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KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Hello and welcome to our new weekly Thursday column – Ask a CEO! Every week, we will be having a Question and Answers style post, allowing you, our viewers, to connect more with the prestigious site that we all know and love.

As stated above, this column will be published once a week, on a Thursday, by yours truly. The aim of this column is to allow us, the staff and CEOs here at CPAC, to communicate with and exchange feedback to benefit you. As well as this, it’ll be an opportunity for members of the community to interact with us and get answers to any burning questions you may have – gaining a larger insight to the news outlet you visit and read as a regular part of your daily activities.

In your questions, you could ask questions from “how much is staff payment” to “what do you look for when judging a tournament battle”, or even your weirdest, most wonderful questions can be put forward. If you’ve got a question, we have an answer!

Please ensure that you post your questions for our first edition of Ask a CEO in the comments of this post. Numerous questions per person is acceptable although be aware that not all questions may be answered depending on demand of the column.

What do YOU think? Do you like the idea of this column? Do you have any column ideas? Comment your thoughts below. Here at CPAC, we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


63 Responses

  1. In a scale of 1-10, how much do you like me? (Goo) ❤

    • 0

      • Goblin, remember when you were CEO in April? Well, that was the time the Nachos won March Madness IV. I still am waiting for our trophy, as I updated achievements page and trophy is missing. Please man can you do it for me? ❤

  2. How much work CEO have?

    • None. We just tell the other staff what to do, and sometimes, not even that.

      You think that’s easy? Wait till you find out what us retired ones get to do at CPAWM.

  3. Why wasn’t I selected in the Legend Nominations?

    • I have no idea who you are.

      • Lol, I have been in CP Armies since 2014. :/


      • old army

      • an then this

        • Irrelevance is key

  4. Will something be done for the old S/M legends, who were inducted and then removed for no reason?
    List includes me, Jayden1092, Fluffy Sheep, Rishron, Owlcity etc.

    • Baa what do you mean?Jayden, Rishron, Owlcity and myself weren’t removed

      • Oh, so they are going to merge the page in CPAC?
        As SMAC is dead and closed?

        • Ohh that’s what you mean. Haha, I aren’t sure too. Good qn 😮

    • They weren’t removed. Your legend status is still intact. Finding out the best way to export the page & host it here is on the agenda. For right now though, our main focus regarding legends is fixing the issues in the election process & reconsideration voting.

      clap urself on the back, UR still a lgnd bro

  5. Why is CPAC biased against Nachos?

    • We’re not bias against nachos, we’re bias against you.

  6. Why has the establishment held down Zing King To from receiving CP Army Central CEO rank?

    • It’s not that anybody has withheld you, but there are issues with you that prevent you from CEO-ship. Nobody hates you, they just hate certain qualities in you.

      Well, except b1. Pretty sure that guy hates you.

      • He’s told me such 😦

  7. Trump or Hillary?
    T R U M P 2016

    • Jill Stein.

      • Die

  8. why do you think column is in anyway a good idea or a even plausible weekly installment? dont you think its rather easy to predict that most of the people commenting will do so as a joke? even still, wouldnt you think that doing this every single week would become repetitive, even if it was taken seriously?

    • this

  9. What’s it like being a CEO of a news website that condemns multiloggers but in turn you do it yourself?

    • I’d actually really like an answer to this one.

    • Did * tenses are rather important, you know.

    • We’re a news site, how do we, as an entity multilog? Do we post the same story twice? I’m confused to the question.

  10. how do you plan on working for the end of multilogging?

    • special reports

      special reports

      and even more special reports

  11. Why do you hate me?

    • i dont have the time to list all the reasons

  12. question 1: why is jodie homosexual?
    question 2: why are tactic points 30 and event quality 20? they should be swapped!

    • because she can’t attract guys so she plays for the other team

      because i said so

  13. what color underwear are you wearing?

    • Who said I’m wearing underwear?

      • Ayy man high five on that. 😛

  14. Why is it “event quality” That isnt even correct. The quality is how good something is. The correct term is quantity. Get it right or dont do it at all. Also, isn’t including that in the first place just asking armies to no life for first? Or is it just me.

    • possum ur LITERAL TRASH

      QUANTITY only accounts for how MANY events, not the TYPES of events

      PB’s AND HEAD-TO-HEAD-BATTLES are worth MORE than training sessions

      how do u compare battles? u judge them BY THE QUALITY OF THE EVENT THAT IT IS

      quality means: i can compare a PB vs a training

      quantity means: i had 2 events that are worth exactly the same

      so yes, quality is correct

  15. Are you aware that this is a news site, not an army government?

    • yes but


      ppl look to us 2 make decisions 4 them

      we may not be a government, but we are the hub we are the centre.

  16. Update your graphics… please?

    • na im good man

  17. Am I still relevant to Army History or am I nobody yet?

    • you were never relevant

      loljk, luh u weatherboy1

      • Looks like Goblin has already answered all the questions lol 🙂
        So basically this column became an epic fail?

        • Yep. Gg bwaaather.

      • heh.

    • According to the question g(4)=28+b.
      Also y=f(g(4))=f(28+b)
      And f(28+b)=(28+b)^1/2
      And we have y=6,
      By equating 36=(28+b) ^1/2
      Squaring both sides 36=28+b
      So b=8
      Thanks for asking!
      You can follow me on quora, I reply to queries related to maths. My username is Apratim Shukla 🙂

      • In the 5th line I meant 6=(28+b)^1/2,then do the squaring.

        • thnx earth! 😮
          wow now ive understood tht CPAC can solve my maths home work *wary*

          • Haha np lol,feel free to ask me maths queries anytime 😀

          • lulz yu dink diz es hardz

    • You must find max, by using differentiation.
      h’ = -2t+2
      then equate the derivative with 0
      => at 1s.

      • Oh i see you are looking for the distance from B and max value ey? Well, if t=1 then put into the function
        h= -(1)^2+2*1+8
        h=11m at max point.
        for B, t=0 then
        h= 8
        so 11-8 = 3m above B 🙂 .

        • Your height at t=0 is correct, but your maximum height is not. The equation is -t^2; index is applied before you make it negative.

          h=-1+2+8=9, therefore the ball is 1m above the point it was thrown from (A).

          • Righttt true. Welp I had to go asap, but meh I shall not find an excuse. I always play the smart guy(not that I ain’t 😛 )… Gg man.

            • Hey lets make a science/maths community 🙂

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