CPAC Winter Staff Applications

Klondike, CPA Central Headquarters – As Christmas is just a mere two days away, the New Year set to begin, the CPA Central once again opens doors to aspiring reporters. Are you interested in working for the CPA Central, and to have the chance to be a part of the most influential group of people in Club Penguin Armies? 


CPA Central has been the leading CP army news provider for nearly 7 years and counting.  We are looking to extend our staff to acquire some of the brightest minds in all of Armies.  You may ask the current staff, CPA Central offers many unique benefits that other armies or news sites cannot offer.

What You Get Out Of CPAC

  • Work at CPAC – You can be a reporter at the biggest organization in CP Armies, with thousands of views every day. Your posts will be viewed by the whole army community.
  • Staff Pay – If you meet all requirements as a CPAC Staff Member and make 5 posts a month – you will be paid 500 xats every 3 months – meaning over a year you can earn 2000 xats. Bonus payments can be issued as well.
  • Working your way up – You will start as a  reporter, but there always many opportunities to move up the ranking system at CPAC if you are active and consistently post quality reports. Those positions include Associate Producer, Editor-In-Chief, Vice President, Executive Producer… and maybe even CEO?
  • The Staff Site – The staff site is a place where all of the CPAC staff communicate and discuss the development of the site, but also have a lot of fun and some jokes, making it an amazing site to be on. You can see what it is like behind-the-scenes at CPA Central.
  • Media Experience & Writing Practice – The media experience is the best provided in the CP Army Community and the writing practice is an important aspect of modern life that CPA Central can help develop.

The CPA Central can offer you access to Club Penguin Army Worldwide Media.  This website brings the best reporters and administration together to plan and executive plans for our site.  The CPA Central is the only website that can grant you access to this highly exclusive website.

If you are interested in applying to work for CPA Central, comment using the form below:


Email or WordPress Username: 

Do you (or will you) work outside CPAWM (CPAC):

Previous Media Experience (If Any): 

Example Post:

A good example post consists of 400-500 words, contains pictures for evidence, and has a dialogued interview

Good luck to all applicants, and hopefully we’ll see a lot of new reporters in a short while.


CPA Central Executive Producer


15 Responses

  1. I will only join for most annoying author rank.

  2. Name: Verum
    Email or WordPress Username: falcon1111
    Do you (or will you) work outside CPAWM (CPAC, SMAP): Yes, the Washington Post
    Previous Media Experience (If Any): SMAP EP, CPAC EP
    Example Post: Look for it yourself

  3. smap is alive wait what

    • LOL. I WISH BRO..(u were one of the best authors on it)

      • ty <3. Im just confused because it says the CPAWM is SMAP and CPAC (the third question)

        • yea ik

  4. Name: 13yearoldn00b
    Email or WordPress Username: Ilike2typestuff
    Do you (or will you) work outside CPAWM (CPAC): No.
    Previous Media Experience (If Any): CPAC-Editor-In-Chief(August-November, 2016), Central Media Inc.-Chief of Staff (October-December, 2016)
    Example Post:

  5. Name:

    Email or WordPress Username: thatarmydude

    Do you (or will you) work outside CPAWM (CPAC): No

    Previous Media Experience (If Any): CPAC Reporter, SMAC VP

    Example Post: Find it yourself, I am lazy.

  6. Name: Bam
    Email or WordPress Username: rosscova1
    Do you (or will you) work outside CPAWM (CPAC, SMAP): New York Times
    Previous Media Experience (If Any): CPAC VP – Sex Machine Steve
    Example Post:

    • im sorry u dont meet the criteria of cpac

      might i suggest something more ur speed, like cpann, smac (yes im aware theyre dead), or literally anywhere else

      we appreciate ur enthusiasm, but we dont appreciate it enough to hire u

  7. Name: Sonic
    Email or WordPress Username: sonic11352
    Do you (or will you) work outside CPAWM (CPAC): I work at satire websites idk that counts
    Previous Media Experience (If Any): SMAC AP or EP or something, CPAC Reporter, CPAF CEO, anything else doesn’t really count tbh
    Example Post: You know me

  8. Name: Jak
    Email or WordPress Username: jakgraphics
    Do you (or will you) work outside CPAWM (CPAC): I won’t work for any other CPA news site outside of CPAC.
    Previous Media Experience (If Any): None
    Example Post:

    • either you havent seen my application or u didnt bother to read it…

  9. Name: Badboy
    Email or WordPress Username: badboy00924
    Do you (or will you) work outside CPAWM (CPAC, SMAP): No
    Previous Media Experience (If Any): CPAC reporter like 10 times, CPAC Associate Producer more recently
    Example Post:

  10. Name: WInston
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: High School Writing
    Example Post:

    Dark Knights Capital- On December 25th, 2016, Earthing released a post on the Dark Knights blog regarding the return of the once legendary S/M army.

    Since August, the Dark Knights of Club Penguin were declared dead. The last post from the previous generation was written by former leader, Ronnoc. In this post, Ronnoc is pleading to his troops in desperation to find out if the army really is dead. After a lack of comments, the Dark Knights were left as is and the blog fell silent.

    In the previous generation, DK withheld an average size of between 11 and 13 knights at each individual event. Most of these events did happen to be AUSIA events since many of the DK leaders were from asian countries themselves; however, Flame led a few US events.
    Finally; almost three months later, the Dark Knights have returned from death to fight against Army Republic. In his post, Earthing explains that the Army Republic has backstabbed Flame. With that in mind, war is inviteable.

    For the first week of the Dark Knights new embarkment, Earthing and Bullhour will be acting as leaders of the Dark Knight empire. Following that, Flame is believed to then take power. At DK’s first event, they maxed 10 on the server Flurry at an AUSIA training. I do believe this is good for a new army.

    The following day, the Dark Knights then logged onto the server Iceberg in which they reached a sustained amount of ten people on Club Penguin; however, they had over sixteen on chat. With that said, the Dark Knights still need to improve their readiness for battle.

    In conclusion, I fully expect for the Dark Knights to do well during the christmas break. They may even go to as far as top 5 in the weekly ‘Top Ten’ released by the CPAC executives. If this does indeed happen, everyone should be on the lookout for this army. On the other hand, I am uncertain as to how they will perform after Christmas break concludes. After the break, many people do begin to become inactive since they are becoming busy with school and other extracurricular activities. Despite this, I hope that the Dark Knights can be a consistent part of the Top Ten for months.

    Comment below what you think of the Dark Knights return? Will they beat the Army Republic. Share the thoughts YOU have below!

    Future CPAC Reporter

    Why you’d be active: I will be active because I am returning to CP armies and i have more time now. I also have read many posts on this site so I am fully aware of the format.

    Any other comments: None at the moment.

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