Christmas Chaos V: Semi Final Recap

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The Christmas Chaos continued today as 4 armies battle for 2 places in the finals.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Corsairs

In the first battle of the semi finals, the titans, the RPF, took on the Corsairs. The Rebels stormed into the battle room with an E+9 bomb with sizes of 20+. However, the Corsairs entered 3 minutes late with sizes of 3 only. After the Corsairs spammed “victory”, the RPF formed a diagonal line and done several emote tactics. After 13 minutes of intense fighting, the Corsairs admitted defeat leaving RPF as the victors. They will move onto to the finals next week where they will either face the Doritos or the Nachos.

Nachos vs Doritos

After the RPF took the first final spot, the Doritos and Nachos battle for the final spot in next week championship. When the room was announced, both armies charged into the stadium where the Doritos formed a circle whilst the Nachos formed a diagonal line. After the Doritos done a E+3, the Nachos proceeded to bomb the room with an E+H hearts. After bombing, the black penguins (nachos) form an X whilst the Doritos chant “fear the shield.” Whilst the Nachos show off their Light Bulbs, the Doritos spam a very nice wink at the Nachos. The Nachos decide to go a bit far by spamming “Running out of flavour? whilst DCP bomb the clovers. After the bombing mayhem, the Doritos form a plus formation whilst the Nachos shows their moons. The Doritos spam their gamesticks whilst the Nachos spam an unusual “diaper maid.”

After, the battle moved to the mine where the Nachos bombed E+9 whilst the Doritos decided to form a formation straight away which is an circle. The Doritos decided to show love. Afterwards, the DCP spam jokes whilst the Nachos show off their clovers. With both armies sitting on each other, tactics were a major decider in this battle. The DCP continue their words by spamming “Salsa too hot” whilst the Nachos disagree. Both armies do tactics at the same time with the DCP at E+C whilst Nachos at E+F. The Doritos bomb with an E+4 whilst the Nachos form an H. After tactical exchanges from both sizes, the battle came to an end.

As both armies gathered on the CPA Central chat for the results, everyone was eager to find out who was winning this close battle. In a 3 – 1 vote, the Doritos took the victory in this battle and move on to the finals against the RPF.


Thanks for everyone for participating. Good luck to DCP & RPF


CPA Central Vice President



4 Responses

  1. DID WE WIN?

  2. sup?

  3. ” The DCP continue their words by spamming “Salsa too hot” whilst the Nachos disagree. ” LOL

  4. Salsa is tooo hot to DCP XS

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