Nacho Army Leader Ryan Admits Botting

FJORD, Nacho Army Empire – In midst of a war with the Rebel Penguin Federation, the mystery of Qarv has been solved as Nacho Army leader Ryan has now admitted that he has botted several armies.

On December 22nd, Nacho Army Leader Ryan took to the Nacho Army blog to post “My Confession” – a post in which he admitted to being the notorious botter, Qarv. CP Army Central is now going to take that post apart.

Defense For Yesterday

I was accused of bot raiding the Battle of Breeze yesterday by the Rebel Penguin Federation, which is 100% false and has been proven so by Void, Dawix, and several other people who rushed to my rescue. It all started with this picture:


When I saw this I was absolutely bewildered and shocked, because I never bot raided this battle… Why would I bot raid a battle that my own army was in? But everyone jumped on the case and realized that I was in stealth in that picture (I never go in stealth), and that I had no home page in the picture. And Void jumped on the case with more evidence that is more in-depth to prove me innocent:

I am grateful for everyone that jumped to my rescue and proved me innocent, which I was. Whoever did this was pretty pathetic. But RPF believed it because of something their leaders knew. But what was that thing? Now I start the hardest story in my life, one that will hopefully end my haunting of guilt.

The botting allegations first came to light when the Rebel Penguin Federation became victim to a bot attack and screenshots emerged that appeared to show Nacho Army leader, Ryan admitting to it. Following an investigation of CP Army Central reader, Dawix and former CP Army Central Vice President, Ben – the picture was deemed a fake.

This fake botting allegation however uncovered some rather real information that led to Ryan continuing his post to include some rather telling facts about his last few months in the army community.

Back in June, I was leading the Night Rebels and I hired botter Olimad (I didn’t know that he was a botter at the time), and he gave me hundreds of penguins made with a penguin maker script that he had. Fast forward to a month or so later, I was the second in command of the Nacho Army and we were being raided on Club Penguin by a mysterious botter. Stone543 said that it was another botter using Cloudpenguin, and I had never heard of this program, so I researched it out of interest. I wasn’t a bad guy, but when I read up on it, I became curious and clicked download.

Time went by and I was a regular on Blizzard as a guy trolling Club Penguin players just for fun. I would run into the pizza parlor with bots and leave those guys like, “WTF!!??”, and then charge out and march through Club Penguin. And the hub for all botters was the Stadium, where the big sport was watching the botters charge through the room and even battle other bot groups like armies.

Suddenly, like a light bulb, an idea came to my mind, something that I had never done before and was the upmost strike. Anyone that did this was hated and seen as the villian of the Club Penguin Army Community.

Like a bad rehab soap drama, Ryan begun telling the community about when he got into botting downloading the bot programme, Cloudpenguin and using it to troll Club Penguin players on the server Blizzard. I wonder why people hate our army community? Ryan continued on with his post.

For many years, I had been a young noob that first joined the army community at 8 years of age. I was always trying to rise an army but failed miserably, being humiliated and made fun of as time went on. Another thing I did was make mistakes when I was young that ended up turning out horribly, like being stupid enough to imposter Lorenzo Bean to return the Night Warriors in 2014, only to be caught by Boomer. And when I failed at leading the Dark Warriors, everyone went around xat with “WEBELIEVERYAN” and that went on for months. It hurt, as it wasn’t in a nice way, it was mean-spirited. To this day, I can’t even go on a chat without people throwing jibes at me and cussing me out, and again, it hurt beyond words. And I know that this will make the jibes be on more fire than ever, but this is something that I have to confess to. Also, I am not a bad guy, just a very stupid one and I so regret this.

One day I got on an hour before an RPF event and set up my bots, as I had been used by Elmikey while in RPF before and I was disgusted by the way that he treated troops like toys, including treating myself like that. Suddenly, my bots (these were the penguins Olimad gave me) erupted into the stadium and began their attack, but they crashed instantly and RPF laughed at my failed attempt. This only angered me and I learned more about the program, including how to save the bots and their positions, instead of having to set them up 1 by 1 each time. No one knew about this but me, and my raiding continued and suddenly started getting out of hand.

In almost serial killer fashion, Ryan than began to attempt to justify his botting by blaming bullying at the hands of Club Penguin Army players and naming Elmikey as a prime example of someone that Ryan believed to simply just use troops. He blamed the RPF for his bot use as he continued on with his post.

My thoughts were that no one would think that I was capable of this, so I was safe for a while atleast. All that ran through my mind was revenge on all that had dared to wrong me, so I began raiding more and more often, and I became known under the alias that will go down in botting history as one of the most famous botters of all time, Qarv.

