Former Nacho Army Leader Calls For Major Shakeup In Leadership

FJORD, Nacho Army Empire – Following a rather controversial coalition announcement seeing the Nacho Army become allies with the Army of Club Penguin and a new botting investigation, former Nacho Army leader, Dan101 is calling for the removal of Nacho Leader, Ryan.

Former Nacho Leader, Dan101 today took to the Nacho Army official chat room in order to voice his opinion on Ryan’s employment in the Nacho Leadership. He was joined in his views by Jed. Following is a screenshot taken on the chat room.


The ‘Get rid of Ryan’ campaign follows a confession from the Nacho Army leader that CP Army Central will be covering following the correct amount of research into the allegations at hand.

As you can see from the post, former leader Dan101 and also Jed called for the banishment of Ryan from the army.

Attempts have been made to contact Kevin, also a former Nacho leader, who will according to Nacho third-in-command Snickers have final say in what happens with Ryan who has recently announced that he will step down if asked to by the Nacho veterans.


The Nacho Army has had success under Ryan and looks to continue being successful in their war against the Rebel Penguin Federation. While the retirees are said to be joking in regards to Ryan’s firing, there have been genuine calls for something to be done following the botting.

This comes just a day after former Nacho leader Shivertoe2 found himself angry at the Nacho Empire’s decision to align with long time enemies, the Army of Club Penguin – an army that Shiver managed to defeat time and time again when he was in the height of his power.

What do YOU think? With some retirees being serious and others joking, will anything come of the ‘Down with Ryan’? Should the Nacho Army continue on with their ACP alliance?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Associate Producer


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  1. Acp and Nachos aren’t meant to be allies.

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