night Warriors returning, it will be a tough competition for the Night Rebels. As I always say, we cannot predict the future. Only time will tell what 2017 has planned for the Night Rebels.

What do YOU think? Will the Night Rebels become a dominating force? Will they slip into inactivity yet again? How strong will they become in the new generation? Comment YOUR opinions below!


CPA Central Reporter


What do YOU think? Comment your opinion!

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