December Legends Inductions 2016 Results

Okay so, we have this page. On this page, we list people who are legends, right? Every few months, we have those legends vote on who should be a new legend. Then we get votes from all of you guys, we put all those votes in a blender, and then we add new people to that page based on those votes. This is the time when you guys find out who the new people on that page are. Ready?

After nearly a week of relentlessly collecting votes from both you, the viewer, and previously inducted legends, we now have our final results tallied.

There has been a small amendment to the way the Viewer Vote is weighted as opposed to the Legends Committee vote. The single person with the most votes gets a total of +3 votes added to their final tally. The second most votes receives +2 votes. The third gets +1Below is the final tally of the viewer vote for the large army portion of this induction result. 

  1. Tax, +3
  2. DrMatt +2
  3. Antonio/Toy +1

This time around, we had a staggering amount of Legends who wished to vote on our committee, a grand total of 17. Below is the list of legends who participated in the Legends Inductions. It is important to note that were 2 legends who wished to opt out of this committee listing, but were still granted a vote. I, personally, alongside the remainder of the CPAC top administration, can vouch for their legend status.

  • Zoomey
  • Goblin
  • Zakster
  • Mach
  • Wgfv
  • Elmikey
  • Jodie
  • Iceyfeet
  • Flipmoo
  • WWEBestFan
  • Bluesockwa1
  • Pochoma
  • Waterkid1
  • Roberto
  • Johanwillfir

Below are the final vote tallies for our large army inductees.



0 Yes, 17 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status



0 Yes, 17 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status


Well, that was painful, wasn’t it? Now lets move onto some people who actually got some votes, shall we?



4 Yes, 13 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status



5 Yes, 12 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status



4 Yes, 13 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status



1 Yes, 16 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status



3 Yes, 14 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status



9 Yes, 8 No

Inducted to Legend Status



3 Yes, 14 No

+1 Viewer Vote

Not Inducted to Legend Status



4 Yes, 13 No

+1 Viewer Vote

Not Inducted to Legend Status


Lord West

9 Yes, 8 No

Inducted to Legend Status



6 Yes, 11 No 

+2 Viewer Vote

Not Inducted to Legend Status



7 Yes, 10 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status



6 Yes, 11 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status



2 Yes, 15 No

Not Inducted to Legend Status



9 Yes, 8 No

+3 Viewer Vote

Inducted to Legend Status


The S/M Legends Inductions will be posted tomorrow on the SMAC site.

We here at CPAC would like to congratulate West, Tax, and Jester on their inductions to Legend Status! We’d also like to thank you all for your participation and your patience in this process. We hope to see you all back here next Legends Inductions! 





82 Responses

  1. What the hell actually is happening to our community? Call me salty, call me envious. But hear me.
    CPAC Legend used to hold a meaning that was self explanatory. We used to be able to look up to CPAC Legends as leader you feared, a revolutionary who influenced masses, or possibly someone who
    caused CPAC itself to boom extraordinarily. That is not what is happening. It is evident that legends are simply being inducted based on whether or not they establish friendships with those in the legends committee. I am not the only one that notices this. The meaning of legend has quite literally become demeaned.
    For example:
    -Tax? When I think of Tax, I don’t know what to think of. I only think of him as a DW advisor because that’s literally how I personally know him, but that’s not something your average person would know.
    -Boomer? I think of an ACP Leader who determined to create his cadets into soldiers, and the first to hit the 100 milestone.
    -SaW/Unk? I think of fearless leaders; leaders to be feared. DW. Might.
    -Vendetta/Tomb? I think of NW and the regime they instigated which was absolutely revolutionary at the time.

    Do you see my point? To be a legend means to be legendary. The people who are in the committee simply do not care about armies anymore, so they will vote based on how well they know a certain person or how personal they are with them. Even though it could have been this way in the past, it is becoming much more evident right now.
    And there’s nothing being done about it. I don’t own CPAC, so I obviously don’t have any real word, but I highly suggest this is looked into. My point is very valid and the very thing that made a huge portion of CPAC relevant is now beginning to diminish.

