Former Marines Leader, Epic Master Joins RPF

TUXEDO, RPF Capital – Following ‘the Pain War’ rages on, Rebel Penguin Federation leadership has hired former Marines Leader and Light Troops Legend, Epic Master into to the army. What can we expect from Epic Master?

Now that RPF is facing a 3 way war with Nachos, ACP and the Army Republic, the leadership has decided to hire more experienced troops into the army. One name came out to be former Marines Leader and Light Troops Legend, Epic Master. Can Epic Master uplift the strength of the army, or will he fail?

There isn’t an official post available on Rebel Penguin Federation’s site, but I’ve managed to get a screen shot from RPF’s chat, and a brief history of Epic Master taken from Pirates site.


 I’m gonna start with how I joined armies and how they went on from there, then I’ll do the honorable mentions and I’ll then finish off with pictures of what I achieved in my time in CP Armies.

I joined armies in December 2011. I was recruited into armies by Waterkid100 (Pirates Leader at the time). I used to be one of those people who would sit on a recruiting chat all day and see when Rockhopper or something would come on but I was asked by waterkid to join the pirates, I didn’t actually know what to think but I just went and joined anyway, not knowing that I’d stick around with this guy for 5 years.

In 2013 the Pirates merged into the Light Troops & waterkid asked me to follow him as he’d be leading the Light Troops, I did follow and I got my usual rank of 4th in Command. In 2014 a lot of stuff happened, there was the LT v DW war that lasted quite a majority of the year but soon ended as the Light Troops beat the Dark Warriors in the tournament battle. I have to say 2014 was probably the final year for pretty much all armies, from 2015 on-ward all armies were pretty shit as almost every army needed to multilog (Doritos, SWAT, UMA) Where as in 2014, armies didn’t need to multilog, bot recruit or cheat, it was all autotyping and hard work. – Here are some highlights from the LT/DW and LT/ACP war in summer 2014.

Now I’m moving on to late 2014 [October – december/january 2015] Elmikey had joined the Light Troops after he’d been overthrown from the Dark Warriors & a war had broken out. The Dark Warriors & the Ice Warriors sucked each others cocks at this time so they teamed up and made “The grand alliance” But they did get fucked by the Light Troops. At this time Jester had also joined the Light Troops and in December Andrew24 & his crew also joined.

In December 2014 a ton of shit happened, the war with DW was getting bigger because people were getting ddosed and shit constantly and in the Christmas Chaos Finals it was LT v DW, the biggest battle of the Year. The Light Troops maxed 80+ on club penguin while the Dark Warriors had a little bit less around 60-70+ But the judges were all Ice Warrior owners so they had helped the Dark Warriors when it came to the voting. Obviously at the time Camelogical were going to bot raid the tourney which is why there was Part I & II to the final. The Dark warriors did win but shit went down and it was because of biased judges.

Epic Master has won several awards for his SM Army career as well as being notable for what he’s managed to do in terms of bigger armies. There are several examples of where Epic Master has found success in the community.

Epic Master is well-known for his services in the Pirates and Light Troops Army. He led the last generation of Light Troops alongside Light Troops Legend, Watekid100. Epic Master has also led armies like Marines and Pirates. Below is are the picture of Light Troops/Pirates and Marines events under Epic Master:

I personally think that Epic Master is a great troop who shows pretty good standards at recruiting as well. Epic Master joining RPF can change the army in many ways. Epic Master is a creative individual who believes in entertaining his own army troops. We don’t know what will happen in the future, only time will tell us all!

UPDATE: While Epic Master is indeed an owner on the Rebel Penguin Federation army chat, there is speculation that the former SM Army Best Leader may not be as loyal as we first considered. While it is only speculation that he will traitor on the RPF, it’s  being heavily rumoured especially as he is now on the Doritos of CP chat without RPF in his name.

What do YOU think? Can Epic Master uplift RPF than it is right now? Will he remain loyal? We here at CPAC want your opinion!


CPA Central Reporter


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  1. and he’s left for DCP already lmao

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