Epic Master Hops Between Christmas Chaos Rivals

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital – Following a recent CP Army Central news report on Epic Master joining the Rebel Penguin Federation, we can now report that he’s already decided to take leave changing loyalties to RPF’s Christmas Chaos rival, Doritos of CP.

An hour ago, following a recent CP Army Central news report on Epic Master joining the Rebel Penguin Federation, now we see a drastic change in his decision. Not even an hour, and Epic Master has decided to take a leave changing loyalties to RPF’s Christmas Chaos rival, Doritos of Club Penguin. CPACs report on Epic Master can be read below:

Now that RPF is facing a 3 way war with Nachos, ACP and the Army Republic, the leadership has decided to hire more experienced troops into the army. One name came out to be former Marines Leader and Light Troops Legend, Epic Master. Can Epic Master uplift the strength of the army, or will he fail?

There isn’t an official post available on Rebel Penguin Federation’s site, but I’ve managed to get a screen shot from RPF’s chat, and a brief history of Epic Master taken from Pirates site.


You can review the full post here.

In a rather surprising twist of events, Epic Master has now peacefully left the Rebel Penguin Federation in favour of their opponents for what some are calling the battle of the year later on today, the Doritos of Club Penguin. Epic has traded his RPF owner rank for the rank of DCP Owner. This change has come around apparently purely by choice of Epic Master.

It’s currently unknown whether or not there will be any bad tensions from the Rebel Penguin Federation after some troops have accused DCP of chat recruiting their owners ahead of the event. It’s also not clear at this point why Epic Master joined the RPF if only to join another army hours later, a disgusting display of disloyalty.

With tensions already running high between DCP and RPF as DCP compete to win their first ever tournament, Epic Master’s betrayal should leave the tournament with an extra boost of added excitement.


Epic is known to have been working on new lines for the Doritos of Club Penguin for the day, even while part of the Rebel Penguin Federation’s ranks. Epic immediately began recruiting for the Doritos. A few troops have questioned whether this clear army hopping infraction is indeed befitting of an SM Legend.

While Epic has had several achievements, it’s now unclear whether he will find success in the Doritos of Club Penguin or whether it will be just one more army in a long line of army switches. CP Army Central intend to keep the community informed.

What do YOU think? Will Epic Master stay loyal to the Doritos of CP? Will his betrayal cause even more tension with the Rebel Penguin Federation?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

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CP Army Central Reporter


9 Responses

  1. Epic Master is the biggest joke ever

  2. Fits in with multilogging DCP I suppose

    • Remember WV…?

      • oooh i memba!

    • Lol still thinks DCP mutlilogs when his army is now known as muliloggers

  3. So Epic is going to become an army hopper now? Can’t he just stick to the army, even when its Christmas?

    • How am I being an army hopper? I was never in RPF in the first place. I was ownered because I wanted to see what it was like in RPF. I just didn’t like the way things went in RPF. I joined DCP instead.

      • “I was ownered because I wanted to see what it was like in RPF.” So you joined RPF, then quit – that’s hopping.

  4. Epic is 14!

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