Kings Shut Their Gates

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WOOL SOCKS, Kings’ Kingdom – As of December 8th, 2016; the Kings have announced that they will be shutting the gates to the third generation of their kingdom. After achieving the 5th place on the CPA Central Top Ten, what caused the Kings to shut down?

The Kings of Club Penguin were created on the 1st of May, 2015, by King89698. The Kings began their journey rather small, but as time continued, and as they kept hanging in their, they began to show increase in sizes. The Kings returned this year (2016), under the leadership of Zach and King89698. When the Kings returned, Jay went to the army to give his help in any possible way. After a while, of helping during events and helping the army itself prosper, he himself joined for leader.

After a spectacular generation, the Kings have finally decided to call it a day. On the 8th of December, Jay, Kings Leader announced that Kings will be shut down. The post examined all of Kings achievement this past year and speaks of his sorrow and grief of the death of this marvellous army. Afterwards, Flen, Kings Creator made an official shut down post stating that the Kings are nothing without King89698, who has recently passed away. He later went on to state all who had made this generation a great one and spoken on behalf of all the leaders. An exceprt of this post is not available due to Kings site being protected.

After the shut down, CPA Central has decided to speak to Jay, a now former Kings Leader.

Interview with Jay, Former Kings Leader

CPAC: Why did the Kings unexpectedly shut down after achieving the 5th place on the CPA Central Top Ten?

Jay: With the Army Republic beating us in every aspect in the wars, we had no motivation or drive to carry on.

CPAC: As a former Kings leader, would you say the troops in the army did their best to keep the army well and alive until this sudden shut down?

Jay: The troops in the army did their best to keep the army alive and fun.

CPAC: Will the Kings be opening their gates again to yet another generation in the future?

Jay: Most likely.

CPAC: Any last comments?

Jay: Nope.

From this interview, you can see that Jay is happy with all the achievements that Kings managed to earn. He also stated that the Kings may return one day and saying that the reason shutting down is due to the Army Republic beating them in a recent war. In my opinion, the Kings have managed to leave a mark on this community. They have truly shown that anyone can achieve and that you can do what you want to do with hard work and effort.

The Kings have had a total of 3 generations, and, with them now closing their gates to the community, and officially shutting down, that will decrease the amount of armies left in the community.

Here at the CPA Central, we value the reader’s opinion! Do YOU think that the Kings have had a good, solid generation? Do YOU think that the Kings will return in the future? Comment YOUR opinions about the closure of the Kings!

Emperor Flor

CPA Central Editor In Chief


CPA Central Executive Producer



20 Responses

  1. so u put that jay carried the army well NO. He came after the golden age it was me that carried it he only lead some events the rest were me( especially the 30+ which he was even there, all me)


  2. relax zach everyone knows that

  3. relax zach everyone knows that. Dont be angry over a post

  4. Great and long post! Gg Zeta!

  5. Nobody gives a shit. Great post tho

  6. lol the haters u are the only one security this is cp a kids game

  7. why hate on a game

  8. “CPA Central has decided to speak to Jay who had a major role in the success of the Kings”

    • LOLOL

    • If you had actually read it carefully, I never mention Jay as anything big in this community or in the Kings. I simply interviewed him because he was the only one online. I had asked to interview you, but you just went offline. So please stop making up crap that isn’t real.

  9. I agree with all of this.

  10. Agreed.


  12. Btw I wasn’t concentrating on my main army I was just a bit busy and kings is mostly US while I’m UK so most of thetime its just me and sometimes wolfalb on the chat.

  13. Wool Socks, Sheep Holy Land**

  14. Wait, did King89698 die in real life?

    • Sadly he did

      • Do you know how?

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