    • I propose something to be done absolutely as soon as possible. If our ship has a leak, we can’t keep just taking out the water over and over again while it keeps refilling. We need to fix the hole. I suggest a community meeting as soon as possible.

      • You’re preaching to the choir, Toy. I want to see the community change for the better, not change to a case of communism overrun with bias and personal interest.

        I didn’t vote for this particular reason. To a degree, it’s like the American voting system. And we all already know how ridiculous that is.

  2. hey 4? not bad….making it in this world

  3. toy and silv not legend? what a good meme

    • True

  4. To put these results into perspective as to how much of a fallacy they are..

    Antonio, West, Tax1, Sidie – All of these people were either 2nd in commands or reporters when I led the Dark Warriors a year and a half ago.

    .. and yet they have more votes than Drake, who has been a world power leader for more than 2 years. Has Drake really declined that much as an influential figure, or do these results depict how the legends system is continually regressing each passing month.

    Laughable at this point.

  5. I’d be lying if I said that I agree with these results. What happened to the standards of being a legend? I barely knew Tax’s experience, and I honestly think that him and multiloggers getting on is a joke. Congrats, but this is just sad when Freezie, Spi, Edd, and Beeky, aren’t legends.

    • Spi isn’t a legend but you’re not wrong. Tax1 is a good leader and has been around for a while, but he isn’t a legend, he’s far from it. When people like Toysoldier and Drake had established Dark Warriors as a world power and fought a massive war against LT which was probably one of the best wars of all time.


  7. Toy, Drake, Freezie, Silver, Myself, and Ghost

    Together Combined have been 1st on the top 10 probably around at least 60 times if not more… been top 5 over 100+ times..

    Completely DOMINATED different years…

    Won Several wars and tournaments…

    Basically recruiting Gods…

    Don’t have any legitimate multilogging accusations…

    All led several armies and were nothing but successful..

    (DW, IW, LT, NW, PIRATES, DCP) Every single time the above leaders led these armies they were considered ‘Golden ages’….

    Hmm.. interesting.

    • All of those names certainly deserve to be on it more than Jester, West and Tax.

      • I certainly agree with Funks. We’re leaving big, successful influences out in the cold. It’s shameful.

        • You have nothing to say either, you also got voted in based on popularity, lol

          • As someone who has done nothing for this community but provide a constant nuisance and contribute largely to the dishonesty that has become this community’s downfall, I’d argue you have MUCH less to say than I do.

            • I just won the christmas chaos when your frail army failed to beat RPF twice tho. Nuisance is an opinion, facts are what set us apart. You shouldn’t be legend or have any say in who gets legend, anyone with half a brain would agree

              • nice job being fallacious there champ
                you can’t respond without acting condescending and hostile so that’s your first problem there
                not to mention the fact that you try to twist “facts” to support you
                and I would consider countless needs to investigate your armies and consistent bitching to be a nuisance

                • Yet you failed to investigate the army that multilogged the most, guess who that was, the Water Vikings! How ironic? And I am a champ but don’t point it out, Elm might see and write 100 comments flaming me sweats

                  • Not all investigations go public, son. Plus, you can’t continue to state things as fact and “common knowledge” without proof. You’ve gotta be better than that. Nothing changes, does it? Lmao. Enjoy your army endeavors, boy.

                    • “Son” “boy” what are you getting angry for lol. And what do you mean not all investigations go public? <<< WV was exposed for multilogging with evidence going back to the end of 2015, and you're telling me all of this didn't come to light because you, as CEO, decided that " not all investigations go public"? You've gotta be better than that! All I'm saying is, someone who did possibly the worst job as CEO of CPA central, and created an army who would go down to be the most untrustworthy and hypocritical armies in history, should not be named a legend. Again, anyone with half a brain would agree.

                    • “son”


                      ok future attorney general Jeff Sessions, cool your jets there

                    • Jefferson Beauregard “Jeff” Sessions III (born December 24, 1946) is the junior United States Senator from Alabama. He is a member of the Republican Party.

