Christmas Chaos VI Finals [RECAP]

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – After just 7 minutes of intense battling between both the Doritos and the Rebel Penguin Federation, opposed to the originally expected 45, only one army could be titled 2016’s winners of CPA Central’s annual Christmas Chaos tournament.

With the room being announced at 3:00PM EST, both armies were expected to enter the Mine Shack on the server of Klondike. However, the Rebel Penguin Federation went on to hush our judge, meaning that the room could not be announced directly on their chat. Due to this error of miscommunication, the RPF were left at a disadvantage when entering the room.

DCP and RPF in the Mine Shack at the start of the event

After realising that little to none of their troops had been able to enter the room, RPF leader Chip ordered his troops to regroup in a different room, therefore conceding the room and the rest of the battle.

Admission of a regroup being ordered.

As declared by CPA during the coalition meetings in late spring earlier this year, the rule was decided upon by you, our viewers, that should an army leave the room/battle before it is declared as over, the other army wins by default. This is done opposed to armies being judged based entirely on their room performance as an army can, and has done in the past, win the entire battle without overtime being carried out.

Declaration of victory.

With this being kept in mind and a retreat ordered by the RPF, this meant that the Doritos were officially given the victory of our Christmas Chaos tournament just 7 minutes into the battle. RPF have further acknowledged their mistake and admitted defeat.

RPF admitting defeat due to their error.

We here at CPAC would like to state that we will be creating a guidebook which outline our rules for tournaments, events and how to maximise your Top Ten score during the new year.

Winner: Doritos of CP

Prize: 500 xats worth of group powers + trophy


Congratulations to the Doritos for winning our annual Christmas Chaos tournament this year. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of the staff here at CPAC!


CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


8 Responses

  1. Family forever ❤

    • I am so sorry for being late. It’s like 2 am for me so I couldn’t make it. I try to wake up but by the time it’s 3:30 am. But congrats to DCP for the win and now, for the first time, we can finally say this legitimately…
      Fear the shield, penguins. Fear the shields.

  2. I hope RPF can Practice Battle DCP in the near future so we can actually battle. My apologies to the RPF troops that I let down, however. However, I don’t want it to sound like I was completely at fault; Sammie did not even attempt to private chat an owner or leader the room for obvious reasons, (though I was not the one responsible for the hush mistake) – I was responsible for the retreat/regroup. But does it matter? Good victory to the Doritos. Enjoy it!

    • ikr

  3. Neither army actually knew the rule.

  4. Great job DCP

  5. I hope future CPAC administrations can learn from past mistakes.

    • ^Lol blaming CPAC for your leaders’ incompetence, better luck next time old man

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