Hall Of Famer Returns to Lead Thugs of Club Penguin

AVALANCHE, Thugs of Club Penguin Nation – In a shocking turn of events that everyone cares about, Hall of Famer, Osiron242 has returned to the Thugs of Club Penguin Army in order to lead.

On December 21st, Hall of Famer Osiron242 took to the Thugs of Club Penguin official blog to announce her monumental return to the Thugs of Club Penguin army in a post that can only be described as inspiring. The full post can be read below.

bois im back

As you can see from the above post, Osiron242 is a lady of few words and a woman of action. Following the publication of this post that will go down in Club Penguin Army history as one of the greatest returns to warfare, just 24 hours later, Osiron led the charge onto Sleet in which the Thugs of Club Penguin successfully invaded DCP by mistake.

Osiron242 is known for being the third leader in the Thugs of Club Penguin and holds the monumental record of being the first ever female leader in the Thugs of Club Penguin army – a record that she holds dear to her heart.


Osiron242 as a result of this return has once again assumed her position of Thugs of Club Penguin Commander alongside Blazes, just one mere rank away from being a Supreme Commander along with such names as Poseidon112 and Jammi Dodger – the legends of tomorrow.

Her plans going forward are currently unknown but one must suspect that she plans to continue building up her career and rising up the ranks to Supreme Commander which is the second leader status.

With Osiron242 now back in the Thugs of Club Penguin, it would be no surprise if armies also on the Top Ten begin closing down in fear of the Thugs of Club Penguin’s inevitable rise to the top.

What do YOU think? Should RPF just close down now and give the Thugs of Club Penguin their number one spot? Will anyone be able to stop Osiron242 in her path to greatness?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Associate Producer


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  1. Can’t tell if satire or news

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