                      From 1981 to 1993 he served as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama. Sessions was elected Attorney General of Alabama in 1994, and to the U.S. Senate in 1996, being re-elected in 2002, 2008, and 2014. Sessions is considered one of the most conservative members of the U.S. Senate. As a senator, he is noted for his opposition to illegal immigration and advocacy of reducing legal immigration. He supported the major legislative efforts of the George W. Bush administration, including the 2001 and 2003 tax cut packages, the Iraq War, and a proposed national amendment to ban same-sex marriage. He opposed the establishment of the Troubled Asset Relief Program, the 2009 stimulus bill, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act. As the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, he opposed all three of President Barack Obama’s nominees for the Supreme Court.

                      An early supporter of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, Sessions was considered as a possible vice presidential nominee, but Indiana governor Mike Pence was ultimately selected for the ticket. On November 18, 2016, it was announced that President-elect Donald Trump plans to nominate Sessions for Attorney General of the United States when he takes office.

                    • badboy, using the same fallacies over and over again does not validate your argument

                      by your response, you obviously didn’t understand what I said, which is evidenced when you seriously imply that the one post was all we did. that may have been the only thing to go public to my memory, but like I said, not everything goes public.

                      I will restate what I said at the beginning again: you cannot keep repeating these fallacies expecting them to validate your argument. making statements and saying they are what they are because “anyone with half a brain would agree” is straight up foolish. your opinion does not quanitfy fact, undeniable evidence quantifies fact. stop making claims and saying shit without actually being able to back it up with anything other than false bias claims and stabs at an army that you insult only because you had continuous feuds with them throughout your career

                      and I’ll leave my legend status up to the people who actually have one iota of intelligence on the subject, not some fool who lets his emotions take complete control over any sense of logic. have fun finding yet another army fam

    • Probably because you had to lead with 2 of those others to maintain a decent size, when no one of those listed could lead on their own

  8. To clarify, I don’t care if I was voted into legend status or not. However I’d just like to ask if people such as Tax and Zakster deserve the prestigous title as “legend”? That is a title for people who have made a difference. People with GREAT influence.

    I say this with no disrespect to either of them, Tax is a great person and I’m sure Zakster is too. However, they do not deserve such an achievement compared to some godlike leaders who have made their mark on this community over the past 3 or so years. Have Tax or Zakster made a big influence on this community? I don’t think so.

    • That isn’t to name West or Jester, both of whom don’t deserve that title either.

    • I got to agree.

  9. Also, I am clearly on the committee and my name was not included in your post (obviously neither was my vote??) – when I voted no against all three of these candidates who are far from deserving of the title.

    • Lol, you’re one to talk.

  10. Even though only one person got inducted which was Tax1, this list is horrific.
    People who deserve legend should’ve just became legend, people like XxToysoldier, Andrew24 & Silverburg. Some of the people that are on this list I’ve never even heard of, they’ve just been put on the list for the sake of it.
    People who deserved legend have been robbed of their spot. These three people put all their effort into their armies making them Number 1 and the biggest out there (Night Warriors, Ice Warriors, RPF etc) and they still haven’t been recognized for it.
    How the fuck is Trader even on this list? He hasn’t been in a legitimate army his entire career & he multilogged his way to being relevant & getting onto this list. Thank god he didn’t actually get voted in, that would’ve made this community go from bad to horrendous.
    I really do feel bad for the people who deserved to become legend & who deserved to actually be on this list. It’s sad to see people who cheat to get big (trader) actually on the list, taking someone’s spot who actually deserves the chance to become legend. It’s a shame.

  11. :-l


  12. One day in and Tax is even more disliked than the previous CPAC CEO. My message to future CPAC CEO’s. Don’t make yourself CPAC legend on your first day. Tax you led DCP in the most corrupt finals ever and later that day became CPAC CEO. CPAC smells.

    • ^hated by RPF bc he joined DCP instead of settling to be your puppet

  13. wow lol. smh

  14. #notmycpac

  15. I knew I wasn’t gonna win but it was fun at least getting some votes, gg. Why the hell was dreamguitar not inducted?

  16. how is it that Tax, Jester, and West are inducted

    yet people who have done MARGINALLY more, like Toy, Silv, and others, are either voted down or just not included at all (where is Freezie66 or Mustapha)? this is just depressing.

