Nachos Announce Temporary Halt From RPF Invasions

FJORD, Nachos’ Empire – Following the cease fire until after Christmas between ACP and RPF, Nachos have decided to take an action similar calling a halt to proceedings until Boxing Day . Why is this?

On the 23rd of December, a post entitled “Weekend Off” was made by Ryan, Nachos leader, announcing there would be no battles between RPF and Nachos until after Christmas. The reason for this is so people can spend Christmas with family and friends, which is nice.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will have no battles. Enjoy spending time with your families and Merry Christmas!

-Ryan, Nachos Leader.

So far, RPF and Nachos have engaged in battle 3 times during this war, not including the times Nachos help ACP in battles. First, there was the battle of Parka. RPF claimed victory and Nachos admitted to defeat meaning RPF successfully defended Parka from Nachos and won the first battle against Nachos in the new war sparked between the armies.

Ryan, Nachos leader, admitting RPF won Parka.

Next, they battled for Crunch. At this battle, both armies announced they had won therefore no winner was determined. That means both armies believe they own the server Crunch.

RPF vs Nachos: Battle for Crunch.

At their last battle, before Nachos announced they’re not invading until after Christmas, they battled for RPF’s server, Sled.  At this event, both armies gave it their all but RPF did much better. Nachos admitted defeat meaning RPF won and got to keep the server Sled.

RPF vs Nachos: Battle for Sled.

Army of CP decided to call a halt officially unlike the Nacho’s signing a ceasefire, agreeing with RPF that it was the right thing to do. Unlike Nachos, ACP and RPF took a picture of them agreeing on ceasefire, meaning RPF could still invade Nachos. This isn’t likely though since it’s nearly Christmas Day and RPF have the Christmas Chaos to focus on.

RPF and ACP agreeing to a ceasefire.

The temporary halt could be beneficial to both RPF and Nachos. How? This gives Rebel Penguin Federation a chance to focus on the finals of the Christmas Chaos instead of the ongoing war they have going on. This means they have a more likely chance of winning than they did during the war since they have more time to plan on what they’re going to do when facing Doritos.

This also gives Nachos a chance to take time and focus on their internal issues that they’ve been facing. Since Ryan was proven to be Qarv, the leadership has been somewhat controversial, something they have focused on but haven’t been able to give all their attention to due to the ongoing war. Thanks to the non-invasion plans, they finally have a chance to deal with Ryan and figure out whether having him as leader is good or the army or not.

We must remember, these plans from the armies are all just for Christmas. Once Christmas is over we’ll be seeing an active war once more. The alliance of AR, Nachos and Army of CP will be back to try and conquer RPF and RPF will continue to destroy the armies that stand in their way.

When the war begins again, the armies will be back to normal battle schedules and not giving up, just as they were doing. All eyes will be on the war since it’s one of the more exciting stories forming in the community. Until then, it’s time to celebrate Christmas. I bet Trader and Trader’s multilog Elsa love Christmas!

What do YOU think? Who will win the war? Is the ceasefire a good or bad thing? Are you looking forward to the continuation of the war?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Vice President


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