Night Rebels Announce Return

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Night Rebels – After disappearing for more than two weeks, and making no lockdown or shutdown post, the Night Rebels have announced that they will be back. What can we expect from upcoming generation?

On the 22nd December, 2o16, Night Rebels Creator, Haroonniaz12, posted that Night Rebels aren’t dead, and he isn’t gone forever. He also said that Night Rebels will be coming back and dominating once again. The whole post written by Haroonniaz12 can be read below:

I want to tell you that i am not gone forever and I will continue once I got hold of my stuff because when I do NR will be back and there will be NR everywhere like last time.I apologize I left because i had exams and its sad that no one was capable enough to get hold of things like i did not being proudy shit but its true.Anyways i have to inform you that NR will be back soon and we will be huge. This ain’t over our haters keep saying random stuff but once we get strong everyone wants to join so lets start w

Next day, which was 23rd December 2016, Night Rebels Legend, Kyle103 posted on Night Rebels website that Night Rebels will be returning between coming Sunday to Monday. Full post by Kyle103 can be read below:

Hey Night Rebels!

Today, Haroon and l has explained on what we should do with the army and the anniversary after a few week of struggle rise.

The Night Rebels are making the return date on Saturday – Monday(somewhere that)!

The date of the anniversary is Dec 31st right before New Year Eve! Also, we have plenty of changes throughout the armies at this day. I want everyone to be happy with this new changes. For those who complained about not listening, well, this time its going to be fixed. All of it.

– New leadership changes

– New rules

– Rank changes

Revolution of the Night! Ignore the haters and the outside of the armies!

~Kyle103 and Haroon Night Rebels leaders

Although there isn’t any official release about the upcoming leadership that Night Rebels will be having, the legends are quite confident that whichever leader they hire, can make Night Rebels reach great heights. The last time when Night Rebels were around, which was 10th December 2016, they had a pretty good size. A picture of Night Rebels the last event can be seen below:

To know more about the Night Rebels returning and the upcoming leadership, CPAC managed to interview DrMatt, former Night Rebels Leader. The interview can be seen below:

Interview with DrMatt, former Night Rebels Leader

CPAC: How do you feel about Night Rebels making a comeback?

DrMatt: I feel very unsure about Night Rebels returning.

CPAC: What can we expect from Night Rebels in the future?

DrMatt: I hope NR will be able to maintain being around and won’t go inactive.

CPAC: Who all will be leading the upcoming generation?

DrMatt: I am not sure.

CPAC: Any last comment?

DrMatt: No.

As you can see, DrMatt says he is really unsure about the Night Rebels returning, and he is not sure about who might be leading Night Rebels in the upcoming generation. What could this mean? Yet again, only time will tell!

What do YOU think? Will Night Rebels return? Who will be leading the upcoming generation? Can they rise to the former power once again? There are a lot of question, but we need your opinion!


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CPA Central EIC


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  1. Great post

  2. i’m gonna be leading 😀

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