Army Republic Join The Pain Wars

KLONDIKE, War Rooms, CP Army Central Headquarters – While this has been covered in the War Coverage, it’s such a big topic it deserves its own post as the Army Republic have now joined the Pain Wars.

On December 21st, Sai the Heifer took to the Army Republic blog to publish a post entitled “Encore for the Alliance” announcing the Army Republic’s intentions to join the alliance of the Nacho Army and the Army of Club Penguin in their war with the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Let’s skip the pleasantries and get right into it.

Our alliance with ACP and Nachos stands stronger than anything else. So, RPF we will not be your allies. We are with our allies in times of need and now is the time to take a stand. The Republic will fight with them until the end of this brawl.

The beginning of the post spoke of the Army Republic’s stance on what side they will take in the war. After being asked to be allies of the Rebel Penguin Federation, AR decided it was time to publicly state their loyalties to the ACP and the Nacho Army.

Two leaders in RPF that have previously fought as troops in The Republic. Traitors of AR (you know who you are) will fall knowing that they’ve made a grave mistake. Your reason for war is solely based on a single person’s long held malice against an army that’s goal is to do what is best for this community. Attacking them is an insult to any ally of ACP.

Despite mentioning no names, it certainly appears apparent that the Army Republic are taking this war personally after stating that the Rebel Penguin Federation are harbouring two Army Republic traitors who the army intend to make pay for their “grave mistake.”


The Army Republic recently revealed their revised events schedule for the Christmas Week in the Army Republic. They stated that they would attend the Defence of Breeze which is currently listed as a contested battle as both armies could not agree on a winner.

Due to the Christmas period, the army have not yet managed to schedule any invasions of the Rebel Penguin Federation as it’s their intention to do this next week. With ACP and RPF currently involved in a ceasefire that will expire at midnight on Christmas Day, the RPF will surely be glad of this.

The score for war currently stands at 1 win for the allies and 1 win for the Rebel Penguin Federation. This comes following the RPF successfully invading Parka and the ACP successfully invading Half Pipe. The battle of Tuxedo and battle of Breeze were both contested.

What do YOU think? What impact will the Army Republic have on the war? Should the RPF be fearful of the Army Republic?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Associate Producer


What do YOU think? Comment your opinion!

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