Mystic Zing: Predictions for 2017

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – We’ve officially said goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017. With that being said, we’ve called in the mystical readings of Zing King To to predict the future and tell us what is going to happen in the year 2017 in our community.

Club Penguin Will Engage in Full Combat with Armies

With Club Penguin beginning to lose site views and user ship, they will be looking to remove anything they deem dangerous to their stability and that is were we have come in. Pathetic recruiting methods such as autotyping and bot recruiting, which while they have proven they work, they’ve taken the fun away from both community and game, will be deemed a threat by Club Penguin who I predict will launch a major strike against our community.

A New CPA Central CEO Will Be Announced

CPA Central will start the year of 2017 with Jodie and Tax1 at the forefront of CPA Central. As I look upon my crystal ball, I can see that this will not remain the hierarchy for the entire year. Tax and Jodie may be going into the year as CEO’s, but they will not be ending the year as CEO’s! Well, one might – one might not but the only thing for certain is that the Tax/Jodie duo will not be the same in December of 2017.

A Notable Name Will Come Out as LGBT

This year, a well known person in the Club Penguin Army community will come out and reveal to all that they are part of the LGBT Community and this announcement will be met with considerable amounts of tolerance yet also hatred in the army community. While the magical powers of the Crystal Ball have told me who this person is, I can not reveal it here for they must out themselves.

The Army of the Year Will Be Black

The Crystal Ball tells me that the Army of the Year will indeed be a black army. The crystal ball has not told me the name of this army which could mean that to establish true Top Army dominance, an army must strive for it as opposed to simply be informed they will achieve it. Yes, that made sense to me and that’s all that matters.

A Leader Will Die 

Have you led an army in the past? Then please be careful as you journey into 2017 as someone who has held a leader rank before today’s date will vanish one day in 2017 never to be seen again by the community as they die. This could be anyone who has ever held a leadership role in a CP Army, wait – I led Royale Penguins – oh lord, it could be me.

A Current War Will End In A Ceasefire

Despite both sides promising not to end the war until there is a surrender, the crystal ball tells me that Rebel Penguin Federation and the Army of Club Penguin will end their war by calling a ceasefire therefore lying to their troops about the surrender.

Waterkid100 Will Lead Once More

I asked my crystal ball what army leaders would return to lead an army into battle in the year of 2017, the mist faded and a lone yellow penguin stood armed and alert as he waved the United Kingdom flag and charged into battle. This person, was Waterkid100 – in 2017 he will return to lead once more.

A Gay Romance Will Blossom 

The crystal ball tells me that a gay romance will blossom in the year of 2017 and that a gay couple will emerge in the community. The crystal ball told me exactly who the two gay people are – but like before, the crystal ball has asked me not to reveal the names as they must find their connections between them, not be told of the connection that already exists.

A Current Army Friendship Will Come To An End

Who is your best friend in Club Penguin Armies right now? Who do you consider to be in your group, your crew, your family – Well the year of 2017 could prove to be a very testing time for you. A current friendship in Club Penguin Armies will come to an end and while you may feel so high in your friendship now, your group will fall so much lower.

All Predictions subject to change

So that is some of the predictions that the Crystal Ball has told me will occur in the year of 2017. Are you looking forward to the year of 2017, or are you now fearful for your alliances and life?

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer


6 Responses

  1. A Notable Name Will Come Out as LGBT

    yeah guys, looks like i’ve been busted

    i’m gay

    • You’re already out, the Gay Gods have informed me that it’s not you.

      • trust you to be in contact with the gay gods

        • They speak to me man what can I say

  2. Where’s the prediction that I’ll become ACP creator

  3. l agree

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