Talking With the Troops #1

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As you may have noticed, CPA Central has started several new columns and ‘Talking with the troops’ are one of the new weekly posts.

Talking with the Troops, is, well you guessed it in the title. We talk to several different people around the Club Penguin Army Community about a different topic, each week. There will be a new question every week and around 10 people from different xat chats will answer the question. A new edition of this column will be published every Tuesday.

The question for this week is…

How do you think armies will perform in 2017?

Flor, Rebel Penguin Federation 3ic – “Armies have been showing proof of decline with their sizes ever since 2016. Large armies began dropping in sizes, some died, but some have held out until now, 2017. I believe armies will continue to drop in sizes throughout 2017.”

Security, Doritos 2ic – “With the arise of returning armies such as Night Warriors, Shadow Troops and Night Rebels, as with Cloud Penguin’s recruiting method – we can ‘hope’ for a sharp progression for this year in our community.”

Matthew4901, Night Rebels Leader – “I do not know how armies will perform in 2017. Since CP recently released the beta of Club Penguin Island, I think that armies will have a tough time to recruit people.”

Phineas, Retired – “I don’t give a sh*t about CPA. I hope it dies and everyone gets a life.”

Cookky, Nachos 2ic – “They will perform well if they recruit more. Many people say armies are dead but they are too lazy to recruit. That’s why armies don’t rise but if you look at Nachos, DCP and NW, they mass recruit and you see they are rising.

Lord Pain, Rebel Penguin Federation Leader – “How armies perform in 2017 depends if armies can work together to rise through adversity. If armies can improve on recruiting, something that has become difficult for us all, then we will be alright.”

Kyle103, Night Rebels Leader – “Well, 2016 was an okay year for armies. To be fair, I am hoping that armies can push off a better way for 2017, such as no more cheating, multilogging. I want armies to be organised by not going against each other or hating just like animals would do, and I hope that should change.”

Conno, Nachos Leader – “I believe 2017 will be a.. interesting year for armies. Obviously, Club Penguin is introducing their mobile game which could hurt armies in 2017. But, I think Club Penguin will remain open which will give armies the chance to live on. One might also think, if a kid can find the mobile game fun then they could turn to the online version and find armies, in the end I think armies will live but it won’t thrive like in the past years.”

From the above, you can see that the majority of members that we spoke to are confident for the future. They believe that recruiting is the main reason why armies are being let down. It is clear that recruiting has become difficult over the past year but as a community, we can find new methods and make recruiting more effective again. Thanks to everyone who participated in this column.

All your opinions are welcomed below! Here at CPAC, we value YOUR opinion!


CPA Central Vice President



7 Responses

  1. Bit short

    btw i LOVEE the new site design

  2. lol @ phin tho

  3. me: die please

  4. I hope phin gets a treadmill

    • GOTTI

  5. You guys are copy cats. I had this idea first as an inter-army thing in DCP, and then in CPANN. Proof.

    • Can’t copyright idea, did you never watch V for Vendetta?

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