The Beginning of a New Era || The Inauguration of Tax1

In the past few years, CPAC was headed by revolutionaries, the Bluesockwa brothers, they worked as one of the most fantastic duos not just in warfare media history, but in warfare history itself. Soon the Zakster and Funks era, where both worked together for two years taking over the offices in CPAC. Now in a great turn of events, Tax1 has been inaugurated Chief Executive Officer of the CPA Central.

For me, personally, it has been a wild journey for me to get to this point. I never believed in a million years that I would be honored to do such a job. I started working here almost 3 years ago. I had the goal of reaching out and getting the position of Associate Producer. I of all people, of course, had the dream to become the Chief Executive Officer of CPAC one day. But I never expected that I’d make that reality. Everything that I have done, for CPAC, for the community, for armies, it has all really paid off. They’ve brought me here to you today, and that’s something I’m extremely excited about.

Here’s something you should know about me that sets me apart from so many other, and will be a key to how I approach this job: I still care about Club Penguin armies. Sure, many times I feel like there’s no point anymore, and the community is utter trash. But at the end of the day, I always have and still want to push armies forward, to make things more fun, and improve the overall quality of our community and the game we play.  also want you all to know that I am very excited for everything that is about to happen.

I also want you all to know that I am very accessible and that I want to hear your ideas and thoughts. I’m not on some pedestal, I’m not above everyone else just because I happen to be running this site. I never want to be viewed that way. So feel free to talk to me about whatever you want. But let there be no mistake; just because I’m listening, does not mean I will be anyone’s puppet. I am here to facilitate the growth and improvement of CPAC and the community, not just a select few. In the coming weeks, I hope to have lots of discussion with troops and leaders alike about the current state of CP armies.

I will also be bringing all kinds of new columns to CPA Central, which will involve the viewers on a much greater level. I will be exploring new ways to involve satire in the site — perhaps finally bringing roasts to CPA Central — and I will be pioneering a new form of Debate Post that asks challenging questions and gets all of you involved. I want to focus on these small changes to the viewer experience because of a common, logical thought; we can’t start something big if we can’t finish anything small.

Lastly, I have worked under the Bluesockwa Brothers, I have worked with Zakster, Kingfunks, Mach, Lorenzo Bean and Goblin. Working under them for all this time and learning everything I needed to know. My highest position in office, Executive Producer, has really shown me what it was like to be in the inside views of CPAWM. A word from CPA Central Vice President, Zing King To:

I have had the pleasure of working with Tax1 now on-off for a number of years. I’ve worked with him on the as his Vice President and I’ve more recently been serving under him as Editor-in-Chief. Tax1 has always been there to give me hand and I credit him for aiding me to get my first ever CP Army Central promotion to Associate Producer following his guidance and wisdom. Tax in himself has been a marvellous addition to CP Army World Media including helping me out with SM Army Press in the past.

I am delighted to now be working with Tax once again and I’m absolutely chuffed that he is now one of the CEO’s. We’ll be working on revamping everything – from Tournaments to Site Design to Post Formats. Everything’s changing as we enter the new year at CP Army Central and I guarantee that it’s changing for the better. I can’t wait to continue working with both Jodie and Tax now that we’ve made CPAC stable again, we can make it great again.

I’d like to officially take a moment to extend my hand in congratulations to Tax, a man that I’m sure CP Army Central will be seeing a lot more of in the coming weeks.

This truly is the beginning of a new era, not just the CPA Central, but the community as a whole. There are endless possibilities that we together can make together. We are not the future, we are today’s representatives. Cheers to a Happy New Year and a year of prosperity for our Club Penguin Army Community as a whole.


CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


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  1. Glad to be working alongside you. Let’s do this, for the future.

  2. bias

    • probs is

  3. congrats taxxy my boy, u done diddly did it m8

  4. congrats tax 😀

  5. Congratz Tax!

  6. Congratulgations.

  7. Welcome aboard!

  8. Congrats

  9. Congratz Tax! 😉

  10. Go for it tax!

  11. go tax!

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