Tax1 Inaugurated as Doritos of Club Penguin Leader

SUMMIT – Doritos of Club Penguin Capital – Following a year away from actively leading, Tax1 has been announced as the newest DCP Leader joining an already powerful combination as DCP heads into their tournament final battle at the Christmas Chaos finals.

On December 19th, it was announced that Legend nominee, Tax1 has become the newest leader of the Doritos of Club Penguin. With this, he joined the ranks of such people as Badboy, 13yearoldn00b, 32op and Mikester. This has left the army with five leaders as there have been no announcements of any step downs.

This news came just hours after the Doritos Army found out they would be facing the Rebel Penguin Federation in the finals of the 2016 Christmas Chaos tournament hosted by CP Army Central.

A short paragraph was published to the DCP website in order to comment on the new leader and provide a small introduction to Tax.

Hello Doritos, 

Throughout these past few weeks, we have seen a lot of internal growth as an army. We have done many different things that solidify our now world power status. With this being the case, we have one individual in particular who has decided to aid us in our quest to win the Christmas Chaos. The current Dorito leadership has decided that this individual is a great addition to the leadership as a whole. It is my pleasure to inaugurate Tax into the Doritos leadership. Tax last led the Ice Warriors to sizes of 50-60+, and hasn’t really been active since. It is an honor to have him here at the Doritos, and we welcome him with open arms.

~The Doritos Leadership

The Doritos Army seem proud of their accomplishments believing now that they’ve managed to become a world power status. This is fact as there are rumours that DCP are preparing for war with Afganistan in order to obtain oil. Tax’s promotion to leader appears to be a sign of thanks from the leadership for his loyalty.

With DCP looking to head into the new year with a Christmas Chaos victory, time will soon tell whether Tax’s efforts as leader will pay off. Tax also looks to focus on winning legend status in the CP Army Central legend inductions that are still open.

What do YOU think? Have the DCP made the right choice in hiring Tax1? Will we see any more leadership changes in DCP in the coming weeks?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Associate Producer


4 Responses

  1. ” This has left the army with five leaders as there have been no announcements of any step downs. ”

    If you want to talk about step downs, talk about RPF. Seven leaders lol.

    • I wasn’t saying you should step down, just making the point that while Tax is becoming leader, doesn’t mean someone is being removed.

  2. Where was my inaugural post?

    • I’ve only just started working here – staff v slow

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