This Day in CPA History [12/19]

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – It’s time to looks through CPA history and see the majors stories and events that happened on December 19 in past years. Hope you enjoy today’s “This Day in CPA History”.

The 2013 Machy Awards

This was the first and only time the “Machy Awards” were handed out. There were 5 categories the nominees could win. Pervert of the Year, Noob of the Year, Madame of the Year, Dictator of the Year, and Legend of the Year. First place winners would get 1000 xats second place got 100 xats and third place got 10. Waterkid won Pervert of the year, Rocky won Noob of the Year, Jessie won Madame of the Year, and last but not least Elmikey won Legend of the Year.

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Nachos Declare War on the Ice Warriors

Soon after the 2014 Nachos and WV the Nachos decided to go after another army, this army was the Ice Warriors. The Ice Warriors at the time were in a slight decline because of the retirement of many leaders. Many legends planned to return since break started soon. They were getting sizes around 15. On the other hand, the Nachos were getting better improving every week and getting a higher rank on CPAC’s top 10. The Nachos ranked 5th and the Ice Warriors ranked 6th in the latest top 10 at the time.

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RPF invade Blizzard from Nachos

During the end of 2015 the Nachos and RPF had been at war and this was going to be one of the bigger battles. Over the past defenses, the Nachos have been struggling. Trying to keep their servers but ultimately failing. Both armies got sizes around 20. The Nachos had just won the semi-finals of the Christmas and this could be their second victory of the day. Since Blizzard is a popular server the battle was moved to Klondike. Both armies said they won the battle, more invasions would continue the following days.


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That’s all for today hope you enjoyed. Feel free to comment any suggestions or anything I missed. Also, how often do you think this should be posted? Everyday, every other, or only important days. 


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