CP Army Central – Present and Future

Hello, comrades.

In case you didn’t know, I’m Jodie. I CEO’d Small and Medium Army Central between 2015 and 2016, and have been a part of CPAWM’s Board of Directors since January. Over the past year or so, the past few months in particular, the community and media sector has been described as many things: dying, worthless, boring and pointless. While all of this may be true for some, it’s important that we deliver you the most quality possible content during what could be our final generation here in the Club Penguin Army community.

I urge you, as a member of the public, to continue reading this post.

Current Events

With Atticus, former SMAC and CPAC Chief Executive Officer abdicating from the position, CPAC has been left in a state of devastation for some months. However, Lorenzo Bean, the most recent CEO, managed to hold the site up with almost no help for an amazing amount of time – despite being extremely busy in his personal life. Unfortunately, Lorenzo felt that it was time for him to move on from the community, and privately announced his departure to the members of staff here at CPAC, wishing not for a dedication post. With that in mind, I’d like to take this brief opportunity to thank him for his time here at CPA Central, and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.

Following his departure, this meant that CPAC would be left without a Chief Executive Officer. With the task of running this site always proving to be a perplexing and difficult task to take on, I have decided to leave my retirement state for the sole purpose of running this site – for the benefit of the readers, reporters and the community as a whole. It brings me great pleasure and satisfaction to be allowed to take this site at the helm, steering towards a bright future and upholding a site which has, for many years, posed as a centre hub for Club Penguin Armies.

Of course, I won’t be taking on this task alone. CPA Central has 3 members of upper staff, all now currently holding the rank of Vice President, who deserve a lot more recognition and appreciation than they receive. Without them, CPAC wouldn’t have been able to continue through an age where CEOs could not be committed to their job, where despite everything thrown at the site by the general public, they continued to push posts out daily for no other reason than to keep this site running. With this being said, I bring you the future visions and ambitions of the most dedicated staff here at CPAC – Ben, Sammie and Zoomey.


What do I want to achieve? I want to make CPAC, and the community itself, more fun just – like how it used to be back in 2007-2011. We have recently reached 4 million views, but I’m aiming for 6 million. I know it’s a lot, but it could happen if we make CPAC better and more interesting. This can easily be done with new columns like a Then and Now column on armies. These ideas can make CPA Central what it used to be with all the fun in the community, and this is what I hope to achieve during my time in CPAC. What do I see CPAC as? Well, I see CPA Central as the #1 news site, the main part of Club Penguin armies, and what Club Penguin armies are fighting and training for each week. I see CPAC as a group of friends who get together and make posts for the community and fun new columns. What I see in CPAC in the future is a better news site and not just the same army posts that you find on our website right now. I want to see a team that never gives up to entertain their viewers, I want to see CPA Central as the only organization/news site that you can find impossible to beat with all the work we have gone through to make the community great again. You, the viewers can help make all of this come true, don’t just sit and be on XAT all day, do something that can improve the community and help us make it right. What I have gotten from CPA Central is better grammar and a better experience of writing news which I haven’t learned yet in school. The experience I have with CPA Central is amazing, and it’s one that I have never thought that I would get. When you get better, you get there, on the top.

-Ben, CPA Central Vice President


CPAC has been through so much in the past 5 years. From defacement, multilogging investigations and even incidents of explicit content, CPAC has come a long way and we’re not giving up now. I want CPA Central to be, well, a centre for all armies. Of course, we’re not perfect. But, we’re striving closer to our mission, to provide a hub for all armies. I want CPAC to be a fun, happy, unbiased place where everyone can come and hang out and enjoy themselves. There will be some things you won’t like about our site, but all of us here are working together to provide a site that you will all enjoy. CPAC is a family and we always stick together no matter how hard times are. I wish Jodie the best of luck.

-Sammie, CPA Central Vice President


I want CPAC to get back on it’s feet. Back to what it once was, to its past self. Nowadays, CPAC is faced with many a problem but fights them head on. The fighting does not seem to work but I’m sure in the long run it will. CPAC has never given up no matter what problem it’s faced and never will. If it’s lack of staff, lack of post quality or anything else, we will tackle it head on without a doubt. In the future, I hope to see CPAC rise to what it once was because it has the potential to do so. I’m hoping this will happen in the near future because CPAC is meant to be a place where be can read and enjoy reading. In the short run, I’m hoping for CPAC to be liked by more people like it once was and in the long run, I’m hoping that CPAC fulfil its potential and becomes what it once was.

-Zoomey, CPAC Vice President

In the above statements, each member of staff portray their vision for CPAC, in a way that is similar to one another despite being entirely different. With the above words being spoken from deep within the writers’ truthful ambitions, I am confident that CPAC will be able to return to its former glory under its new management and with its trusty members of staff guiding it through.