Tournaments were struck, and I was very careful to not raid every army. But there was one battle that I don’t recall the name of the army the Water Vikings were facing, but it had been planned the day before for botters to raid this battle. Around ten botters, led by Qarv, charged the Cove and stunned the Water Vikings as their tactics were covered. They tried to retreat, but every major room was covered with bots, and we connected them to the troops so that they couldn’t escape. That battle was the start of the age of the botter who had succeeded the legendary Violanteena (if that is how you spell his name), Qarv, a botter who decorated his bots in ghost costumes with pumpkin helmets (this had nothing to do with the KKK as I am strongly against racism).

Time went on and I mainly left every army except for RPF alone, besides tournaments. I was sitting on chat, no event, one morning and I decided to raid the Water Vikings. Suddenly, Jack (Not the IW guy, the other one), banned me and accused me of being Qarv, the first time anyone had ever suspected me of being the botter. Chip defended me and unbanned me, and I thought all was alright.

Ryan continued on speaking about how he believed that he was safe from people finding out that it was indeed  him botting. He then spoke about how he targeted CP Army Central tournaments – oh I’ll get to that don’t worry. He spoke about how the Water Vikings became a huge target of his not actually giving a reason as to why this was. He continued with his insanely long post.

Time came to go on vacation and I decided to stop botting two weeks before I left, so that no one would notice that the bots disappeared when I did. I botted every now and again once I returned, but I pretty much stopped except for a couple of times here and there. In October I was at school and I checked chat while on puffin, and it was in an uproar over some post that Chip had made. He had accused a high ranking Nacho of being Qarv, and while he was protecting me by not enclosing my name even though he knew it was me, everyone was now trying to figure out who was the guilty party. Badboy, who admitted to botting the Night Warriors, even asked me for botting tips! LOL!

Of course I went on the denial, although Chip kept accusing me on main chat. I ended up after a month or so, admitting to Chip that I was Qarv, as he threatened to post it on the site and that this was my last chance to confess. After pleading to him to keep my secret, he said that he’d protect me and I have been grateful that he hasn’t revealed my secret since, as I had stopped botting a while back.

Again, I am not a bad guy, I really am not, except for the fact that I felt that I had been treated badly and used. I am not like some people who did wrong and they couldn’t care less, as I am admitting that I screwed up. I am also aware that everyone in the community and my own troops will probably hate me now, and that this may even cost me my rank. But I have to get this off of my chest, I can’t keep this inside of me haunting my waking day. AND I WILL STATE THAT I NEVER RAIDED THE NACHOS, AS I LOVE THIS ARMY. THAT WAS SOME RANDOM GUY THAT WORKED OFF OF THE QARV IDEA AND THE CONTROL BOT FOR THOSE WAS QARV1.

Ryan spoke about how Rebel Penguin Federation leader, Chip found out about his botting and promised to keep Ryan’s dirty little secret. Ryan reminded everyone that he had never raided the Nacho Army as he apparently loves it, for this reason – CP Army Central has decided not to deduct any points from the Nacho Army as it is evident that they are not to blame for Ryan’s mistakes.

Ryan continued on to admit that he raided the Wild Ninjas, the Army Republic, The Night Warriors and the Army of Club Penguin. It’s currently unknown if this will lead to any other armies falling out with the Nacho’s or more specifically Ryan. He claimed the only armies that he didn’t raid were Doritos, Thugs, Golds and the Redemption Force.

Ryan has since apologised for his actions however many retirees on the Nacho Army chat have called for Ryan to step down. A decision will soon be made by Kevin, former Nacho Leader as to whether Ryan will be asked to step down according to former leader, Dan101 and Nacho 3ic, Snickers.

CP Army Central’s Stance

CP Army Central does not condone botting of any kind, as Ryan has admitted to botting our tournaments and we’ve apparently gone soft in my absence, CP Army Central CEO, Jodie has decided to disqualify Ryan from this seasons Legend Inductions with immediate effect. There will be no consequences on the Nacho Army as they are clearly not in the wrong here.

What do YOU think? Has Ryan truly stopped botting? Or are the recent bot attacks on armies such as DCP related to him in someway?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief




9 Responses

  1. Wild Ninjas, the Army Republic, The Night Warriors and the Army of Club Penguin, I said were NOT botted

    • Then you said you botted them on 1 or 2 occasions – It may have just been small, but it’s still botting them.

  2. So this guy held his confession in for two months and he expects people to feel sorry for him. Only reason he posted this confession was so I don’t expose him before he does, too bad I did, though. Nachos are very evil hypocrites.

    • False. I typed up the confession the night before, planning to come out, before you tried to blackmail me.

      • Have you got any evidence of blackmail?

      • No blackmail, all I did was ask you for a return favor, but you backstabbed me, so I reevaluated my initial thinking of saving your reputation. Also, it took you months to type it up? You just typed it up because you assumed I was going to expose it after you declared war on me! You’re not fooling anyone, Ryan.

        • Did I ever say months? And when you are telling someone to get out of the war, or you’ll post that they are Qarv, sounds like blackmail to me.

    • “Nachos are very evil hypocrites”

      Ryan doesn’t not represent the Nacho Army as a whole, we’re not like you and RPF.

      • does not*

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