Christmas Chaos VI: Quarter Final Recap

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The quarter finals of the Christmas Chaos VI took place, let’s take a lot at what happened!

Night Rebels vs Corsairs

The Night Rebels are currently on lockdown until the 15th, and the Corsairs did not attend, leaving the semi final spot to be decided by whichever army places higher on Sunday’s Top Ten, which happens to Corsairs.

Army of CP vs Rebel Penguin Federation

The next battle took place between ACP and RPF. ACP had a bye week in the first round due to their seeding position, and RPF easily took down the Kings in their first battle. At the Stadium, RPF troops entered with a joke bomb, and ACP started off with an E+9 bomb. Afterwards, RPF got into a plus formation, and ACP started to form a line across the top of the rink. ACP was well behind RPF in size, with only 6 on compared to RPF’s 21. They did tactics in their formations for several minutes, then RPF stacked on the left bleachers, following up with a ‘Hello’ bomb. After their attack, RPF switched to an ‘X’, while ACP opened fire. A couple of minutes later, and RPF struck again with an E+8 rake as ACP troops chanted ‘victory’. Then, RPF scattered around the room and put up E+G. 15 minutes in, the battle moved to the Berg, where ACP did a joke bomb and RPF E+9. ACP troops moved into a vertical line, and RPF began circling the room. ACP now had 7, and RPF was maxing 25. After a few minutes of tactics, RPF joke bombed, then moved to an anchor formation. ACP responded with a joke bomb of their own, and returned to their vertical line. A few tactics later, and RPF switched to an ‘L’ formation.

Golds vs Doritos

A few minutes after Golds logged on, they decided to forfeit the battle because of Doritos size.  Thanks to this, Doritos go to the next round.

Nachos vs Wild Ninjas

The final battle of the quarter finals was between Nachos and Wild Ninjas. The battles began in the Snow Forts. Nachos straight away took advantage in size, tactics and formation. However, Wild Ninjas wouldn’t give up. Wild Ninjas continued fighting. However, out of nowhere, bots logged into the room and began to raid the event. Neither army took notice of the bots and they continued to battle. Nachos had sizes of between 15 and 20 while Wild Ninjas only had sizes of 5 – 10. nachos also had much better formations and tactics, even letting out an amazing word tactic. The next room was then announced at ??:15. Not long after entering the room, Wild Ninjas came to the conclusion that they were out numbered and decided to forfeit. This means Nachos are victorious and will be going to the next round.

Thank you to all participants, and congratulations to the winners!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


CPA Central Vice President


3 Responses

  1. an army tat actually tried to fight should replace corsairs like acp or at they didn’t bother logging on

    • corsairs are mainly ausia now that i left stfu

  2. So who the fck won RPF or ACP?

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