Denazification of Nacho Army Begins

FJORD – Nacho Army Empire – Following a few days of radical action being taken to change the Nacho Army by both the current leadership and the veterans, it appears that the army has now taken a huge U-turn on the direction that they would like to take. This has been seen in recent events such as the banishment of former Nacho leader, Shivertoe2.

This week has proven rather testing for the Nacho Army as the new leadership of Dan101 and Verum began to find their feet following the removal of Ryan as Nacho Army leader. The duo made an attempt to bring back the Nachonnia ideas that former leaders Shivertoe2 and Camperjohn had in their time as leaders. This duo also saw an attempted name change that the Nachos decided, under better judgement, to go back on when the time came.

Less than twenty-four hours removed from declaring war on the Army Republic, Nacho Army leader, Verum made a shocking announcement, banishing Shivertoe from the Nacho Army for life. He justified these actions on the blog and that full post can be seen here:

Shivertoe has been ruining the atmosphere of the chat for a long time with his anti-Semitism and discrimination. He contributed nothing to the army and will be banished forever. Anyone on chat who supports this kind of behaviour will be banned, I don’t care who you are. We will remain the Nacho Army, but we’ll keep The Nachonnian Empire and nationalism, just not to the extremes people like Shiv brought.

Verum clearly remains confident that he’s done the best thing with Akabob claiming that everything happening in the Nacho Army this year will be for the betterment of the army as a hole. He also cleared up the fact that it isn’t just Shivertoe – it’s anyone that uses the Nacho Army chat to promote the Nazi ideologies that the Nacho veterans had been doing.


Verum also, quite interestingly announced that the idea of Nachonnia Empire and being proud of the armies nation will remain, however the ideas of antisemitism and rules on Homosexuals, Feminists, Muslims and other minority groups being banned from joining will cease to exist. As Verum was prior to these recent changes, some have stated that they believe Verum may have been threatened with the prospect of removal had he not made these changes.

Shivertoe, as of this writing, remains banned on the Nacho Army while all those with the ‘SS’ symbol in their names have been instructed to remove it. There has been talk on the chat about creating an army to declare war on the Nacho Army – which is exactly what they don’t need as they look to try to defeat the Army Republic.

What do YOU think? Has Verum made the right choice in removing Shivertoe from the army? Will Nazism finally be stomped out of the community – or will it still remain in a few?

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer



8 Responses

  1. stuff just gets more and more crazy.

  2. Dear god, Nazi ideaoligy is barbaric. It’s 2017 folks, catch up.


  3. “There has been talk on the chat about creating an army to declare war on the Nacho Army – which is exactly what they don’t need as they look to try to defeat the Army Republic.”

    What chat? Without presenting the evidence for this, it’s a bit of a reckless claim and could be seen as trying to incite a movement.

    • ^^^^

    • It’s called news/commentary. You want to add suspense to keep readers interested even if the suspense and spin that you had is complete bullshit.

  4. This Nachos army gets crazier every days

  5. The Nachos reputation was ruined by the likes of Shiver, Camperjohn and DJ Dan – hopefully now the true Nachos can return to their full glory of 2013-14.

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