Former Nacho Leader Emily Rejoins Army

FJORD, Nacho Army Empire – Following the monumental return of Oggy to the Nacho Army, more returns have followed including former Nacho Army leader, Emily who has rejoined currently awaiting to be ranked.

On December 29th while on the Nacho Army chat, I came across a message on the main chat from former Nacho Army leader, Emily who asked the ownership for a rank. I enquired about her status and CPA Central can now exclusively reveal that Emily, also known on Club Penguin as Tamary is back.

While Emily has been retired, she is known for turning up to fight for the Nacho Army when she can and help them out in tournaments proving to be a big help. Now that she is to be placed upon the official ranks page, Emily’s status in the Nacho Army can only be used to help once more with her possibly securing an ownership role within the army.

Emily’s last leadership reign came to a shocking end following a fit of rage and anger proving just how passionate she was about the Nacho Army. She is known for staying loyal to the Nacho Army throughout the years, even if her now ex-boyfriend did go pro-traitor during the Nacho Army/Rebel Penguin Federation war.

PB Victory against the Nachos

Emily, known as Tamary on Club Penguin, is featured leading a Practice Battle in the above picture at the start of the Nacho’s line. Emily is also famous for being the first CPA Fashion Designer designing the Nacho Army bra. The bra received a lot of attention in the community particularly due to Emily modelling it.

Emily is also expected to be joining the army for a moderator rank as she was around for the last Nachonnia empire. In an added twist to this story, she also aided the fall of Nachonnia the first time around helping the retirees coup Shivertoe and Camperjohn. It’s unknown what kind of tension this will cause but Emily has since stated that she believed the new ownership that was brought in was a mistake.

With the Nacho Army taking a more “Alternative Right” approach to who they allow to join and a rather less liberal one, Emily’s status as a feminist might also cause a few problems among the ranks.

With Nachonnia ruling the army once more, it seems that more returns will follow. Emily might not be the only former leader who chooses to return to the Nacho Army as Aka has also arrived on chat and spoke about the possibility of a return.

What do YOU think? Who will return to the Nacho Army next? Will Nachonnia last this time around?

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer


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  1. this is so funny

    • oh goodluck in nacho army emily!!

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