Could We Have XAT Armies?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Philosophy Desk – With Club Penguin Island quickly approaching, many members of the community debate trying out CPI, finding a new alternative, or just let the community die and become an archive in the internet’s history. What if it was possible to have armies on a non-gaming platform?

Club Penguin armies might become XAT-exclusive armies under the right conditions, and if one took a good look at armies right now, we use XAT for most of our army-based needs, such as communication and handing out commands to the troops. The only reason why XAT worked so well is because we have an actual gaming platform to support our community, but what would happen without that foundation?

One thing this community could attempt to do is be a community based off of XAT with its armies. One would think that this is completely impossible as a result of lack of a gaming platform and confusing organization; however, with a little introspect, one could begin to understand what we, as a whole, can do with what we have.

If one was to stay and pay attention to the plan, there might be ways to execute invasions, recruiting sessions, practice/actual battles, or even engage another army in war. Without further ado, let’s evaluate what this community can do with just XAT.


How to adapt to XAT 


The first aspect of armies to discuss are invasions. Now, time zones aren’t going to be adversely affected due to those who can or who can’t be present for the battles, so that aspect doesn’t differentiate so much from Club Penguin armies. With scheduling, WordPress will still be a necessity as well as the crawler that is located at the bottom of the box where a person types his/her message before sending it to the rest of the chat members.

So, how would a chat based army invade another chat based army? The leader invading the other army posts the opponent’s chat link to their troops and immediately invades the chat. If the chat is somehow empty or has less members, the invasion is a victory. If the chat room has enough members to fight off the attack, then the invaded army could win or lose.

“Chris, does that mean the chat will be lost if they lose?”

Capitals and “servers” would still exist, but it’s up to the invading army to decide what server they’ll take, and the server is taken or kept depending on who the victor would be.

Recruiting Sessions

“How do we recruit for our own armies if Club Penguin is no longer an option?” What an excellent question, and instead of using Club Penguin, we go onto random chat rooms and private chat potential recruits. Personally, I hypothesize that after Club Penguin closes to make way for CPI, many XAT chats in homage to CP and fan clubs of CPI will begin to appear; therefore, these might provide a supply of recruits for when an alternative is needed.

Battling Other Armies

When one looks at this system known as XAT and looks at the battling system CP allows us to have, it seems impossible to make this work; however, we can do so much with using only our keyboards. To stick with as close as the original CP as possible, we will need an entirely new system. I happen to have an idea.

The army leader posts on their WP site about a battle with another XAT army, and how it’ll be done would be pretty simple. For battles, there will be a whole other chat room used exclusively for army battling. The leaders give their own troops commands, such as “On 3, go into the other chat room and do the ❤ emote!” Or “when I say go, we do 😀 in the battle chat!”

Keyboard emotes and reused joke/text bombs will count as tactics in this aspect, and to reduce confusion, each tactic will be done for five-seven seconds, and after that time, the army that spammed their tactic the most will gain a point. The army with the most points at the end of the battle wins!

“How do we know when time’s up, and how do we set the time?”

We either have judges that would be in charge of timekeeping or a chat bot can be used to set a timer (if the technology already exists). Points will be scored as to how many times a tactic was spammed under a period of a few seconds, and once the judges award a point to an army (or call a tie) that’s when the judges give permission to the armies to do more tactics.

Yes, judges are already implemented, but that’s only for the tournament system.

Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the XAT army system.


To reduce confusion, all troops should have uniforms, right? As a result of no other way to denote which army member is in what army, army members would have their chat names in their respected name glow and/or name color. For example, members of the ACP would have green color in their names, while Nachos would have orange.

“What if there are armies with the same color?” Just use a different hue!

With these instructions, it seems really straight forward on how this system could work, but no system is ever without its drawbacks.


What, you thought it was a flawless system?



Think about the cluster of army members with name modifications and the amount of lag it would cause, and even bots could make it worse. The chat could freeze, lag, or even run much slower than desired, which can lead to many problems, such as the loss of troops or delayed attacks.

Massive Confusion

Even with name modifications, it’s still easy to confuse troops with other armies and give the victory to the wrong army.

What Money?

To gain name glow or name color, one would need a currency called XATS, and how does a person get them? Through trade or use of their own money. Who has the money to pay for that many XATS just for some name modification?

