Oggy43212 Makes Huge Return To Nacho Army

FJORD, Nacho Army Capital – Following the oust of now former Nacho Army leader, Ryan, it seems that several troops have begun to return to the army. This continuously growing list is topped by the notable return of the youngest man to ever claim an owner rank in the Nacho Army, Oggy43212.

On December 27th, the Club Penguin Army community was rocked with the return of former Nacho Army and Nacho SS member, Oggy43212. Oggy has been penned as one of the greatest Nacho’s to never receive the rank of leader and served as a loyal troop throughout several different leaders.

Oggy first rose to prominence during the dominant Shivertoe2-Camperjohn Nacho Army leadership in which they recognised Oggy’s loyalty and abilities and promoted him to the rank of third-in-command making him the youngest person to ever receive an owner rank in the Nacho Army at only 9 years old.


Above is a screenshot from back in 2014 of the first ever recruiting event that Oggy led as the Nacho Army recruited to build upon their Nachonnia status. Oggy regularly attended divisions of all battles. The above photo is taken from the UK Division led by Zing King To which famously forced an Ice Warriors war surrender in just eighteen minutes.

Several of the Nacho troops have credited Oggy’s inspirational return to the removal of Ryan. With this return, Oggy has promised that he will attempt to reach out to moderators such as Cooldude from the past to see if he can also get them to return. If this does indeed happen, then the Nacho Army are looking at a strong 2017.


I was lucky enough, no – I was honoured – to get an interview with the man who many believe should have been inducted to the Nacho Army Hall of Fame a long time ago, Oggy. I asked Oggy several questions in regards to his return and managed to get some comments from him. This is what he had to say.

What brings you back to the Nacho Army?

I just thought I’d return and surprise people with the return and help the Nacho Army again.

Why did you leave the Nacho Army all those months ago?

My computer broke because of my cousin so now they will not go on it. I have a lock on my door.

Have your opinions on the Nacho Army changed in the time you’ve been away?

No, we’re still a good army. I’ll never change my opinion on the Nachos because of how good the tactics and all that are.

Any final comments?

I will hope in the future that I can lead the Nacho Army again and make them better than before.

As you can see, Oggy has invested in several vital security measures to protect his Club Penguin Army legacy from his cousin who broke his computer. Oggy is back to help with the rise of the Nacho Army and it’s hard to believe that anyone will be able to stop such a proven troop from having that great level of success.

What do YOU think? How will Oggy’s return benefit the Nacho Army? Who will be the next retiree to make a comeback?

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer


7 Responses

  1. Oh how I missed you, Oggy! ❤ . You were a great friend, till you got pissed off at me because you had anger problems. I'm really glad you're back, though, my dear. ❤ Welcome back to this weird community! ❤ 😀

  2. A Legend has return

  3. why are there 10+ posts in one day now i can’t bloody read them all

  4. Nachos forever!

  5. I dont pay attention to Nachos much, just sometimes… But who’s Oggy?

  6. good for her/him. RPF too has great young owners. you’d be surprised how smart they are.

  7. Welcome back Oggy

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