    • And you’ve done what exactly? Besides being the worst CEO in history (with the exception of mach), what magnificent things did you accomplish to deserve legend besides leading WV to 30+? And did you actually just ask why Mustapha isn’t up here? bro kys lol

      • When did this become directly about me? Shouldn’t you be multilogging somewhere right about now?

        • Nah WV is closed, they were the main hub for multilogging so I guess I don’t

  17. I personally believe that Toy,Bepboy,Silver and Ant deserved the legend status.
    Silver,Toy and few others have influenced this community like no one else.Legend status in this community is nowadays determined by friendship,but I think its time that we redefine it.If these are the last days of this community then I believe that the true legends must get the credit for what they have done.
    Even though anyone can become a legend by being added on the CPAC Legends page by some staff member,but its not the text on a page which determines the legend status,its the inner talent of the leader,his influence,and his leadership.A true leader knows who is a legend and who is not…

    Also I hope that you have not forgotten the old legends of S/M community who were inducted and then removed for no apparent reason.This includes me,Jayden1092,Rishron,Owlcity,Vivek,Fluffy Sheep(if he was removed?)



    • Elmikey if you were serious enough to believe that I could make people legend that’s foolish, I’m able to make the call to get people who deserve it inducted for the nomination, NOT give them legend if that is what you are trying to reach out. As for the fact you still think I am associated with Doritos, I am not.

      • @Tax1 I only voted for you because I didn’t know better. You straight up ASKED ME, and I didn’t know crap about 80% of those people, including you. But being the nice person that I am. I voted for you. But I see that I was WRONG!

  20. #JusticeForMyNiggaDreamguitar

  21. @ZAKSTER And the whole comment section in general i guess

    I should ask the same question about you.(zak)

    ”Marginally more” what you fail to realize is i kept pace with whoever ”marginally more” means besides silverburg who i think should have been inducted myself. you never acknowledged my work, since my LT days. in my opinion i deserve this and i think i should get the respect i would give back if it were some of my rivals that got in and not me. we worked equally as hard and i have respect for people like toy,andrew..etc who i think should have had more votes and probably should have got in themselves. ask for a change of system next induction.

    don’t say i’m not deserving because i know you implied that, im just as deserving as someone like toy. (we literally shined in the same era), criticize the system if everyone is going bitch and whine like hillary supporters don’t take it out on the inductees. i earned my spot amongst the legends. those who worked with me know that and this isnt my ego speaking this is all the dedication,effort and commitment i put into my career.

    (Also for those who are saying ”hurr durr hes gonna vote in his friends hurr durrr muh legend”, no i’ll vote you in if i genuinely think you deserve it because i know hard work when i see it. i will be voting and i might be voting names i mentioned in this comment (; )

    thats all im going to say about this. those who are genuinely glad i got this, thanks much luv

    • I didn’t want to admit your work in LT because you kept hating us when you were in DCP or whatever army you were in, but I’ll admit it now to the public. You and the Drew Crew did amazing with the Light Troops in winter 2014. I remember Roberto and I being amazed at how much recruits you guys got by just auto typing. The war with the Dark Warriors was epic too. Even though we lost the Christmas Chaos finals, we got around 70+ penguins (without bot recruiting).

      I believe you’re underrated as a leader, but this could be due to the fact you never stuck to one army, but when you did (DCP) someone would just steal your credit (Mustapha10). Congrats, Jester.

      • thank you, someone at least acknowledges what ive done

    • to be fair, I meant to attack the system that caused this election, not your career. sorry for the confusion.

      • no hard feelings homie

  22. It’s sad seeing what legend inductions have come to, and yes it’s apparent to see that legend inductions are based on good relationships with the committee. There are so many people who should be granted the title of legend that aren’t on this list. I don’t have any dislike to the persons who made it as a legend, congratulations, but I don’t believe that they’re the only ones from that list who should’ve made it. Whether the committee likes it or not, people such as Toy, Drake and Drew have affected this community to an extent that they were a topic everyone talked about controversially due to their great achievements. I don’t know, maybe I’m just rambling. I still find this result pitiful.

