Leadership Changes in the RPF

TUXEDO, RPF Empire – The RPF are on a mission to become the biggest army of CPA. To support them in this mission, Silverburg, Lord Pain and Ghost have rejoined the RPF leadership.

The Rebel Penguin Federation have been dominating this year, attaining 1st position on our top ten numerous times and recently winning the Champions Cup. For the past few months, the RPF have been under the leadership of Chip who is widely known for the success of the Water Vikings.

In the last few days, the RPF leadership has gotten a recent expansion. Ghost, who recently the lead the Ice Warriors who are now deceased, Lord Pain who has led multiple armies to success and Silverburg who was apart of the RPF golden generation of 2013 has all now rejoined the RPF leadership. Their main aim for the next few weeks is to win the Christmas Chaos which the RPF are semifinalists and to ensure the RPF remains in a stable position throughout Christmas. All the returning figures have made a statement on the RPF site which can be viewed below.

Christmas time is here, and as promised, I have returned. Though my stay here will be short, I have big plans for the future of the RPF. I hope we can achieve all of these things together.

~Silverburg, RPF Leader

Today I have made my return to RPF. I will be assisting in the recruiting effort and will help RPF conquer the Christmas Chaos Tournament. Let’s do this.

~Ghost, RPF Leader

From these above statements, you can see that these returning leaders are very confident and motivated. They are also certain of a good future for the RPF. To find out more about these changes, CPA Central has decided to interview Lord Pain.

Interview with Lord Pain, RPF Leader

CPAC: Why did you decide to return to the Rebel Penguin Federation?

Lord Pain: I came on today for my first event in a while, I had some spare time and I
wanted to battle against my rivals, the Army of Club Penguin. I did not come online today
expecting to return, I saw RPF chat was small, I put leader in my name and hyped the chat.
Then I decided I wanted to make a full return.

CPAC: When you are leading, what sizes do you hope to achieve in the future?

Lord Pain: In my experience in RPF, I hope to bring my leaders and troops closer together
to create a better working relationship. The end result of this will be a more consistent
RPF. Given the state of CP Armies as a whole 35-45+ is my desired size range for RPF.

CPAC: What plans do you have for the Rebel Penguin Federation?

Lord Pain: I will be closely observing RPF’s current roster of owners and moderators, I
will see how everyone works with each other, how fast our troops log on Club Penguin,etc.
I will look for our flaws and work together with everyone to fix them.

CPAC: Do you have any final comments that you would like to add?

Lord Pain: A good leader is also a good friend, if your leader does not connect with you,
and take into account your issues, then he only desires you for his own personal gain.
That is not the case with me,or RPF. For all of you out there, pick your loyalties wisely.

From the interview above, you can see that Pain has high expectations from the army. He is also confident that RPF will rise to big heights. From the final part, you can see that Pain will be a huge inspiration to the RPF troops.

In my opinion, I think these new leaders will be a great addition to the army. They are experienced and they know how to lead an army to great heights. It is without a doubt that the RPF have been one of the biggest armies of 2016 and they are not going to stop now. The current RPF leadership now consists of Chip, Elimkey, Silverburg, Lord Pain, Ghost and Bounce.

What do YOU think? Will the RPF succeed under their new leadership? Or will they cause a major downfall? Comment YOUR opinions below! Here at CPAC, we value your opinion!


CPA Central Executive Producer


4 Responses

  1. elm and bounce led with me, I wasn’t alone.
    Fight the Good Fight

    • Yes Sir!
      Fight The Good Fight, Death Before Dishonor.

  2. THIS is a joke, recruiting doesn’t work anymore and you guys should know that. Hiring leaders doesn’t make any difference to RPF, it’s just people. The leaders doesn’t benefit the army that reached more than 5 leaders, it will cause big problems like NR(but changes in NR now). You gotta know that it doesn’t work out with returning leaders unless you do something really different instead of stealing troops, recruting off cp armies chat and expect them to do it, hell no. Yes lm also talking to you Silverburg for troop stealing and l am also talking to you Chip, hatred disrespect behavior to CP Armies. RPF was great long time ago. I once remember when l had a great ride in RPF, and seeing the great loyal RPF troops… l don’t think armies can reach any higher than 40+. Nobody listens to what anymore means or actually “listening” but mind blind. Most people are just gone, its not what it should be in the ****ing cp armies. It’s automatically not what you somewhat should see.

    • Of course, the leader of NR would say that. I will happily invite you to attend an RPF event and speculate all the new recruits. You’re extremely deluded. I hope you wake up soon!
      Fight the Good Fight

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