10 Steps To Survive 2017

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Recently, we’ve seen a month full of warfare with the return of Lord Pain leading to the ‘Grinch Wars’ and ‘Pain Wars’ being lit on fire. With 2016 out-of-the-way, we take a look at 10 steps that we call all follow if we want to avoid certain death in the coming year.

More Fun Wars

Why do all wars in our community have to be built out of hatred? In case you’ve missed it, this is a game – a virtual game that we all joined because we were bored one day on Club Penguin and we wanted to make it exciting again. Have a fun war, build wars from mutual respect – maybe even appoint a judge that both armies consent to ensure a fair result!

Do Not Deface Websites

You achieve absolutely nothing from defacing a website. While it is possible that the army will be able to restore the armies history, not only are you disrespecting history but you’re trying to kill an army and all that does is contribute to the overall death of the community, which is the opposite of this list!

Stop Botting 

If you bot events, armies can’t have the fun events that we all became troops to have. It completely ruins the point of events and also means that we can’t get decisive winners at events.

Stop Multilogging

This one may be a little more obvious but if you want to survive into the new year, armies should stop multilogging and cheating in the events as once again, it ruins the fun. Aim to only use one account at a time and build armies the community can be proud of.

Support CPAC

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Jewpac and all other manner of horrible things but the one thing that has been proven over the last few years is that when CPA Central is inactive, the community becomes inactive. Support CPA Central and maybe the community can be important and interesting again.

Quit School

Proven to work by Elmikey, quitting school will enable you to recruit more and to build and train troops better and longer throughout the day. If you are currently in school, write a letter to your Headteacher informing them that you will be leaving in order to establish a military career.

Longer Wars

Having little three-day wars are not good enough to get invested in and aren’t therefore as interesting. If you have a longer, competitive war – people will be more interested in it and more interested in the result. It would also make the victory mean more.

Removal of Ceasefires

Ceasefires are absolutely awful aren’t they? You go through all that war just to end up with a ceasefire? If you continue wars until you get an eventual surrender, then once again the war is more interesting and it actually means something.

Take Tournaments Less Seriously

CPA Central tournaments are for entertainment purposes only, you should take them less seriously. Just follow the rules and see how you do, don’t feel the need to call bias and start wars over tournament victories and mistakes on part of leaders.

Have Fun

This community has become so toxic hasn’t it? Just have some fun in 2017. Everything you do should be in the interest of reestablishing the fun that we all joined the community for.

Follow these tips and we might just manage to survive the year of 2017!

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer


7 Responses

  1. Some of them are damn incorrect tbh.

  2. ” If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants”-Earthing(In Newton mode) 🙂

  3. Brace yourselves upvotes are coming 😀

  4. “Quit school”
    U got no skillz
    Whatcha gonna do about it?

    • Truth.

  5. Do not support CPAC!

  6. LOL

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