  23. nice memes lol


    When will the real results come in?

  25. Boomer 20, Commando717, Vendetta, Mchappy …. Jester, Tax, West …

    The juxtaposition of these two groups of names, and the subsequent fake equalization of some mediocre leaders with some pioneers of army warfare, is the insult of a lifetime to those of us who worked, and worked, and worked, to have our names next to Oagalthorp and Pink Mafias.

    • When Boomer 20 is on the legends page and Fuggles, creator of the great OOHMA isn’t. #BoycottCPACLegends

  26. It is no surprise to me that Silver, Andrew24 and Toysoldier did not win. The only way to actually successfully get legend is either by begging or knowing people. People who were drastically lower ranks then others are getting more votes then their leaders. For example Antonio getting more votes then Drake who’s led more armies and led much longer then Antonio has. The “skill” needed to get legend is no longer needed. You can look back on who got legend years ago compared to who got legend in recent years. The things they did for the community as a whole is completely dropping. It’s not just happening, there’s an obvious reason for it, the committee is biased. CPAC CEO’s are always getting legend and real legends aren’t getting voted up. Toy Silver and Andrew24 probably won’t ever get legend because they didn’t get on their knees for the legends and the committee, and in order to get legend nowadays all you need to do is suck dick. Which is why it’s no surprise to me that Tax got legend, he did the same thing he did to get CEO.

    MY personal problem is not the people got legend, it’s the people who are voting. For one, Zoomey and Jodie should have no choice in who gets legend as they did not earn it themselves. Zoomey and Jodie are literally just working for a dead news site because nobody else will, but that doesn’t mean they should get to vote for a LEGEND. The legends who got legend a long time ago have an impossible standard for army leaders to achieve. Most leaders from 2007-2009, troops came to them. They didn’t have to do anything. So the fact that they can sit here and pick who gets legend in a time where we actually have to do something, while they got to sit back and do nothing just because they got here early, is stupid. Make a new legends page, with ACTUAL legends. Not ones that are voted in by these impossible and biased standards, people who know what it’s like.

    If you’re real legends and weren’t just here at the right place and time, rejoin and 1v1 me on summit. any1 of u

    • also how is funks still legend when he got exposed for multilogging even though ganger got removed for the same thing.


      1v1 me on breeze funks

      • I was never exposed for multilogging?
        If you are talking about the WV post after I retired, that never mentioned or included me at all – only chip and buddy.

  27. We had previously made the decision to cut off legends votes before you commented.

    Due to the fact that a grand total of 3 committee members actually paid attention to the site, I neglected to post the cutoff date on the site and just stopped accepting committee votes via chat.

    Sorry for the miscommunication.

  28. lol

  29. The haters!!!! Too real!!!

  30. After reading the comments, I agree with the angry community (especially Toy’s comment)

    I’m guilty of what they’re saying because when I was asked to vote I was literally just going to vote DrMatt because he promised me money. I didn’t really care about the other candidates. The way legends get inducted need to change – and fast.

    No offence to West or Tax, but I 100% believe in Toy’s definition of a legend. When you say someone’s name, an army and their accomplishment must spring to your mind instantly. For example, when someone mentions my name, you think of the Light Troops and their golden ages. That’s a true legend. When I think of Tax, I just think of people like Whats Up11 – basically an owner. He may have claimed to lead armies to ”big sizes” but he did this with the help of 10 other leaders (we all know this lol).

    People like XxToysoldier, Silverburg and Andrew24 deserve a spot in the CPAC legends page. I don’t even like Drake, but I can agree he’s a better leader than Tax or West.

    Again, I have nothing against West or Tax. West is a chill and funny guy and Tax is, well, I’ve never really spoken to that guy. I was hanging out on Bloodline chat and I saw West and Goblin was asking me who I wanted to vote. I voted for West, Jester, Tax, XxToysoldier, Andrew24 (and I think Silverburg). I voted for West because he was on Bloodline chat and he seemed like a cool guy. I voted for Jester because of his leadership in the Light Troops in winter 2014. I voted for XxToysoldier, Andrew24 and Silverburg because I believed they deserved it.

