25 Days of Christmas Trivia [Day 20]

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As Christmas approaches, CP Army Central has decided to hold a Christmas Trivia where viewers will be able to win big!

Just like every year, CPA Central will be once again hosting a trivia style event in the run up to Christmas. Each day, a new trivia question will be posted. Each question is worth up to 70 xats. There will be 25 questions, one each day and it will end on Christmas Day.

Here is the question for day 20. The first person to comment below with the correct answer to this question will win. To know if you have won, we will reply to you in the comments below and we will give you details on where to claim your reward.

Day 19 winner:


To collect your reward please PC our Vice President, Ben // ThatWaryGuy on xat.
ThatWaryGuy (1510846615)


The Question

Christmas Island, in the Indian Ocean, is a territory of which country?


Once again, best of luck to all participants taking part in CPA Central’s 25 Day Christmas Trivia.

Ben // ThatWaryGuy

CPA Central Vice President


8 Responses

  1. Australia.

    • I think its right

    • Congratulations, you are today’s winner! Please see me on to claim your prize.

  2. Lego is incorrect, as the answer is Australia and England. Australia is a English colony, so England would also have stakes on any Australia colony, which is Christmas Island.

    • LOL. gfg bro

    • Both answers were correct but since Lego got it first, he gets the prize.

      • The question was “which country” , not “which countries” so Ryan is correct but wrong. Gg.

      • But he only answered one of the two countries.

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