The Future of CPAC

Of course, CPAC’s development cannot begin without a plan of action. Although not everything has been decided upon yet, I’m sure that you, our viewers, will take great pleasure in reading what we have in store for CPAC over the next few weeks. As well as this, please feel free to leave any ideas on how to improve the site in the comments below. Whether that be a page, column or even a tournament, we’re open to your ideas! After all, without you, CPAC wouldn’t be the organisation which you all know and love.

  • Site redesign – That’s right, a much needed site redesign will be coming to CPAC by the new year. This will be accustomed for both the small and medium sector of the community, as well as the major.
  • Polls – The weekly poll will be up and running once again, allowing us to communicate with you and receive feedback on what we’re doing – ensuring only the best viewing experience for you.
  • Annual Activities – Currently, we are in the process of holding our annual Legend Inductions and awards, perfecting them to suit you and your opinions.
  • Contests – CPAC will be holding some more contests and competitions, although not the usual trivia, site hunt, etc. Of course, these are still standard, although activities such as story writing contests are likely to be held during periods of time without a national holiday (e.g. Easter, Christmas).
  • Columns Forget the usual, boring “Army in Focus” columns, it’s time for something new! Every month, column propositions will be placed into one of our weekly polls. The most popular will be turned into a regular article for that month – being based around what you request.
  • Activities such as game nights and recorded battles are also on the cards, yet are awaiting community feedback.

The above plans are all the beginning of CPAC reconnecting with you, our viewers, and the community. As always, it is our main goal to present you with only the best possible news, providing you with utmost satisfaction and desire to continue your time here in the CP Army community. Please remember that we are always open to suggestions, and will happily attempt to improve your experience here to the best of our ability.

For you, the community, us. Together. 


CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


28 Responses

  1. game on, baby… the community needs help yes

  2. There’s much to do and little time before this train we’re on goes to hell. Let’s see if we can get out of this slump while we still can.

    • Let’s do it, together!

  3. rip CPAC

  4. Give it a shot.

  5. Very nice post, Jodie. Take the darkness by the figurative balls and get things done for this community!

    • It’s on!

  6. Good post Jodie. Altho, I can’t help in the back-end of CPAC, I still can help in the front end. Feel free to contact me for site redesign/css/gfx or ideas for Annual Activites

    • We appreciate all help being offered and contributed!

  7. Pray!

  8. I can help in any coding stuff if you want 🙂
    Including customs/gfx/css/SEO etc.

    • 1) This is a site
      2) SEO Thing doesn’t work on

    • We appreciate any help which you may be able to offer if/when it is needed.

  9. The community needs help, of course but don’t try to negate the help I’m trying to offer rather removed instead

    • We appreciate all help and contributions offered!

  10. I’ve always loved CPAC, and Woton himself was a good friend of mine; being a 8 year veteran, I’d love to help in any way I can, and with my health situation constantly hounding me, it means that I’m always looking for distractions.

    If you don’t want me to help, I’m fine with that too. Just willing to offer a hand, I admired Woton for what he started, because alot of people did not like what he was trying to do at the beginning, but it gave something for people to strive towards, and I gotta respect him for making a site that would effectively catalog the second golden age and bring something that motivated armies, the top tens. Of course the top ten system is not perfect, and there can be corrupting and bribery, but 90% its an amazing way to get people to log on.

    If theres anything I can do to help; just ask; I’d love to help yall. 🙂


    • Indeed, CPA Central has posed as a leading figure for the community for many years. Woton had a vision for CPAC which I feel has bypassed his expectations – yet could disappoint him should it be seen now.
      That’s why us, as members of CPAC and the community, must work together to return CPAC to its former glory. To guide the armies of what we have grown to love and have attached ourselves to through the depression which is currently being faced.
      I assure you, I am more than grateful for your most kindhearted offer of help, and I’d like to explore with you in which ways you’d like to assist us with this. Please feel free to contact me at any time, either through WordPress or another method which can be further discussed.
      Together, as a community and as one, we can make CPAC great again.

  11. You got this!

  12. go jodie and the other 3 members of cpac


  13. All four of you are doing CPAC proud by continuing to invest effort into the site at a time where others are not, dont hesitate to contact me if you need advice.

  14. CPAC is rather like the EU, in that it is a project that may have had good intentions, however it has been taken over by people who hate certain armies and are always biased. There are so many problems, problems that you refuse to even consider fixing. It’s not going to be solved with a new site, or anything you have listed. From the tournaments to reporting, CPAC is deeply flawed and the sooner that it is gotten rid of and armies are left to be armies, the better.

    • Not to mention how involved in the internal affairs of armies. You’re a news site, not a government.

  15. Good luck.

  16. I’ll get a tattoo of the CPAC logo on my face if it hits 6 million. That’s how confident I am it won’t.

  17. I have nice idea.
    We can try to make TS3/Curse CPAC communicator! (Writting on chat+talking by voice)

  18. I have a really crazy idea… how about CPAC focuses on actually posting some army news :O :O :O

    • On it

  19. I can help cpac by making buttons and banners

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