An Army Is Not Just For Christmas

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – Hello, while you sit and enjoy your Christmas Holidays, we must remember that while this is the season for gift giving and awful Lynx sets being given to every single boy, there are some people who are adopting armies knowing full well they will lose interest after the Christmas Period.

With people now off school, and in some peoples cases, work for the Christmas Holiday you may find that you have the time to lead an army, time to revive an army that was once yours or maybe revive an army that someone has gifted you over the Christmas Period.

While you may have this time now to adopt an army, think about what will happen to that army when the Christmas period expires. Are you just going to leave your army and shut it down? Just going to give it away like a piece of meat?

You need to love your army and if you love your army that much, you’ll only adopt it if you can commit to looking after it.


The three penguins in that picture, Bob, Jeff and Harry adopted an army at Christmas. “It’ll be fun, we’ve got time to lead now” said Bob as they set up their armies site. Their army did well over the holiday period with them receiving a top rank on CPAC, but then it happened. January 4th, the trio went back to school.

On that day, when the trio went back to school, that morning little did the army know, its owners would soon leave it to fend for itself. As predicted, school got too hard for the three lads who came out as homosexual and had a three-way, and believing that academic achievement was more important, the three penguins abandoned the army.

That army that loved them so much, sitting there – having to wonder why its owners didn’t love it enough. What did the army do? The army was the innocent one in all of this.


The morale of the story is this. If you want to make an army this holiday season, then please – feel free, but remember that when times get tough in the new year, you committed to your army when you decided not to wear protection while making it. So please remember,

An army is for life, not just for Christmas. 

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief


2 Responses

  1. Fuck that. Armies are not for life, the purpose of making an army is for it to die.

    • 😮 You savage. You absolute savage. Naughty list for you.

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