BREAKING NEWS: Ryan Overthrown from Nachos Leadership || Dan101 takes the helm

Update #1: CPAC has confirmed that Ryan decided to reject 3rd in command and has retired from CPA Community.

FJORD, Nachos Empire – The Nachos Army, who are currently engaged in a war with the Rebel Penguin Federation, are facing yet another issue within the administration. Following the bot raid confession on Nachos Army Leader, Ryan, former Leader and Legend, BBatman/Kevin has decided to remove Ryan from the leadership and inaugurate Dan101 instead. What can this result into?

On 24th of December, 2015, A post by Nachos Army Legend, Kevin/BBatman was released which notified the army about the Removal of Ryan and the comeback of Dan101. The post by Kevin can be read below:


Over these past few months, the Nacho Army has had it’s troubles. After I made Snickers/Lego leader in August 2016, I told Snickers/Lego under every condition to not give Ryan the rank of leader. Unfortunately, Snickers gave Ryan leader and that was the demise of him and Lego. Ryan was inaugurated as leader following the coup, and sometime later Conno/Hazie were made leaders. The army continued under this leadership for months, and it’s received lots of opposition. The Army has maintained a consistent 15+, but other things shadowed the army which have harmed our reputation.

From this point forward, Ryan/Longway1 is hereby demoted to 3ic and Dan101 will be inaugurated as the new leader.

Personally, Ryan, you’ve pissed me off quite a bit. But I salute you mentally for your dedication to the Nacho Army and everything you’ve done for it. You’ve been faced with tough decisions, and you handled them in the best way that you could. I would really like to see you stay as a 3ic and maybe even eventually one day earn back the title of leader. After receiving constant pressure from people within the army, this had to be done though.


Ryan is to be treated no different from any other owner, and will receive all benefits of a former leader if he chooses to leave the army. Ryan will be remembered as a former leader, and fully possesses the ability to earn back his position, but by means of fair play rather than a coup. Conno11 will remain a leader alongside Dan101, and the rest of the ownership will not be altered for the time being.

The war with RPF will continue, and they will receive their fifth ass beating fiesta from the Nacho Army.

Hopefully we can continue to function as a group, and hopefully we can all strive to achieve our common goal,

What’s best for the Nacho Army.

I hope this message receives you well, and I really hope Ryan can continue to serve the army with the same passion and loyalty as he did before.

Please have a very Merry Christmas Nachos, and please show RPF no mercy.

As you can read in the post above, Kevin said that Ryan has been demoted to the rank of 3rd in Command, and that Ryan will not be treated differently from any other owner. Kevin also said that former Leader, Dan101 will be taking the helm of the army. Below is a picture of the Nacho Army under Dan101:

Kevin has also mentioned that Nachos won’t be ending the war with Rebel Penguin Federation. Ryan, Nachos 3ic, also made a post on Nachos Website informing the troops about what happened. The post can be read below:

I get on chat today to find that the vets are cheering and that I have been removed from the leadership. It hurts, because everday the vets would be on chat chanting “COUP RYAN” and “SHUTDOWN NACHOS”. They wanted to see me fail, but I feel that we overcame their taunts and reached the top 3 six times in a row, and became number 1 on the list of the CPAC top ten armies for the only time this year. I’ve had great troops working under me, and I led with the best friend i have ever met in armies, Conno11. Over my 3-4 months of leadership, I feel that the army remained strong and did well, and I am proud to have led such a famous army.

I am not going to make this long, as I am feeling tears coming on in real life. To be honest, I always knew this day would come, but I hoped that I could have led until the new year instead of being couped on Christmas Eve. When I became leader, I felt like a god, and I am lucky to have felt that way for once in my life. Although I think that he is a lying shmuck that should be banished for treason many times over, I wish Dan101 the best as leader.

Will I stay in the army as the offered rank 3 ic? I don’t know, I have yet to decide. But I do not want to see the army die, and if you screw up and make the army smaller than when I led Dan, I will kill you. Good luck Nachos, and good luck Conno and Thomas, two people who I see as my closest friends.


Former Nacho Leader

As you can see, Ryan says when he got on chat Several troops were YELLING “Coup Ryan”, “Remove Ryan”. He also says that he isn’t sure about the 3ic rank, in other words, whether he will accept it or not. I managed to interview Nachos 3ic, Ryan himself. The Interview can be read below:

Interview with Nachos 3ic, Ryan

CPAC: How do you think your demotion will affect the army?

Ryan: I feel that the army actually did well under me and Conno but Conno will still be leading with Dan and they are both good leaders. I think they will get around the same size, but not sure.

CPAC: What do you plan next?

Ryan: No clue.

CPAC: Why did Kevin remove you?

Ryan: I can guarantee everyone that it was not because of Qarv, It was because I am not a republican and a bad boy like the vets. I do not fit in.

CPAC: Any last comment?

Ryan: I hope that the army does well without me, as I love this army and want to see it do well.

