Cowboydan101 Joins Night Warriors

FOG, Night Warriors Nation – Not long after the announcement of a return for the Night Warriors, former Nachos Army leader, Cowboydan101 has decided to move onto a potential candidate for success army that goes by the name of Night Warriors. How will this effect NW? Lets just see.

Cowboydan101 is well-known for his service in the Nachos Army. On the 23rd of December, 2016, it came out that Dan101 has joined the Night Warriors for the rank of 2nd in command. You can read his retirement post below:

Hola Nachos!

It’s been one crazy ride these couple of months. Me achieving leader in a legendary army such as Nachos — a few have ever had the honor to say that. Keeping the army alive without any legends was a great feeling, we also won a tournament without any legends and we were a dominate force not be reckoned with. But sadly it’s my time to go, I got bored with armies, it became more of a chore than a fun hobby.

* His full retirement post can be found by clicking here. *

Dan states it was a huge achievement to lead an army as legendary as the Nachos. He states his reason to leave was because he got bored with armies, when I asked him if there were any other reasons, he said school was a factor too. Although, there isn’t any official post I could find on the Night Warriors website, there is a picture of him on the Night Warriors chat box.


Since Cowboydan101 left the Nachos  he’s moved onto other things, the most notable one being Cowboydan101 joining NW, for the rank of 2ic.  Many people were shocked to see Cowboydan01 join NW as not long before he was leading the Nachos Army. Now that people have got over the shock they will be looking to see if he can rise the army. People will just have to wait and see for that question to be answered. Below is a picture of Nachos event lead by Dan101.


Nachos maxing 17

To find out more about Dan101 joining the Night Warriors, CPAC managed to conduct an interview with Dan101 about him joining Night Warriors Army. Let’s just see what he had to say!

Interview With Dan101, Night Warriors 2ic:

CPAC: Why did you join Night Warriors?

Dan101: Well, first I am on winter breaks. Second of all, I was going to join Nachos, but Ryan is there and he was being a fuc*

CPAC: How do you plan to rise Night Warriors?

Dan101: By recruiting.

CPAC: What can we expect from Night Warriors?

Dan101: Night Warriors will be the biggest army and will be dominating.

CPAC: Any last comment?


As you can see above, Dan101 says he was going to join the Nachos Army again, however, because Ryan being in the Nachos Army, he didn’t feel like joining back. What can this lead to? War? It will be interesting to find out.

What do YOU think? Was Dan101 joining NW a good thing? Is it possible that Night Warriors and Nachos might be going into a war? Will Night Warriors get first place in the CPAC Top Ten?
Comment below YOUR opinions!


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