    Many of you are probably wondering why the hell I voted for Tax1. Well, it was only because of this:

    In the end, people shouldn’t really be salty over CPAC legend page. CPAC legend status has lost it’s value ages ago. We must remember that people won’t be remembered because they’re on a page on CPAC. They will be remembered because of the fear and memories they caused when they were in armies. People like XxToysoldier, Andrew24 and Silverburg will always be considered as legends to the community, without being ”approved” by CPAC.

    • ”when I was asked to vote I was literally just going to vote DrMatt because he promised me money.”

      Yes, I voted for him because he bribed me. Once I realised he was selling me dreams I changed my vote to the other candidates.

      • “CPAC legend status has lost it’s value ages ago”. That’s all you really had to say. The page has been a joke ever since Funks got in and there’s really no point in bothering with it anymore since we all know it’s the truth. True members of the community already know leaders like Toy, Andrew, Silv, Drake, etc are legends and don’t need a CPAC list for the credibility.

    • honestly one of the best things I’ve ever seen you say

  31. Kinda disappointed but I won’t complain too much about this. Well done and congrats to the new legends. 🙂

  32. This is laughable. #repealtax

    • I don’t have anything against Tax, but there is no way what he has done even warrants being considered for legend status.

  33. #MakeOlimadaLegend

  34. w0w

  35. Lol, I forget to vote one time and this happens.

    • Okay, I didn’t forget to vote. I just forgot the website I was supposed to go to and was too lazy to find someone who knew it.

  36. The Legends Committee is a disaster for democracy!

  37. And thats why armies are wayy better back then, even before SaW and Unk was inducted as CPAC legend… l was there. I was also there for Ambrosha, when he was also inducted as CPAC legend. But this legends induction is a madness… This isn’t what im expecting to see. The only people that deserved to be up there is the ones who worked their ass for the army and made the army somewhat legendary, and very friendly to join with.

  38. Why are Jodie, Goblin, Zoomey and Mach on a Legends council when they aren’t even legends. How can someone who doesn’t even know what it means to be legendary be able to vote on who is legendary and who isn’t? I can pretty much guarantee based on what I’ve heard that these four people significantly screwed up the voting and made it so Tax, West and perhaps Jester got in, and also made it so the real legends got snubbed.

    Tax1 is an insanely nooby ex- RPF member who hasn’t been relevant until he got legend. It’s proclaimed in his bio (which is probably written by himself) that he helped revolutionize recruiting and bring armies into a second Golden Age when I’ve never seen him recruit once. And while Lord West is a really cool and funny guy, there’s no way in hell he should be given the title of a Legend.

    The only one who was inducted that I find trouble judging is Jester. He did achieve lots and prove himself as a very valiant leader, however I still think it’s too early for him to get Legend over the likes of myself and many others. I’m fairly sure that the “UMA Squad” that Jester and Lord West are in also significantly changed the results to make sure they got legend.

    Morale of the story: Me, Toy, Andrew, Freezie and Mustapha need to be legends. Funks, Zakster and these three nominees need to be removed.

    • i can confirm i didn’t vote for tax, nor did i do anything to help him win

      i didn’t do anything to help jester or west either

      me jodie and mach are in the committee to counterbalance the fact that a fuckton of legends havent been around the past couple years so its hard for them to gauge the accomplishments of things they were around for

      in other words: legends council = cpawm reps who are SUPPOSED to be smart enough to judge and value people better because theyve been on the ground floor in more recent times + legends who know what it takes to get on the page

      we have ppl who know what it takes, and add ppl who know what ppl have actually done in recent years, we, in theory, get a working, legends council

      that was the idea

      • It’s been proven though that having CPAC reps doing the decision making has only made it so basically every CPAC CEO has been able to get on the Legends page no matter how mediocre their careers were.

    • I agree with your comment but there’s no way in hell Mustapha should be legend when he blatantly cheated and covered it up in DCP for years

  39. where did my boi bep go ❤

  40. put me on dat shit next time blud

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