CPA Central Editorial Board Awards

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – To go hand-in-hand with the CPA Central End of Year Awards voted for by you, as has become tradition here at CP Army Central, we’ve decided to bring back our famous ‘Top Ten’ lists in which the editors rank the Top Ten in several different categories.

Composed By: Badboy, Verum, DrFlen, Epic Master, Sammie, Jodie and Zing King To


1. Legend Brad

2. Olimad

3. Zuke

4. 28Luis

5. T1

6. Centaur

7. Shyone

8. Matthew4901

9. Wolfab

10. Dawix


1. Gobby

2. Elmikey

3. Lord Pain

4. DrMatt

5. Jodie

6. B1

7. Mustapha

8. B2

9.  Ryan

10. Atticus947


1. UMA Crew

2. Elmikey + Silverburg

3. Super Edwin + King Mondo

4. Verum + Dan101

5. The Nacho Retirees

6. Bam + Trader

7. Badboy + 13

8. Epic Master + Waterkid

9. Bluesockwa Brothers

10. Mach + Soda


1. Mustapha

2. Chip

3. Buddy

4. Drake

5. Trader

6. Bounce

7. Brigade3

8. Summit

9. Jd

10. Jodie


1. Autistic

2. Flexes

3. Multilogger

4. Skid

5. Cancer

6. Bias

7. Rekt

8. Sweats

9. Coup

10. Cummies


1. Zing King To (LGBT)

2. Bepboy (LGBT)

3. Jodie (LGBT)

4. Super Edwin (LGBT)

5. Max43810 (LGBT)

6. Zoomey (LGBT)

7. Atticus947 (LGBT)

8. Alicia/Patrick (LGBT)

9. Apollo (LGBT)

10. Stromae (LGBT)


1. 10th July: CPA Server Draft

2. 24th November: SMAC Merges killing off SM Army Community

3. 3rd January: End of Year Gala

4. 29th November: Mustapha Removed from DCP

5. 8th August: CPAC Turns Seven

6. 18th January: SMAP + SMAC Merge

7. 20th December: Pain Wars Begin

8. 17th December: Jodie Inducted as CEO

9. 25th December: Tax Inducted as CEO

10. 18th January: Iceyfeet announces Ice Warriors to “close forever.”


1. The Server Map

2. Attempted Restart of a Council

3. Gobby’s Administration Choices

4. Atticus’s CEO Reign

5. RPF Accidently Surrender at Christmas Chaos

6. Ice Warriors Return

7. SMAC Merge Killing the SM Army Community

8. CP Army Servers

9. Ryan Attempts to Banish Nacho Veterans

10. T1’s Penguin Security Agency


1. Ryan

2. DrFlen

3. Dunno

4. Epic Master

5. Max43810

6. DrMatt

7. Baby Flor

8. Zuke

9. Summit

10. Matthew4901


1. Gobby

2. Trader

3. Lord West

4. Verum

5. Waterkid

6. Zing King To

7. B1

8. Shivertoe

9. Sarge

10. Bam

Please do remember that these are simply light hearted awards meant for entertainment purposes. They have also taken into account only this year.

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer



40 Responses


    • ya even tho we hated u u always knew who really ran the army

  2. why is the biggest multilogger not on the multilogging list. badboy???

  3. tfw u tab 3-4 once six months ago and u get higher than people who tabbed 20-70(brad,bad,trader,BL,sprite..etc) on the biggest multiloggers list. FLEXES

    • multilogging is multilogging NIGGER. flexes

  4. How the fuck am I only 5th on Top Ten LGBT people…

  5. Didn’t even multilog in 2016 smh

  6. I didn’t ever multilog bruh

  7. ..WOAH!!!

  8. How am I on the biggest hopper list? I was in the Light Troops from January to the end of April, When LT shut down I was in the marines, when marines shut down I was in the water vikings then I decided to join the Doritos, how is that hopping? Lol?

  9. “Soda/Mach”

  10. I wasn’t that big of a hopper, much less than in the years before. Spent 4 months in AR and 5 in Nachos. Not really hopping…

  11. I wasn’t that big of a hopper, much less than in the years before. Spent 4 months in AR and 5 in Nachos. Not really hopping…

  12. No offense to Epic Master but me and him were not ”partners” when I lead the Light Troops. I worked alone. He was only an owner rank…

    • That’s what everyone said when we were deciding it, but we ran out of names, or something

      • Which is why I said we should have put the Light Troops owners in it rather than just me and him. (Water,Jessie,Epic,Tober,Revan) no one listened.

    • tfw when epic sucked waterkid for 2-3 years and all his so called work gets discredited in 1 comment. i actually lold

      • tfw*

  13. Nice votes.

  14. you literally just used a section of this post just to gas on me

    • Like I say in the post, I wasn’t the one making all the decisions. These are the opinions of the staff that attending the meeting.

  15. Why me on noobs list (meh)

    • did you multilog the likes lol

      • no i swear

      • It was me lol

  16. bias

    • That’s like saying an editorial is bias. Of course it is, it’s an editorial.

    • agreed

  17. Dawix isn’t a noob you nigger faggot

    • @badboy00924 You put him on the list, we got a complaint for you.

      • i want my name off this list.

      • jodie’s idea

        • Still i want off.

  18. let the rage begin!

    • i love you

  19. Maybe someone should have nominated the Legends Inductions for top 10 failures.

  20. I am glad I got awarded something xD

  21. I would like to say, thanks for putting me on biggest noob almost won it.

    Another comment; whoever put my name for 8th on biggest hopper has special needs. The type of special needs to get you kidnapped and brutally tortured.

    MORE than HALF of 2016 I was in DW
    the rest of 2016 I was in SWAT either leading, advising or retired.
    Explain how that’s hopping.

    I want whoever suggested my name to make a full post on how I hopped or what hopping is.


    • Newsflash buddy. DW was closed in 2016.

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