Doritos of Club Penguin Issue Statement To Bot Raider

SUMMIT, Doritos of Club Penguin Nation – Following a bot raid of the most recent Doritos of Club Penguin event, the army has taken to the blog in order to try to reason with the bot raider who currently remains unnamed.

On December 22nd, ilike2typestuff13 took to the Doritos of Club Penguin blog in order to make a personal address to the bot raider on behalf of the entire army. The full address can be read below:


I’m going to make this brief and simple, we would like you, the bot raider, to discontinue all bot raids against DCP. We are willing to negotiate terms with you, if it means your bot raiding at our events STOPS. You can come on our chat,, to discuss this further.

Thank You.

As you can see from the no nonsense post, the DCP leadership appear to want to find a quick and easy way to stop the botting as they enter one of the most hyped battles of the calendar year as the Doritos of Club Penguin get ready to face the Rebel Penguin Federation in the finals of the Christmas Chaos tournament.

Appearing on the Doritos chat on a null account earlier, the mysterious botter informed the Doritos that he would raid any army that bans him on their chat after finding a botting script apparently given to him by Nacho leader Ryan by mistake. This threat saw the user banned on the Doritos chat however he made good on his promise.


The attack on today’s Doritos of Club Penguin event which happened to be a tournament training made it the third time in a row that the DCP were targeted by the mysterious botter. Here is the comments made by DCP owner Greeny in the results post.

Hello Doritos,

Today we held another training event where the same person botted us for the 3rd day in a row. Not sure what he is trying to accomplish, as it is obvious we are 100% legit. Due to this, we were only able to form one formation, but it was a great one. Formations will continue to be worked on, as we have a historic one planned for the Christmas Chaos.

DCP doesn’t seem to be allowing the botter to phase them as they storm ever closer to the CP Army Central Christmas Chaos finals. With no clearer idea on who the botter is and without a plan in order to stop them, the DCP have got to hope that the invitation to negotiate will indeed be enough.

What do YOU think? Will the botter make an appearance at the Christmas Chaos finals? Or will DCP be able to talk them round?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Associate Producer


2 Responses

  1. False, I do not have a script. When I made that horrible mistake of being Qarv, I used Cup,

    • Post isn’t false, I just quoted what the null said. Null’s comment may be false, but not the post.

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