“Couldn’t army leaders just give out free XATS?”

With what money?

Recruiting Problems

Even with CP based chats, there are already chats out there that have taught their members to ban those that are trying to recruit them, meaning that chat recruiting was already dead before the whole system of XAT armies would ever be implemented.

Final verdict

The idea of XAT armies would have been revolutionary in the aspect of keeping the community alive, but there are far too many significant obstacles in the way of the system’s success. Even if the others weren’t so bad, recruitment that cannot be done is a major carcinogen towards the community.

New recruits are the backbone of the community, and without them, armies are as good as dead.

It’s too early to tell if CPI will support us or tell if there are any valid alternatives, so all we can all do is wait, and if Club Penguin armies are meant to live, then CPI will support us or another alternative can be used.

If anyone could find a way to make XAT armies work without all those flaws, that person might be the next legend.

We want YOUR opinions! How do you feel about XAT armies? Do you think CPI would support us? Do you think there are good alternatives out there? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Central Philosopher and Historian


22 Responses

  1. isnt CPI mobile only?

    • thats literally what i was thinking all this shit is just confusing becuz idk if CPI is just frickin for mobile

      • it is only for apple users

  2. Yes but browsers games don’t stand a chance against the mobile apps. That’s why I think Disney is launching it in the first place.
    Clash of Clans could have been almost perfect alternative. They have now even launched friendly clan battles.

    • yet coc is dead…

  3. Revolutionary? More like retarded

    • I know that the world doesn’t want to hear my ideas, but I just had to try, right? 😔

  4. CPI will have servers.

    • You mean after all this time, CP armies might survive?!

      • Yes!

  5. >implies you’re already registered for xat
    >implies you want powers
    >implies xat actually still matters
    honestly, not all that impressed today

    • It.. wasn’t meant to assume. I honestly feel like this post was a mistake. What was I thinking?

      • It’s okay, all of us have our bad days

      • Don’t worry about it. Learn and grow from your mistakes. Your articles are always solid, it was a good read even if the concept wasn’t great.

  6. lol it’s funny because this has already been done and the first xat armies would be the sheep and frog (by Jacknat02) clans.

    We had xat chat battles where we spammed baas and ribbits, and had to spam it pretty rapidly and see which would overwhelm the chat more. I wish I had a video of it or more pics but we were usually too busy on chat to do that. But it could even hit three or four full chats ofc.

    It prob sounds retarded but ayy it was kinda fun for a while.

    But no, that is not a permanent solution and would lose its fun sooner or later.

  7. The idea of XAT armies at hand actually has potential. But it falls and fails for the following reasons:

    1. Too much of a chance we become a annoyance to xat and get our chats shut down and our accounts banned.

    2. As you brought up, the recruiting issues.

    3. As you also brought up, the issue of confusion during battles. At least the battles today have some actual order (tournament battles are not though).

    4. The name color issues. It would be the same as cp army troops getting paid in xats and days. All cp armies would be run by rich folks. Not only is that bad in itself, but really, how many rich people do we have in this community?

  8. Not a fan.

  9. I’ll still stand by the idea of a CPPS. A 24gb VPS can easily hold around 20-35 servers.

  10. Good post, Chris, but I think it would be too difficult or confusing to have XAT armies. I think that soon the community will die so there isn’t any point of trying to make XAT armies a thing and would probably cause more problems and we would still have bots.

  11. When you know Chris rocks after seeing this post, is like a true story of cpa that is completely true like always. :3

  12. One of my friends and a former DCP mod Qqwe made the “Army of Xat” or AOX. It seemed kind of silly at the time, but he made it work. For training, he would have people spam tactics together in their main chat room. For battle, it would be kind of like a raid. The issues were that people could just ban the opposing army and claim victory. Also, I feel like you all are neglecting the fact that just because Club Penguin Island is coming out, doesn’t mean club penguin itself is closing, because its not. And even if it was, I personally prefer minecraft armies. I have a really cool battle system worked out we could use, but alas few people agree with me, but its all cool. Overall, Great post. It could have potential as a temporary method while trying to find a more permenant solution if CP really does shut down.

  13. Wow! Your posts are so good! Keep going!

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