As you can see, Ryan is not sure what is going to happen in the future with him, but he is sure that this removal wasn’t because of “Qarv”. Could this leave a huge impact on Nachos? I also managed to interview Nachos Leader, Dan101. Here is what he had to say:

Interview with Nachos Leader, Dan101

CPAC: How do you think Ryan’s departure affect Nachos?

Dan101: He will be missed and be treated like any other former leader.

CPAC: Why was Ryan removed?

Dan101: He was removed for a couple of reasons. One being Bot raiding.

CPAC: What can we expect from Nachos in the future?

Dan101: xYou can expect rise from Nachos.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Dan101: I am voting for Camperjohn64. Camperjohn64 is the first Syrian refugee to ever lead an army, and he has accomplished many accomplishments. He has lead the Nachos and other armies, the list could really go on. For someone on the spectrum, he has really defied all odds and done something only about two thirds of all autistic people have the capability of doing. I once was feeling really upset about something and then Camperjohn64 demonstrated how much worse my life could be and I instantly felt better. Camper goes above and beyond because unlike other leaders who have the maturity of an 8 year old, Camper also has achieved the intellect of an 8 year old, an ability that allows him to talk to his troops on a peer to peer basis.

As you can see, Dan states that Ryan was removed for couple of reasons, and the main one being Bot Raiding. Nachos chat has been reset and Dan101 has been given leadership authority.

What do YOU think? How can removal of Ryan affect Nachos? Will Nachos win the war, or will they? Comment your opinion!


CPA Central Reporter


CPA Central Executive Producer


20 Responses

  1. Bot raiding was an excuse and bs. It has nothing to do with that, I can stake money on that. Dan has been trying to pull off a coup for several weeks now.

    • You’re a failure.

      • Oh no, and Luis strikes again with his noobish meanish and nonsense comments. Wtf is wrong with you, kiddo.

        • Once again, how do you feel defending a leader that was hated and removed from your own army?

          • It’s ok, because it’s just my opinion and I’m autistic, which means I am not like common people. In result, I don’t wanna have the same opinions like everyone else, and I believe what I want. Ryan was not supposed to be couped, but be forced to step down. Coup is only needed for your crappy leadership skills.

      • Shut up Luis

      • Luis, you’re just a trash, disloyal and irrelevant noob. Please get a life.

        • I’d like to adress that I have only taken place in one army this year, that being RPF. Secondly, I don’t see what your claims of me being irrelevant and trash come from; you’re defending a leader that was clearly coup’d because he is no more than a 13 year old power hungry kid. Lastly, don’t worry, I am fine, I “have a life”. There is a reason why I retired from CP armies in August, yet you’re still here.

          • Don’t go overboard and acting all tough over people, like you know everything. Fyi, no one gives a shit about your experience. And why do you care if I am here? Huh?

            And RPF? Congratulations, you got brainwashed by 20 year olds leading a CP Army, you just played yourself. Also, you had a great run, so gg.

      • And you are an RPF joke that likes to follow Elm like a kit following her mother. Go suck some milk, curl up at Elm’s stomache, and shut up.

  2. And I chose to reject 3 ic and retire.

    • Thabks for letting me know. I will update once I get on

  3. Wow, l this is literally a total shock. I am really in shock of what l see at this day of Christmas Eve. Ryan has been a great leader, a great one. He’s one of the greatest leader since Puckley’s and Chrisi Blule’s leadership. I don’t even know what Kevin is on about, but he’s pretty stupid for what he done on this day of Christmas Eve. He is really a brat. I don’t understand how you would be getting kick off of leadership during Christmas Eve. He got so pissed and consider to f**king coup you just because hes really pissed at the f**king Christmas Eve?!? Man im really sorry Ryan, l really am. You were trying to bring into happiness and joy right? And now they pushed you down to coup and trying to shut down Nachos? That’s their opinion, and l don’t think Puckleh is happy for this. Maybe you should convinced A and tell him to contact Puckley for this. I bet this would help you. I am really sorry for you bud, and you are a great guy. A really nice one, Dan101 isn’t. People in Nachos are just hatred on you, and you did a right choice. Who cares what others say, they are former people that complains of the stuff at what you did. I hope you have a great Christmas Eve and Day.
    Merry Christmas, Ryan!

    • Thank you man. When I came out about the Qarv controversy, I expected everyone to hate me, and in some cases I was correct. But you are a great guy and thank you for your support. There is no point in contacting Puck, as he will most certainly side with the vets versus someone that he hardly knows. Good luck leading the Night Rebels man, and Merry Christmas!

  4. RIP Nachos

  5. I’m in shock here, no doubt about that. I feel really bad for you Ryan, but I think both of us knew this was coming. When bot raiders try to increase the sizes, they ultimately will pay the price later on. But I believe in you Ryan. I hope you can someday come back and really make amends with the Nachos. I still think you are a great friend even through this. As long as I know you won’t ever bot raid ever again, you can definitely win this battle of yours and redeem yourself in the Nachos army. Oh and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    • I never increased the damn sizes, I didn’t use it that way.

    • But thank you for the kind words you said. Merry Christmas!

  6. > When you have no life, so you cry in real life over club penguin

  7. u may ask whats the next step of our master plan


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