Night Warriors Army Announce Return

FOG, Night Warriors Capital – While the Club Penguin Army community moves to the end of another wonderful year, we yet see another legendary army return. The Night Warriors army have announced that they will be making a comeback to the community.

On December 22nd, 2016, former Night Warriors Leader and Legend, SH80532, had made a post on Night Warriors website. Sh had made it clear that Night Warriors will be returning under the leadership of xxToysoldier, Drake, Taco, and himself. The full post can be seen below:

You read the title right the Night Warriors are returning.

We are back once again to take over once again.

I’m SH former NW leader. I led in the latest gen of NW which was brought back by Xxtoysoldier and Drake. After Toy and Drake retired I was inaugurated to leader alongside BMX. I’ve lead in other armies like NR and DW for a little bit but NW is my home. This is the army where I started and where I want to end. The Night Warriors are one of the greatest armies to live and they are officially back. Two other people are leading alongside me. You have probably already heard of them as they are well-known around the community.




Those are the two leaders leading alongside me. You might be asking is this era legitimate. Earlier this year Toy merged NW into DW, after that Tomb told me if I ever wanted to bring back NW I could. Site will be updated from DW themed to NW.A hiring post will be out soon for anyone that wants to join who hasn’t. Chat will be reset soon after this post is released.

We will be returning on December 30th

Might of the Night!

Last time Night Warriors were around back in September, they managed to get sizes of over 22 as well as gain the prestigious 1st place rank on the top ten.  All the leaders are confident that they will be able to reach the number one spot once again. A picture of Night Warriors previous generation can be seen below:

Will this generation be stronger than the last one? Night Warriors seem to have the full potential to be a great army. However, will they live up to that potential? Only time can tell. We can only sit and watch and hope for the best for Night Warriors.


To find out more about the return of Night Warriors, the CPA Central has an exclusive interview with Verum. You can view it below.

Interview with Verum, Night Warriors Leader

 CPAC: What are your plans for the future?

Verum: Our plans are to just be the greatest army until this community dies. We’ll the beacon of light in the darkness and we’ll continue to be until the end.

CPAC: Do you think the leadership is better than the last generation?

VerumThe current leadership is the same as our last generation. We’re the people who made this army great and we will do it again.

CPAC: How do you plan on getting bigger?

VerumThrough recruiting.

CPAC: Any last comments?

VerumI am voting for Camperjohn64. Camperjohn64 is the first Syrian refugee to ever lead an army, and he has accomplished many accomplishments. He has lead the Nachos and other armies, the list could really go on. For someone on the spectrum, he has really defied all odds and done something only about two thirds of all autistic people have the capability of doing. I once was feeling really upset about something and then Camperjohn64 demonstrated how much worse my life could be and I instantly felt better. Camper goes above and beyond because unlike other leaders who have the maturity of an 8 year old, Camper also has achieved the intellect of an 8 year old, an ability that allows him to talk to his troops on a peer to peer basis.

What do YOU think? Can the Night Warriors dominate the CPA Community? Will this generation do well, or will this generation fail? What do you think of the leadership, is it strong? Here at CPA Central, we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Reporter


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  1. Might Of The Night.

  2. Nice to see more armies returning.

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